Make-up Artist Diploma Course (1Year) Syllabus

1 ) Different Types of Natural Hair Textures

Hair style/ Hair cut

1. Long Hair for Women
2. Straight Cut Hair Style
3. U Cut Hair Style
4. V Cut Hair Style
3. Close and slide.
5. Tapered Cut

6. Layer Cut Hair Style
7. Face Framing Layers Hair Style
8. Medium and Long Layers
9. Uneven Layers Hair Style
10. Step Cut Hair Style
11. Waterfall Cut Hair Style
12. Bangs Hair Style
13. Razor Cut

14. Feather Cut Hair Style
15. Rachel Cut
16. Long Side-Swept Cut:
17. Smooth out pixie
18. Textured pixie
19. Messy wob
20. Long Bob with side bangs
21. Classic uniform length
22. Messy shaggy look
23. Medium wavy cut with bangs
24. Short pixie with straight hair and undercut

2) HairSpa
3) Hair Straightening

1. Zari French Braid
2. Diffused Curls
3. Ringlet Bun With Gajra
4. Elegant Twisted Bun
5. Windswept Waves
6. Triple Twisted Ringlet Bun
7. Pinned Back Twisted Ropes
8. Chotli Braid
9. Bumped Up Curls
10. Vertical Low Bun
11. Curled Edges
12. Gajra Entwined Braid
13. Royal Curls
14. Diffused Curls With Headband

15. The Sleek/Messy Ponytail
16. Pinned Back Sultry Curls
17. Daisy Braid
18. Jasmine Fishtail Braid
19. Double French Braid Ponytail
20. Messy Pulled Back Curls
21. Accessorized Fishtail Braid
22. Sea Salt Braid
23. Floral Ringlet Bun
24. Floral Curls
25. Half Up Beehive
26. Classic Fishtail Braid
27. Messy Pulled Back Fishtail Braid
28. Twisted Bangs With Fishtail Braid
29. Inverted French Braid Bun
30. Bejeweled Pulled Back Braids
31. Gold Caged Braid
32. Loose Braid With Voluminous Bangs
33. Curls With A Floral Centerpiece
34. French Twisted Messy Bun
35. Sea Salt Curls
36. Messy Ponytail
37. Twisted Back Waves
38. Multi Braid Ponytail
39. Hippie Half Bun
40. Braided Tiara With Curls
41. Red Rose Bun
42. Messy Double Bun
43. Mermaid French Braids
44. Messy Pulled Back Curls
45. Curls With A Bejeweled Headband
46. Bumped Up Maang Teeka
47. Triple Fishtail Braid

48. Half Bun/Half Braid
49. Floral Mixed Braid
50. Pearls Entwined Braid

5) Henna
6) How to Dry Your Hair
1. Air Drying Hair
2. Plopping Curly, Kinky, or Textured Hair
3. Blow Drying Curly Hair
4. Blow Drying Kinky or Textured Hair
5. Blow Drying Straight Hair
6. Disadvantages of henna for hair

7. Difficult to change the color
8. Best for dark hair
9. May cause hair fall out
10. Hair appearance
11. Hair health
12. Other potential health benefits
13. Does henna ‘ruin’ hair?
14. Black henna
15. However, it can cause irritation to the scalp, including:
16. Product quality
17. These additives have been found to cause:
18. She avoids henna altogether with her clients.
19. Post-dyeing hair care is just as essential as prep.

7) Henna bad for your hair?
1. Types of treatments
2. Professional permanent straightening
3. At-home perms
4. Semi-permanent hair straightening
5. Thermal straightening
6. What about natural products?
7. Pros and cons 8. Pros of permanent hair straightening
9. Cons of permanent hair straightening
10. How long does it last The bottom line
11. How To Use Every Type of Curling Iron
12. Step 2: Start Your Look With Freshly Washed Hair
13. Step 3: Blow-Dry Your Hair
14. Step 4: Test Your Curling Iron’s Heat

15. Step 5: Section Your Hair
16. Step 6: Curl Your Hair
17. Step 7: Shake Out Your Curls
18. Step 8: Set Your Curls
19. How To Use a Curling Iron, Curling Wand, and Automatic Curling Iron
20. How To Use a Curling Iron With a Clamp
21. Grab a section of hair.
22. Position your curling iron.
23. Close and slide.
24. Twist, twist, twist
25. Open the clamp and release.

8) Can dandruff cause hair loss?

1. How to prevent hair loss from dandruff
2. Get a diagnosis
3. Dry skin.
4. Seborrheic
5. Malassezia.
6. Contact dermatitis
7. Use a medicated shampoo
8. pyrithione zinc
9. salicylic acid

10. ketoconazole
11. selenium sulfide
12. Add moisture
13. Avoid irritating hair products
14. Manage stress
15. Get a little sun
16. The bottom line

9) Hair Loss Treatments for Women

1. What is female pattern baldness?
2. Common symptoms
3. Possible causes
4. Types of alopecia
5. Hair loss treatments for women
6. Minoxidil topical solution
7. Prescription spironolactone pills
8. Side effects include:
9. Topical tretinoin
10. Corticosteroid injections
11. Side effects with injections include:
12. Topical anthralin

13. Side effects include:
14. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy
15. Possible risks include:
16. Ketoconazole shampoo
17. Light and laser therapy
18. Healthy habits to prevent hair loss in women

10) Nail Polish
1. Types Of Nail Polish
2. Basic
3. Gel
4. Acrylic
5. Breathable
6. PolyGel
7. Dip Powder

8. Shellac

11) Nail Art
1. Purple-Pink Floral Nail Art
2. Color Splash Nail Art 3.Colorful Clouds Nail Art
4. Diagon-Alley Pink And Yellow Nail Art
5. Plastic Wrap Nail Art Design 6.White Minimal Chevron Nail Art 7.Striped Aztec Nail Art
8.Pink Ombre Nail Design 9.Gold Glitter Nail Art 10.Smokey Gray Nail Art
11. Chocolate Gold Nail Art
12. Four-Leaf Clover Nails 13.Two-Toned Blue Nail Art
14.Strawberry Fields Forever Nails 15.Deep Blue Nail Art 16.Valentines Nail Art Design 17.Triple Cloud Nails
18.Scales Nail Art Design 19.Lavender Circles Nail Art 20.Leopard Print Nail Art Design 21.Musical Notes Nail Art 22.Red And White Polka Nail Art 23.Yellow Grapefruit Nail Art 24.Halloween Skulls Nail Art 25.Bow Nail Art Tutorial 26.Splatter Nail Art Tutorial 27.Chevron Nail Art Tutorial 28.Glitter V-Tip Nail Art Tutorial 29.Galaxy Nails
30.Stripes and Lines Nail Art 31.Stripes and Lines Nail Art
32.Nautical Nails 33.Checkerboard Nails 34.Pastel Swirls
35.Black and White Flowers 36.Party Dots

37.Colorful Lines 38.Canary Yellow 39.The sunset effect 40.Tribal nail art
41.Negative Space Stunners 42.Smiley-Face Nails 43.Half and Half 44.Superhero Stripes

15) Mehndi design

1. What is Mehndi design?
2. Mehndi Designs that are easy and simple for beginners
3. A glove-like Henna / Mehndi design
4. Which Mehandi is best for the hand?
5. Is henna Indian or Arabic?
6. What is the difference between Mehndi and Henna?
7. How many colors are in a mehndi design?
8. Black henna vs traditional henna
9. Beautiful bridal mehndi designs
10. Mehndi flowers for bridal designs

11. Henna designs for bridal mehndi
12. Henna design and mehndi design for kids
13. Mehndi designs for the legs
14. New Mehndi Design for Marriage
15. Bridal Mehndi with Lotus in Full Bloom
16. Peacock in a Garden Bridal Mehndi
17. Dance Inspired Bridal Mehndi For Full Hand
19) Airbrush bridal

16)Different Type of Bridal Make-up

1. All the different types of traditional Bridal make
2. South Indian Hindu Bridal Makeup
3. The North Indian Hindu Bridal Makeup
4. The North Indian Muslim Bridal Makeup
5. The South Indian Muslim Bridal Makeup