Tailoring Diploma Course Syllabus (1 Year)

  1. Basic List Of Material and tools Required for Stitching
  2. Types of Fabric
  3. Size Chart
  4. Understanding  Fractions
  5. Taking Measurements
  6. How to Take Measurement of Basic Garment
  7. Drafting and Cutting
  8. Types of Fabric Defects
  9. Types of Faults and Defects
  10. Bottom Stop Defects
  11. The Sewing Process
  12. Parts of a Basic Sewing Machine and Their Functions
  13. How to Thread a Sewing Machine
  14. Common Sewing Machine Problems
  15. Common Sewing Machine Problems and their Solutions
  16. Stitching
  1. Fly Making and Attaching
  2. Back Rise Attaching
  3. Bottom Hemming Using Folder
  4. Pocket Making and Stitching
  5. Upper Sleeve Placket Preparation
  6. Side Seam
  7. Collar and Neckband Preparation
  8. Cuff Attachment to Sleeve
  9. Stitching a Saree Blouse
  10. Stitching a Kurta/Kameez
  11. Stitching Button and Button Holes
  12. Knowledge of Basic Embroidery Stitches
  1. Loop Stitches
  2. Inspections and Alterations for Fittings
  3. Why and How to Fit?
  4. Methods of fit
  5. There are two kinds of fitting
  6. Common Fitting Errors and Their Solutions
  7. Maintain Work Area, Tools and Machines
  8. Troubleshoot Common Machine
  9. Comply with Industry, Regulatory and Organisational Requirements
  10. Entrepreneurship
  11. Documentation