Hotel Management Course

                  Food & Beverage Syllabus

Introduction to Hotel Industry :-

• Explain general discipline in the class room (do’s & don’ts)

• Explain the nature of hotel industry

• Elaborate the hierarchy of hotel and food & beverage department of different star category

• Explain the role of food & beverage trainee

 • Describe attributes required for food & beverage trainee

• Practice basic skills of communication

Prepare for Food & Beverage Service Operation :-

Confident young waiter.

• Study layout of food and beverage service area and kitchen

• Describe different departments associated with restaurant operation

• Explain the basic terminology used tin food and beverage service

• List different types of equipment’s, appliances and tools used in restaurant

• Compare different types of meal plans, types of menu and basics of recipe

• List tableware, dishware and glassware used for serving guests

• Practice to arrange table • Practice different folds of napkins

• Describe different types of popular food items along with their accompaniments

• Explain different types of selling techniques

• Practice to take orders from guests, make KOT and serve food to guests accordingly

• Explain the importance of personal hygiene and grooming standards and apply it in day today practice

Perform Food & Beverage Service Operation

• List the ingredients used in different types of dishes • State the pricing of items listed in menu

• Practice to take orders from customers • Practice of placing cutlery on table as per standards

• Practice to serve food & beverage to customers as per the sequence

• Describe food safety standards.

• Explain age restrictions for guests to be permitted (legal requirements)

• Practice on computer for word processing

• Practice on various types of social media tools used for advertising

• Practice to take orders on the computer software • Practice to take feedback from guests

• Analyse the guest feedback and report it to the seniors.

Undertake After dining Activities

• Explain the procedure to settle guest charges and present bill to customers

• Identify the different types of modes of payment and their receiving procedure to settle charges

• List the key performance indicators for staff in food & beverage serving

• Explain different types of taxes related to billing • Practice to clear table

• Practice to make bill, present it to customers and settle it

• Practice to send off customers and greet them

• Assist other staff • Explain replenishment of dishware and tableware

• Describe different permits and checks required for working on the premises

Communicate with Customer and Colleagues :-

• Explain the importance of effective communication and team coordination

• Describe the significance of helping colleagues with specific issues and problems

• Apply and interact (role play) basic phraseology used to interact with guests

• Practice on computer and smart phone to communicate with guests and colleagues

• Practice on dealing with different types of complaints.

Maintain customer satisfaction and hospitable conduct :-

• Explain the importance of guest satisfaction

• Discuss the importance of guest feedback

• Explain different ways to improve company’s customer satisfaction rating.

• Describe different methods of engaging with the customers effectively and professionally

• Dramatize role play to interact with guest using professional and polite etiquette behaviour

• Practice on different situations to achieve guest satisfaction

• Assess innovative products and services to improve guest satisfaction

• Communicate guest feedback to seniors

• Describe the procedure to enhance brand value of company

• Analyse the significance of professional and polite etiquette and behavior.

Follow gender and Age Sensitive Service Practices :-

• Discuss rights and respect given to women at workplace

• Explain specific requirements of different age groups of customers

• Explain different safety measures and procedures available for female colleagues and customers

• Practice to deal with female customers and colleagues related to safety issues

• Practice situation handling in case of any safety and security threat.

Maintain Health, Hygiene & Safety at Workplace :-

• Explain different food safety and hygiene standards

• Explain the importance of cleanliness around the place

• State the importance of personal hygiene

• Describe different health risks to the worker or customer

• Demonstrate the use of protective equipment’s and gears

• Differentiate different types of waste and dispose them properly

• Analyse hazards at workplace

• Practice the emergency evacuation procedures

• Explain different types of fire and fire extinguishers to be used

• Describe the procedure for fire evacuation

• Explain where chemicals and acids need to be stored.

Unique Equipment Required:

 Errand Card, Luggage Tag Newspaper/ Magazine Stand (picture if actual not available) Visitors Paid Out, Petty Cash Voucher, Job Order Card Function Sheet, Sign Boards (fire exit, washroom, smoking, nonsmoking, valet, DND), Uniform, Different kinds of luggage (sizes, materials etc) (pictures if actual items not available), Pictures of types of rooms, Fire Exit Map Front Office Consumables ( Formats), 171. City Ledger 172. Reservation form Registration Card Maintenance work order. Courier Form, Tourist Maps Tent Cards, Front Office Stationery, Cleaning dusters .