Use of Foundation

5.Serum Foundation
One of the less familiar foundation types to hit the market, serum foundation is perfect for
women with oily skin. Serums have the lightness of a tinted moisturizer and the coverage
of a foundation. The silicone-based formula makes it watery and thin, which makes it easy
to spread. However, serum foundations set soon which is why you have to apply them
quickly. You can use a flat foundation brush to apply over large areas at once, and evenly.
The problem with serum foundations though is that they start wearing after 2-3 hours.
Table: Types of Makeup Foundation
Type of Foundation Suitable Skin Type Coverage Finish Wear
Liquid foundation Dry
Medium Full
3 – 4 hours

Powder foundation Oily Light
2 – 3 hours
Cream foundation Dry Medium Full Matte 4 – 5 hours
Mousse foundation All skin types Medium

Matte 2 – 3 hours
Serum foundation Oily Light Medium Semi-Matte 2 – 3 hours
Last Words on Types of Makeup Foundation
Even after you’ve done ample research on makeup foundation types, there are bound to be lingering questions.
We’ve tried answering some of those.
Can you use a CC cream instead of a foundation?
A CC, or color corrector cream, is a good option for your daily makeup routine. A CC cream will even out your
skin complexion, and keep your skin moisturized the whole day. However, it won’t be able to cover pores and
blemishes since the coverage is extremely light.
What are the different foundation finishes?
Foundations come in mainly 3 finishes – matte, dewey, and luminescent. While a matte finish reflects no light
and makes the face look mature, a dewy finish reflects light and has an almost moist appearance. A dewy finish
also gives a youthful appearance. A luminescent finish gives subdued

What is a stick foundation?
Stick foundations are essentially cream-based foundations pressed into a stick format. They usually have a matte
finish. While they can be applied directly from the stick, professionals recommend using either a brush or a
What is the best foundation for oily skin?
Oily skin types should opt for liquid foundation, serum foundation, or powder foundation. On the basis of
coverage, those with oily but flawless skin can apply a powder or serum foundation since it gives a sheer
coverage, while oily skin that has enlarged pores or blemishes should go for heavy/ high coverage liquid

What is the best foundation for dry skin?
Dry skin types should opt for cream foundation or mousse foundation. Both makeup foundation types hydrate the
skin, and fill in the fine lines and wrinkles that dry skin is prone to.
After having read all that, many might discover that the type of foundation they have been using all this time,
may not be the right one after all. But there’s no need to throw away that expensive foundation just because it’s
not the right type or color. You can use the wrong foundation as a tinted moisturizer by adding a little of it to your
regular creame