Waterproof Foundation

Types of Makeup Foundation: How to Choose Foundation for Skin
When there are so many options available in the market, it’s hard to choose right from the many types of makeup
foundation, not only according to your skin, but also according to the occasion, time of day, and other factors.
In this post you will learn about:
● How do you apply liquid foundation
● Is liquid or powder foundation better?
● What is a stick foundation?
● What skin type is mousse foundation for?
● Which foundation lasts the longest?
What is a serum foundation?
  1. Powder Foundation
    If you have oily skin, powder foundations are a good addition to your makeup kit. Because powder foundations
    are talc-based, it soaks up the excess oil secreted by your skin. However, in
    case you have very oily skin, you will notice your powder foundation turning
    clumpy after a bit. Dry skin types should avoid using this type of foundation
    since the powder isn’t able to fill in the lines and wrinkles, which are more
    visible on dry skin, and tends to ‘çake.’ You would be familiar with the
    pressed-powder compacts. There are also loose powder foundations
    available in the market. Powder foundations are best applied with a brush or
    sponge (never with your fingers!).
    Powder foundations come in light(sheer) to medium coverage. Trying to use
    powder as a full coverage foundation by applying
    multiple layers can give your face a heavily caked
    look. Powder foundations also tend to change
    color after reacting with sweat and oils. Given the
    light coverage, it doesn’t help cover fine lines and
    Don’t know how to choose a foundation for your skin compl
    4.Mousse Foundation
    Mousse foundations are gaining popularity due to their lightness. Also called a
    whipped foundation, the formula contains microbubbles which make a light foundation
    to wear. It comes in medium to full coverage variants. What makes it a great pick over
    a cream foundation is that mousse foundations do not settle into the ridges and
    accentuate lines and wrinkles. But, they also don’t last as long as a cream foundation
    does. You can wear a mousse foundation for up to 3 hours before it starts wearing off. This makes it a good option
    for an evening out with friends, but not a wedding. Mousse foundations can be applied with either a beauty
    blender, or a brush.