Lipstick Shades

  1. Transfer Resistant Lipsticks
    When lipstick transfers from onto another person or your clothing, it can be very frustrating.Not only is there
    sometimes an issue with getting the lipstick off of your clothes, but you also know that your lips don’t look as
    good as they once did.With a transfer-resistant lipstick, you will not have to worry nearly as much about
    this.Transfer resistant lipsticks tend to stay in place for a long time, and you will save time having to
    reapply several times throughout your day.Some of the transfer-resistant lipstick will
    come with moisturizing capabilities, but most will not.
  2. Lip Tint
    Lip tint is very similar to a lip stain, and it is a method preferred by people who do not
    want to be stuck reapplying and spending time on their lipstick.The lip tint goes on easy,
    it is available in a wide range of colors, and you can get your lips looking great without
    much effort at all.Since lip tint is usually a thinner, less bold product, it also does not do
    the most fabulous job of moisturizing your lips for the long term.If you have issues with
    dry lips, you may need to add a moisturizing lip gloss in addition to the tint.
  1. Lip Primer
    A lip primer works precisely the way a facial primer or even a paint primer would work.The primer prepares the
    lips for the lipstick you are about to apply.When you put on a lip primer, you will then have to apply lipstick or lip
    gloss.When you apply lipstick in this way, it should last longer, and your color should be perfect.Of course, this
    step will take a few extra minutes, but to have your lips looking great for an extended period, it will be well worth it
  2. Lip Liner
    A lip liner will not cover your entire lip.With a liner, you will be able to make sure the edges of
    your lips are perfectly colored.When using a lip liner, you will use another lipstick
    underneath.Once your lipstick is applied, then you use the lip liner to finish off the
    look.Although some people use a liner that is a different color than the lipstick, it is best to
    stick with something that is the same color.Lip liners take a bit of getting used to when it
    comes to application.
  3. Lip Plumper
    A lip plumper is for a person who wants to make their lips look larger.The
    way a lip plumper works is that it irritates your lips to make them look
    slightly fuller.Essentially, your lips are going to swell up slightly.If you have
    any allergies, you may not want to try lip plumper, as it is essentially trying
    to cause a reaction in your lips.If you have dried or chap lips, do not apply
    lip plumper as it won’t work, and it will cause much more unnecessary
  1. Lip Balm
    Lip balm is often referred to as chapstick.This is usually a clear moisturizer
    that is put on the lips.When you apply lip balm, you have to reapply
    continually.Lip balm is not a very long-lasting product, and although it can
    make your lips look shiny, it won’t be colored.If you want a lip balm that has
    color, you will need to look for tinted lip balm.Lip balm is something that is
    often worn by men, women, and children in colder climates or more dry areas
    as it is a great protector of lips.
  2. Lip Gloss
    Lip gloss is a bit different than glossy lipsticks.With a lip gloss, you will
    usually need to apply more often if you want to keep your lips shiny and
    moisturized all day.Lip gloss is offered in many different colors, just like
    lipstick.You can put lip gloss directly on bare lips, and it does a great job of
    keeping your lips from drying out.The product itself is quite a bit lighter than most lipsticks, and that is why it won’t
    hold up on the lips quite as long.
  3. Tinted Lip Balm
    If you struggle with dry or chapped lips at all, then you will seriously want to consider a tinted lip balm.A lip balm
    will work just like a chapstick to keep your lips from drying out.The fact that it is tinted will make it very much like
    a lipstick but more for moisturization than for fashion.For some people who struggle in the winter with chapped
    lips, lipstick itself is not enough.If you are worried about your lips having color, but
    worry more about dry or chapped lips, then the tinted lip balm is a perfect solution to
  1. Lip Satin
    Lip satin is a very new category of lipstick.The lip stains have lots of fluid, and they will
    almost look like a marker that you use on your lips.The lip satin is easy to apply with a
    brush, and they offer a very long-lasting effect.The major problem with lip satin is that it
    will dry out your lips.You will need to use a lip moisturizer in addition to the lip satin so
    you don’t have any issues with dry or chapped lips because of this product.
  2. Crayon Lipstick
    Last on our list is the crayon lipstick.Crayon lipsticks are a
    combination of lipstick and lip balm.Very similar to a tinted lip balm, this product will
    last longer and provide brighter color.The tinted lip balms tend to be relatively subtle
    in color.The crayon lipsticks come in many different colors and textures.They are
    simple to apply, and you really won’t need other lip products as this works for both
    color, style, and moisturization.If you know you need less than a traditional color for
    an event or engagement, the crayon lipstick will be a great option to try.We hope our
    list of the twenty different types of lipsticks has helped to open your eyes to the world
    of lipstick.If you are a big fan of lipstick, there may be some products on our list that
    you have not used before.If lipstick is new to you and you want to start with a simple
    option, we have provided some great choices.One thing to keep in mind is that there
    will not always be one type of lipstick that solves all of your lip makeup
    needs.Experiment with some different options and find something that works for your lips and your budget as