Tailoring Class Notes -3

Trims and Accessories

Trims and accessories are a considered as an important part of any garment Apart from enhancing the look of the garment it also increases the usability of the garment

Sewing Thread

The sewing thread holds the garment together. It is a specially designed yarn which passes through a sewing machine easily and makes the sewing process smother and easier


It is fabric which is placed under the main fabric It is used to enhance the look and retain the shape of the garment. Lining should be chosen carefully as it can influence the color of the garment if it is different from the cooler of the main fabric.


Is a delicate fabric which is made either of thread or yarn. It is used on garments for ornamental purpose.


Button is a fastener which is used to temporarily secure two pieces of fabric together. It is an accessory which is commonly used in garments. It can be used for both functional and decorative purpose.

Zipper is also a fastener and is used to temporarily join two ends of a fabric together. It is mainly used in clothing and bags.

Draw string

It is a long rope with a stopper and is used to tighten a part of a garment. Draw string is also used in bags and pouches.

Hook and eye

It is also a fastener. One part of it works like a hook which is placed into the eye which is like a loop. Both the parts are made of metal and is used to close the waist of skirts and pants.


It is a metal part with pin which is used for decorative purpose usually in denims and canvas pants


It is used to stabilize seams, outline components and absorb the wear and abrasion to the seam

Rib Trims

It is used in color and cuff of t-shirt and polo shirt

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