Tailoring Class Notes 2


As different projects have different types of needle or thread requirements similarly as per the requirement different types of fabrics are also needed with different project for sewing.


Pins are used to hold fabric together where it’s supposed to be sewn and to be adjusted as per the required fitting during alterations


Pincushions are very useful in keeping the pins in order and in place, it is usually in apple’s pumpkin’s or tomato’s shape

Iron and Ironing Board:

An iron is used to press fabric, seams open and make darts Your everyday iron is fine.

Seam ripper:

The name says it all: It’s used to rip seams. Especially comes in handy when you’re a beginning sewer.

Pinking Shears:

cuts a edge and is used for finishing hem edges, seams, etc. It should not be used for cutting out a garment b’ coz it will not give an accurate cut line of the fabric.

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