Highlighter Theory

What is highlighter?
A highlighter is a makeup product that reflects light. “Typically, it’s used
on the highest points of the face and areas that you want to pop or stand
out more,” says Shojaie. You can apply highlighter on your cheekbones,
temples, brow bone, and even on your cupid’s bow and along the bridge
of your nose.
It’s worth noting that highlighter is often formulated with mica, a
shimmery mineral that has traditionally been sourced in rural India using
child labour. Thankfully, some brands now use lab-made mica and major
cosmetic companies—including Estée Lauder and L’Oréal—have
pledged to improve traceability within the Indian mica industry to create
a more ethical supply chain.
Where to Apply Highlighter on Your Face

  1. Your Cheekbones
    Starting with the most common place to highlight your skin: the cheekbones. To enhance your bone structure and
    give your face a lifted appearance, apply a light layer of highlight to your cheekbones. Drag it up slightly under
    your temples to avoid a stark line of highlight.
  2. The Bridge Of Your Nose
    The point of highlighting is to bring attention to where light naturally hits your face, which is at the high points.
    Being that the nose bridge is the highest point of the face, it makes sense to add highlighter there. Be sure to
    blend it out so you’re not left with a harsh line down your nose.

3. Your Cupid’s Bow
Your Cupid’s bow is the curved section at the center of your top lip. Highlighting this area helps to lift the lips and
give them a fuller, more defined shape.

4. Your Brow Bone
The brow bone is also an area of the face that catches light and is integral to your bone structure. Give it a lifted
appearance by adding some brightness to it.

5. The Inner Corners Of Your Eyes
The under-eye area and inner corners tend to be more prone to darkness than other areas of the face. Add some
highlighter to brighten the area and give your eyes a more wide-awake appearance.

6. The Center Of Your Eyelids
A great way to brighten your eyes and your overall look is by adding a subtle highlight to the center of your
eyelids. While this might not be fitting if you’re going for a dark smokey eye, on natural makeup days it adds to
the skin’s luminosity.

7. The Center Of Your Chin
If you have a longer or more oval-shaped face that you wish to round
out a bit, highlighting the center of your chin is a great makeup
technique for you. Be sure to really blend out the highlighter in this area
to ensure it appears natural.