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Different Types of Spas

Spas have improved and evolved over the years with increased differentiation of services to cater for diverse
kinds of clientele and their needs. This has led to different categories and types of spas with different business
models that target specific clients depending on market demand and need for services that spas provide. There
are essentially six different types of spas and these include:

  1. Day Spas
    These are the basic spas where you get your basic spa services like
    massages, facials etc. They are not very elaborate and may not have
    a lot of space. They do not have most amenities and luxuries and are
    usually quite affordable when compared to other luxury or high-end
    spas. Day spas are just basic and most neighborhood spas fit into
    this category and business model.
  2. Destination Spas
    These are spa locations where
    the whole environment is
    purposefully designed to create
    an immersive experience for users and help them recover and rejuvenate
    their bodies. Most destination spas have everything you will need on
    location including amenities for overnight stays. They take care of all that
    you will need from special customized cuisine menus to body treatments,
    wellness classes etc. as well as the kind of environment you need.
    These types of spas are usually expensive and sometimes offered as luxury
    seriously. The benefits of spas like this are that they take all the stress from
    you and ensure that you have a splendid experience while there. However, you can find destination spas that are
    very affordable if you are not looking for the luxury experience.
  1. Resort and Hotel Spas
    These are hotels and resorts that have spa services on their premises just
    like other traditional services and amenities like tennis courts, golf courses,
    swimming pools etc. that are usually found in hotels. Most hotels figured
    out that spa services will attract more guests to patronize them and make
    their stay more rewarding.
    Many hotels have invested very well in providing great spa services and
    experience for their guests. One of the benefits of spas for many hotel
    guests is the convenience of having all amenities in one location. Most of
    the services are affordable and some hotels may charge spa services
    separately from normal hotel bills.
  2. Mineral Springs Spas
    These are spas with a natural source of spring waters that are rich in
    minerals. These mineral-rich spring waters from natural sources are
    usually used for various hydrotherapy treatments in spas. Most of these
    mineral spring spas have historical roots with treatments that are
    anchored in old relaxing soak therapies. Most mineral spring spas are
    associated with luxurious lifestyles among the rich and famous.
  3. Medical Spas
    Medical spas can be considered as medical clinics with various spa services that are provided under the
    guidance and supervision of a medical doctor. Medical spas usually
    provide specialized spa services that require the expertise of a
    medical practitioner. Some of the treatments that are provided at
    medical spas include microdermabrasion, botox treatments, chemical
    peels, laser treatments etc.
  4. Club Spas
    Club spas fall under the
    category of spas that are
    operated in places like fitness
    clubs, or country clubs and
    provide their services mainly for club members. In most cases, services at
    club spas are meant to complement the fitness services at the club and to
    help club members experience the benefits of spas without leaving the
    club to go use a spa elsewhere. In most cases, non-club members may
    also use the spa services at the club for a fee

Different Types of Spa Treatments and Benefits
You have probably heard of the different types of spa treatments and their benefits, but you may not know about
all of the benefits from these treatments and how you can get the most value from your spa massage experience.
If you are considering a spa treatment to relieve your body from stress but wondering about the benefits of spa
treatments that will get from these treatments, then you are in the right place.
You will find good descriptions of the different types of spa treatments you can get and the benefits you will get
from each treatment. Generally, these treatments are meant to help you relax, relieve your body from stress and
pain with all of its effects and enable you to regain your energy back again so that you can perform at your full or
optimal capacity.

The different types of spa treatments include:

Face Treatments: Face treatments or facials are skincare treatments that are meant to enhance facial beauty
including alleviating the effects of aging. These treatments include exfoliation of old skin cells, unclogging skin
pores, massaging of facial muscles and moisturizing the new layer of skin. Face treatments have huge benefits
besides the beauty it brings to the face. Exfoliation of facial skin results in polished younger-looking skin which
reduces or slows down the effects of aging.
Unclogged skin pores reduce the risk of acne and help in maintaining a beautiful face. Facial massage improves
circulation and may help to fix the effects of stress like developing “eye bags” under your eyes. It can also cause
increased growth of collagen when combined with moisturizing agents. Increased growth of collagen and
moisturizers reduce the effects of aging like wrinkles and dry skin.

Body Treatments: Just like facial treatments, body treatments also enhance the beauty of the skin and also result
in general relief from stress and may lead to younger-looking skin. These treatments generally use different
methods to remove dead skin cells (exfoliation), smoothen the skin and apply moisturizers (usually creams) to
hydrate the skin. Some of the different body treatment methods that are commonly used at most spas include
aquatherapy, body polishes, body wraps etc.
Aquatherapy involves soaking the body in a mixture of exfoliates (for skin removal), oils, and moisturizers. This
helps with exfoliation of the skin, improving circulation, and skin hydration. Body scrubs like sea salt and sugars
are used as body polishes for exfoliation by scrubbing the skin with these scrubs, then hydrating the skin with
moisturizing agents. Body wraps are used after exfoliation and the body is wrapped in a mixture to remove
impurities before washing it before applying moisturizers.

Hair Removal: Hair removal treatments are important in helping you to have smooth sexy skin. It is a common
treatment at most spas, and waxing is a common method of hair removal used for these treatments. It is used in
removing hair at any part of the body.
The waxing technique involves covering hair with warm or hot wax strips and removing the strips with hair
trapped in them. The smooth skin is then treated with a waxing soothing gel to numb any pain or discomfort. This
can be done on any part of the body including private areas. Some spas may also offer laser hair removal

Medical Treatments: Medical treatments are not commonly available at most spas. You will only find them at
medical spas with physicians providing these services. One of the benefits of spas with medical treatments is that
you can receive your medical care and wellness services in one location. Common treatments at medical spas
include laser treatments, intense pulsed light treatments, botox injections, laser hair removal etc.
Types of Spa Massage and their Benefits..

There are various types of massages that you can get at a spa. Some of these massages and their benefits
Swedish Massage: Swedish massage is one of the most common types of massage treatments available in most
spas. It involves the use of hands and palms and utilizing various techniques like firm kneading, percussion-like
tapping, and stretching aimed at relaxing the body muscles.
This massage treatment also helps in improving blood circulation, reducing muscle tension, increasing blood
oxygen level and reducing the amount of muscle toxins. A scientific study also confirmed one of the benefits of
spa massages, particularly Swedish massage in reducing stress-causing hormones.

Deep Tissue Massage: This massage therapy is similar to Swedish massage but the pressure is applied more
firm and deeper, targeting the deep muscle layers and fascia. It is beneficial for chronic pain and stiff muscles in
the neck, upper and lower back pain, and helps with injury rehabilitation, osteoarthritis etc.
Massage therapists perform different techniques using their palms, fingers, knuckles, elbows, forearms and you
may experience some discomfort sometimes.

Acupressure Massage: This treatment uses the same concepts as those used in acupuncture except for the use
of needles. It involves the application of pressure using fingers, palms, elbows and feet on specific areas of your
body known as acupoints.
Other methods like stretching can also be used in this treatment. Acupressure massage has benefits like
improved blood circulation, relaxation of body muscles etc. It is also reported to improve conditions like back
pain, arthritis, nausea etc.

Aromatherapy Massage: This is essentially a Swedish massage that is done using essential oils. Essential oils
are used instead of regular massage oil for aromatherapy. This is because essential oils are reported to have
profound effects on the body when absorbed through the skin or inhalation.
Some of these effects include relaxation of muscles, relief from stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain etc. A
report by the National Cancer Institute indicated that some essential oils used in aromatherapy may have some
effects on the body by reducing anxiety.

Hot Stone Massage: Smooth hot stones are used in this massage therapy to ease muscle tensions and allow the
therapist to massage the deep muscle layers easily. The stones are placed on specific parts of the body like
chest, stomach, along the spine etc.
Massage therapists can hold some of the stones while performing Swedish massage techniques like firm
kneading, circular movements, tapping etc. Some of the benefits of spa massage with hot stone among several
other benefits include: relieving muscle tension and pain, anxiety and stress reduction, boosting immunity,
improving relaxation and sleep.

Four Hand Massage: This is more like getting two massages from two different therapists at the same time. It
involves receiving a massage from two therapists working in sync with each other at the same time and they may
use a variety of techniques. This helps your brain to relinquish control without trying to understand and follow
what the therapists are doing.
This brings about a deep level of relaxation that helps to ease deep muscle tensions that often cause pain and
inflammation. Besides the deep relief and amazing experience, it also results in increased blood circulation
around the body.These are some of the different types of spa treatment and benefits of spa massages and
services that you can find in most spas and massage parlors. You can always ask your massage therapist about
any treatment that may be good for you.