Highlighter Makeup Use

How to Apply Highlighter ?
Applying highlighter can give your skin a beautiful color boost and
enhance your bone structure as well. Highlighter only takes a few
seconds to apply because you only apply it to a few small areas of your
face. However, just a few dabs of highlighter can brighten up your entire face. Even if you are new to applying
makeup, learning to apply highlighter is easy.
1.Apply highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes. Use a highlighting eyeshadow brush and get a little
highlighter onto the tip. Then, take the brush and press it into the corners of your inner eyelids.[1]

● You can apply a couple of layers if you want a more dramatic effect or just apply a
light dusting for some subtle highlights.
2.Sweep highlighter onto your brow bones. The areas just below your eyebrows will catch a lot of light, so this
is a nice area to highlight. Try sweeping highlighter over your brow bones, the areas just under your
● Try to keep most of the highlighter on the outer edges of your brow bone. You do not
need to apply highlighter to your entire brow bone.
● You can also extend the highlighter down towards the creases of your eyelids for an
extra eye brightening effect.[3]

  1. Add a dab of highlighter just above your upper lip. The area in the center of your upper lip is called your
    cupid’s bow and highlighting this area will draw more attention to your lips. Get a small amount of highlighter on
    your fingertip and press it onto this area.[4]
    ● Don’t apply the highlighter to your actual lip, just to the area right above your lip.
    4.Brush highlighter over the center of your chin. Highlighting the center of your chin can also help to draw
    attention to your lips. Try sweeping some highlighter onto the center of your chin.[5]
    ● Be careful not to apply too much highlighter to this area. You only need a light dusting.
    ● If you highlighted your forehead, then try to keep the highlighter on your chin in line
    with the highlighter on your forehead.
    ●Different Ways to Use Highlighter..
    Skin isn’t naturally matte, so highlighter can help counteract the one-dimensional quality that sometimes happens
    when creating full-coverage makeup looks. It’s an important step to contouring your face, providing bright spots to
    contrast shadow.

4. Highlighters can be a great multi-use beauty product: Use it as eyeshadow when you don’t
have your eye makeup on hand, or dab a pink highlighter on the apples of your cheeks and call it blush.
How to Find the Best Highlighter..
The best highlighter formula for you will depend on the rest of your face makeup routine, since sticking to one
product texture prevents caking. Skin type will probably dictate your product choice: Liquid formulas are generally
preferred by those with dry skin or mature skin, since the product won’t pile up in fine lines. Choose a highlighter
shade that complements your natural skin tone and undertone for a more natural glow.