Types of Makeup Brushes & Mascara wand

if you just asked yourself if you actually need 21 makeup brushes, my answer to you is…maybe. Are you like me? A person who wants every single makeup brush in five different colors and sizes? Or are you someone who’s just fine applying your products with a few crusty ol’ tools (ahem, immediately) and your fingers? Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, though, I’ve come here to bring you this very thorough, very helpful guide to the 21 main types of makeup brushes you’ll come across.

Use this guide as a shopping list, use it to help you figure out what all these weird bristles are for, or use it for all the makeup application tips I’ve included with each brush. See? Helpful. If you want the quick version, shop my desert-island recommendations right here, or keep scrolling for all the details

1. Mascara wand

Disposable tester applicators don’t just belong on the makeup store’s display shelves. These mascara wands, aka spoolie brushes, belong in your makeup bag, too. The tips have 360-degree synthetic bristles (kinda like a pipe cleaner) and often have bendable heads so you can shape them how you want. You might think you don’t need extra spoolie wands when your mascara comes with a built-in one, but once you realize how multi purpose these little guys are, you’ll

Different Type Of Mascara Wand

1. Classic mascara wand 

The standard classic mascara wand is probably a favorite of every mascara-loving woman! (Think Maybelline’s Great Lashes Mascara)

This style of wand (especially if it has thick bristles) will give your lashes a more voluminous result.

 2. Tapered comb mascara wand

The pointed end of a tapered mascara wand will help you reach those small lashes towards the inner corner of the eye. The larger end of the wand head meanwhile concentrates the formula on the outer lashes thus helping you to create a dramatic cat-eye look.

The comb-like bristles on this particular wand will help separate the lashes. This type of wand is great for full coverage but not so much for creating volume.

3. Curved comb mascara wand

The purpose of the curved mascara wand is always to curl the lashes. The wand head mimics the natural curl of the lashes while the purpose of the comb is to prevent clumps from occurring.If you want to enhance the curl of your lashes, concentrate the mascara on the root. Too much mascara on the tips will weigh down the lashes and cause them to lose the curl.

4. Micro wand

You would think that the bristle-heavy wands would be best for coverage but that’s not always the case! A micro wand is wonderful for achieving that clean, defined look.

This type of wand is great for layering mascara without it clumping. A micro wand also makes for a mess-free application on those lower lashes!

5. Fat brush wand 

The fatter the wand, the fatter the lashes!

If you’re after a voluminous doll-eyed look, then this is the style of wand to go for.

6. Precision tip wand 

A precision-tip head with a thickly-bristled wand underneath is best for creating volume.

The precision tip is for coating those tiny lashes that are often difficult to reach.

We have all had mascaras where we love the formula but hate the wand, or vice versa. Well, if there is a particular type of mascara wand you love, don’t throw it away when the mascara runs out. Clean it with eye makeup remover and then use the wand when you buy a new mascara that doesn’t have the kind of wand you like.

7. Ball wand 

Coverage is the one thing you are guaranteed with this type of wand.

Because the wand only concentrates on a few lashes each time, you are pretty much left with root-to-tip coverage.

Unlike the larger brushes, which don’t always reach the very root of the lash (very annoying if you have blonde or fair lashes), the ball wand ensures that every millimeter of the lash is covered.

8. Ball tip wand 

This is a standard wand with a bristled ball top.

Like the tapered wand, this style is designed to make it easier to reach the smaller lashes. The ball tip wand is also designed for a smudge-free application on the lower lashes.

9. Corkscrew wand

This style of wand is all about maximum coverage and creating optimum volume.It’s a slightly different take on the classic mascara wand.

 10. Comb bristle wand

This type of brush lengthens and volumizes and generally gives the lashes lots of drama.The more you layer, the more volumized the lashes will look. While it gives a big kick of volume to thin sparse lashes, the main downside to this type of wand is the risk of clumping.The comb-like bristles also ensure precise definition.

11. Skinny wand 

Short bristled mascara wands are great for adding length and definition to the lashes.They are also wonderful for separating the lashes. If you are blessed with naturally thick lashes then this is the kind of wand that would work best for you.

If it’s the massive volume you are looking for however, then a skinny wand is never usually the best choice.

 12. Triple ball wand

The idea behind this style is that it will curl your lashes while you coat them with mascara.