Body Massage

What is a Body Spa?
A body spa is as simple and as useful in your skin care routine as it
can get! The most important thing that a body spa does is remove
dead skin cells and increase the blood circulation in the body. A
body spa has an exfoliating agent that restores your skin’s health
and gives you glowing and supple looking skin!
Benefits of Spa

  1. Muscle Pain
  2. Osteo-Arthritis Pain Relief
  3. Stress Relief
  4. Improves Sleep
  5. Lower Blood Pressure
  6. Reduces Your Anxiety
  7. .Diabetes and Weight Loss
  8. Abdominal Fat Reduction
  9. Detoxification
  10. Improved Immunity
  11. Improve Your Confidence
  12. Skin Regeneration
  13. Improved Healing
  14. Digestive Disorders
  15. Sports Injuries
    Different Types of Spas
  16. Day Spas
  17. Destination Spas
  18. Resort and Hotel Spas
  19. Mineral Springs Spas
  20. Medical Spas
  21. Club Spas

Different Types of Spa Treatments and Benefits
Types of Spa Massage and their Benefits

A body spa is a place where several personal care and wellness services such as massages, beauty treatments
(skin, facials, hair, nails, etc.) are provided to enhance overall well being of the body and encourage the renewal
of mind, body and spirit.
Body spas operate as businesses that specialize in providing personal care and wellness services and there are
several benefits of spa services to your health and overall well being.
Benefits of Spa
There are people who think that utilizing spa services is just a luxury without thinking about the benefits of spa
services and how these services can improve their general well being. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Muscle Pain
    One of the important benefits of spa services like massage is the relief from muscle pain. Several studies showed
    an improvement in muscle pain related relief in patients who suffered from neck and shoulder pain. The study
    recommended that people with chronic neck pain should receive the appropriate dosage of massage per week to
    alleviate the pain.
  2. Osteo-Arthritis Pain Relief
    Several research studies have demonstrated one of the benefits of spa in patients with knee osteoarthritis pain.
    The studies showed that patients who received massage had better short term relief in pain symptoms than other
    patients who did not receive massage.
    These results indicate that massage may be a viable way of getting relief for people with some form of
    musculoskeletal pain. However, always remember to consult with your healthcare provider before deciding on
    what to do.
  3. Stress Relief
    Most of the services you will receive at a spa have the potential of providing relief from the stress you have been
    experiencing. Stress causes the build-up of cortisol which acts on various body organs and parts to produce
    various active and stress-related actions. Lactic acid also builds up in your muscles which causes tense and stiff
    muscles with pain in some cases.
    One of the benefits of spa massages and other spa services is that they help you to relax and your body stops
    the production of stress hormones like cortisol causing your body to calm down. Your body will also release
    calming hormones like GABA, serotonin etc. which helps your body to calm down, and you are able to relax and
    feel good.
  4. Improves Sleep
    When your body is relaxed and the stress-causing substances or hormones have been eliminated, there is a
    higher tendency for you to fall asleep and sleep more soundly. That is why some people fall asleep right there on
    the massage table.
    One of the reasons why this happens is because when the body starts getting relaxed during your spa session,
    calming hormones like serotonin, GABA are secreted which also helps us to improve your sleep and make you
    sleep better at night.
  5. Lower Blood Pressure
    One of the most common features in people who are stressed is an increase in blood pressure which may result
    in hypertension for most people. However, one of the benefits of spa services is relief from stress. This will
    typically lead to a decrease in blood pressure when you get some relief from the stress.
    Another spa treatment that can result in lower blood pressure is hot tub baths, steam baths etc. These hot baths
    cause the blood vessels to expand (also known as vasodilation). The pressure in the blood vessels is reduced
    when this happens because the space in the vessels has increased. Some of the medications used in controlling
    blood pressure operate on this principle.
    However, remember you need to consult your healthcare provider for advice on your conditions.
  6. Reduces Your Anxiety
    Anxiety and stress are very closely related. Hence, if you can get rid of your stress
    with a massage or any of the spa services, this will most likely take care of your anxiety too. Anxiety causes the
    release of well-known stressor hormones like cortisol.
    When you get relief from any anxiety-causing situation (which you can get with most spa services), the stress
    hormones cease and the effect of anxiety is taken care of in your body.
  1. Diabetes and Weight Loss
    Several studies have demonstrated the positive effects of massage therapy in patients with Diabetes. Some of
    the benefits of spa massage treatment for diabetic patients include an increase in absorption of insulin when
    insulin injection sites are massaged shortly after injections.
    Also, diabetic patients who received massage experienced normalized blood glucose levels as well as
    improvements in diabetic neuropathy. However, it was indicated that more studies are needed to clarify the long
    term benefits of massage in the treatment of diabetes.
  2. Abdominal Fat Reduction
    Body wraps is a common beauty treatment at most body spas, it is a treatment used in enhancing the quality or
    texture or skin (skin hydration), for detoxification and reducing body weight. A research study showed that body
    wraps are effective in reducing weight when combined with aerobic exercises. Most body wrap clay contains
    minerals or substances that enhance the oxidation of fatty acids (lipolysis) which leads to an increase in the
    breakdown of fatty tissue and ultimately weight loss.
  3. Detoxification
    Many spa treatments like lymphatic drainage massage, body wraps, hot tub baths etc. helps the body to release
    toxins that are harmful to the body. Lymphatic drainage massage helps the body’s lymphatic system which helps
    in eliminating foreign bodies and toxins from the body to drain out accumulated toxins in the lymph systems.
    Always remember to confirm with your healthcare provider if this is a good option for you.
  4. Improved Immunity
    Naturally, an improved lymphatic drainage system will lead to an improved immune system. The lymphatic
    system is part of the body’s immune system and when spa services like lymphatic drainage massage are used to
    improve the lymphatic system, it will have a positive effect on the body’s immunity.
  5. Improve Your Confidence
    One of the results of using spa services which is one of the subtle benefits of spas is the boost in confidence and
    self-esteem that you get. It is often overlooked because it is not something that is tangible since it has to do with
    your thinking and feeling.
    When you use a body spa, you will realize that you feel good about yourself, and your confidence and
    self-esteem goes through the roof. There are several reasons responsible for this, but just imagine if you come
    out of the spa with nice nails, beautiful hair and skin, flexible body etc. you will definitely be feeling on top of the
    world. Look out for this the next time you use a spa.
  1. Skin Regeneration
    When you undergo a skin treatment or most beauty treatments at a spa, you will come out with more radiant
    younger skin and of course a better feeling about your body too. One of the benefits of spa treatments like body
    wrap or skin treatments is that you undergo a skin exfoliation treatment where older skin is exfoliated using
    various techniques. This helps you to have new younger-looking skin.
  2. Improved Healing
    There is evidence that shows that massage enhances the healing of wounds and scars. Most people who
    employed this got good results with scar tissues. This is an additional benefit of spa massages that can be
    considered when visiting a body spa. The study, however, noted that there are no standards regarding how this
    should be used in scar management but evidence shows that many people are using it.
  3. Digestive Disorders
    There are various body spa services that can help with digestive issues like constipation. Some massage
    techniques have proven to be effective in helping to relieve some of the discomforts that are common with
    digestive disorders. For example, there are several issues that you can use a technique like a stomach massage
    to get relief. Some of these issues include constipation, diarrhea, menstrual pain, bloated stomach etc.
  4. Sports Injuries
    It is commonly known that you can get relief from pain with massage therapy for many sports injuries like sprains,
    dislocations etc. Also, massage helps injured athletes recover faster from injuries and achieve better
    performance more quickly.