Best Lipstick COLOURS

Have you been using the same lipstick your entire life?
It may be time to change things up a bit.
With all of the options on the market, the different types of lipstick can get a bit overwhelming.
Some lipsticks will help those who need moisture, those who want something light, and of course, those who
want to stand out and shine.
Here is a quick guide discussing twenty different kinds and what makes them unique
Different Types of Lipstick
Sheer Lipstick
A sheer lipstick is a good
choice if your lips are dry
for some reason.The sheer
can moisturize your lips but
also provide a lot of gloss
and shine.This is going to
be a lipstick that stands out,
but you will have to be
careful about the color you purchase.For some reason, the sheer
lipsticks always look darker in the package than they do when you put them on.Make sure you choose the proper
color for your occasion.

Satin Lip
Sheer and satin lipsticks are very similar and are often used interchangeably.Satin lipstick is great for moisture
and a high gloss look.
One of the essential things to remember about satin lipstick is that it has a high oil
content.Sometimes high oil lipsticks need to be applied more often than other types of lipstick.The
satin lipstick can be worn during the day, but because of the shine, it makes an excellent choice for
a special occasion.If you have a night out on the town planned, the satin is a great choice to

Cream Lipstick
The cream lipstick is a bit different than the first two options on our list.The cream is a much more
subtle, low gloss look.Cream lipstick is not shiny, but it will look very nice and smooth as a covering
on the lips.Cream lipsticks don’t do all that much from a
moisturization standpoint, but they can protect the lips.The
cream lipstick is a wax type formula.The wax will work as
a barrier on your lips to protect them from the elements.

Gloss Lipstick
A gloss lipstick is going to stand out
a bit more than a cream
lipstick.When you add shine to your
lips, you will make them look bigger
than they are.For women who have
very small lips, gloss lipstick can be
a great fit.Some people will use cream lipstick and then put a gloss lipstick on
top.This combination can help you get a great combination of both color and
the impact you want.As you will see . Lip Primer
Throughout our guide, you will likely end up having more than one type of
lipstick in your makeup bag.

Lipstick Stains
A lipstick stain can sound a bit scary to be putting on your face, but they are not.Another name for these could be
lipstick paint.The lipstick stains are all about color, but they are not about shine or gloss.Lipstick stains are going
to give a real pop of color, and they are available in many different colors and shades.If you don’t want a lipstick
that takes a lot of time and effort, stains are a great option.Most of the time, a stain is applied with a pencil.

Pearl Lipstick
A pearl lipstick is designed to reflect light.Where the lipstick stain focuses on color, the pearl lipstick will be more
about shine and light.Many of the pearl lipsticks will also sparkle.This can be an excellent look for a dinner party
or formal event.You will want to wear a moisturizer with your pearl lipstick as they are not known for being all that
easy on your lips.

Moisturizing Lipsticks
If you live in a dry climate, you know how hard it is to keep your lips moisturized.
Using a lipstick that has the moisturizing capability is not only practical, but it can be helpful as
well.Many moisturizing lipsticks are going to have additional ingredients to
keep your lips healthy.Some of these lipsticks will contain aloe or vitamin
E.Your lips will stay protected and maintain a soft feel as well.Most of the
moisturizing lipsticks are going to look a bit glossy.This is because of the
moisturizing properties included in the lipstick.If you want a healthy option
which also looks great, the moisturizing lipsticks are a great choice.

Matte Lipsticks
Sometimes when you are looking for a modern look, you will want a matte
finish lipstick.The matte is exactly like the name sounds, not shiny or
glossy at all.You will have a very flat look with a matte lipstick, but they
come in a variety of colors.Matte lipsticks give a very bold look even though they don’t
shine.Many of the matte-style lipsticks are available with moisturizes in them as
well.These may have a bit of a glossier look than a true matte will have.

Long Wearing Lipstick
Everyone knows that stopping to reapply lipstick can be a real pain.If you don’t want to have
to reapply your makeup during your day or your night out, then long-wearing lipstick could be
a great choice to consider.Some of these lipsticks are meant to last for four or even eight
hours.Of course, after a meal, you may need to touch up your lipstick, but
for the most part, these long-wearing options will stay in place and make
your life much easier.

Frosted Lipstick
If you want your lips to sparkle and shine, the frosted lipstick is going to
be the best choice for you.A frosted lipstick is something that will not only
shine, but it will probably have sparkles in place as well.This type of
lipstick is going to be much better for a night out on the town as opposed to a lipstick you
would wear during the day for work.Since this is intended to be so sparkly and shiny, you may
need to reapply quite often.If you are eating or doing a lot of talking, you will start to lose
some of the impact and effect of the frosted look.