Manicure Nail Care Procedures

How to Do Manicure at Home ?
Prepare everything you need:
Since your hands will be occupied and
you won’t be able to move them as
freely, it makes sense for you to do the
prep work beforehand. So, set up a small table and ready all the items you will
need. The items are:
● Nail paint remover and some cotton wool
● A good nail cutter
● A nail file
● Cuticle trimmer
● Hand moisturizer
● Base nail coat
● Nail polish
● Top nail coat
● A bowl
● Some shampoo or face wash
● A towel

Clean your nails: Start off with the basics. Wash your hands and remove any old paint that may be still there
on your nails.
● Cut and shape your nails: Next, you need to clip your nails and shape them. Ensure all the nails
on the hand are of the same length and same shape. Use a good quality, gentle nail file. Do not use a
hard metal file, as that will cause a lot of damage to your nails. This will lay out the foundation for the
● Soak your hands: Fill the bowl with some lukewarm water, add a few drops of face wash or
shampoo into it and soak your hands for about two minutes. Not only is this relaxing, it is also a vital
step. This is because soaking makes the cuticles soft and easy to clip later. It also pulls out any dirt
lodged in between the nails.
● Clip the cuticles: This is a crucial step and requires a lot of care. You need to only clip the excess
cuticles and the free edges. Do not cut or tear away any cuticle too deep as that can result in infections
and painful skin problems later on. The same applies for excess hangnails that may show up around
your nails. Gently clip them without harming the rest of the nail.

● Moisturize: After you trim the cuticles, apply some cream or moisturizer on them to prevent any skin
problems from showing up later on. Leave it one for about five minutes to ensure the healing properties
of the moisturizer reach inside your skin. Then use some nail paint remover to clear your nails of any
oily residue. The polish won’t stay if there is any moisture on the nail.
● Apply the base coat: Remember that you are carrying out beauty services at home and so it’s okay
if you take more time than a professional for this bit. To do this, apply a coat of base nail paint, much like
the folks at a salon do. This is important and will make your polish look and perform better.
● Apply the polish: Next, you need to apply a nail polish of your choice. Look to apply at least three
coats, one by one. This will give your nail some volume and will make the colors glow and stand out.

● Apply the top coat: Applying a top coat, after the nail polish completely dries out, is essential. The
top coat will protect the paint and keep your nails pretty for a longer duration of time.
● Moisturize again: The final step is to moisturize your entire hand again. Apply a good moisturizer and
seal the deal!
You see, it is not at all difficult to carry out a wonderful manicure service at home. Just follow these tips and get
pretty nails in a jiffy.
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