Troubleshoot Common Machine

In several cases machine issues are due to the employee not having received correct training in basic machin maintenance. This causes issues that need to be corrected by a certified mechanic/technician All garme enterprises suffer from such issues to varying degrees Some common causes are.

.Incorrect needles

. Incorrect machine settings for the fabric

.Inexperienced staff

.Inexperienced mechanics/technicians

. Fabric finishes

On-the-job training sessions could also be organized for beginners as part of their training period Enlist the assistance of senior operators with teaching skills group work will provide good opportunities for these training sessions. Sessions ought to embrace acquiring the essential sewing skills and troubleshooting sewing issues.

Carry out Basic Maintenance of Machine

It is important to carryout basic maintenance of own machine and surroundings. While operating a swing machine we can keep a check of these two maintenances by keeping an eye on the needle point i. e.

Must check the needle point and stitch quality while working. Be attentive and look for any kind of oil leakage is found, replace (or inform) immediately. For hazard free environment always keep the hook area clean and tidy

Routine Maintenance: This covers sub kinds of maintenance i. e.

Daily maintenance of the machinery: While carrying out the daily maintenance one must look for whether the machine and its area is clean, look for threading of the machine, quality and quantity of the oil

Make sure to switch off the machines after operation this is one of the most important part of daily maintenance Keep a check on needle tip and needle bend it should not be dull or rusty at all.

Weekly maintenance: Consists of checking up the oil level and oil colour in the machine Make sure to remove the presser foot, throat plate and the feed dog too and clean them all thoroughly. Hook timing and clearance is also adjusted weekly so that the machine can work efficiently

Monthly maintenance: While keeping an eye on monthly maintenance of the machinery it is very important check oil flow in the pipeline, refill the oil up to its maximum level for efficient and flawless performance.

Industry Visit

The purpose of visiting a tailor shop/boutique is to get hands on knowledge about various processes involved in the work of a tailor During the visit you have to interact with Tailors and owner of the shop to understand how work is done in a tailor shop/boutique Make sure that you keep a notebook handy and note down any important points that come up during your interaction at the tailor shop/boutique When you go to an tailor shop/boutique you should:

.Understand the machine safety and maintenance rules of industry.

. Analyse how packers:

>>Maintain machines properly.

>>Carry out basic maintenance of machine.

>>Maintain tools and equipments and handle them safely and use materials to minimise waste.

>>Work in a comfortable position with the correct posture.

>>Dispose of waste safely in the designated location.

>>Store cleaning equipment safely after use.

. Ask questions to Tailors/shop owners if you have any query.