Common Fitting Errors and Their Solutions

Most of fitting errors can be altered or changed easily

Problems                                                                                      Solutions
Folds below the bust dart  Unde the dart and part of the side seam. Lift  the shoulder, -pin a larger dart and pin the side seam to take out the                                                                              excess fabric. 
Gaping armhole Undo dart  and pin a bigger dart. Making sure that it points                                                                                                                        towards the bust point. Lift shoulder seam at the armble.
Low neckline gapes   Lift the front shoulder seam. Lower the dart point  if necessary . 
Folds in the dress below the waist      Undo the side seam from below the armhole  and ease out until  the garment hangs smoothly.
Tight neck or armhole.  Slash and snip seam grant to release tension
Neckline stands away and folds below.                       Release shoulder seam and let it out at the armhole edges 
Shoulder seam lies towards the front of the shoulder.Undo shoulder seam and release front seam   allowances only.                                                                                                 
Sleeve hangs towards the back      Remove the sleeve and re-pin by moving the notch at the centre of the sleeve toward the back so that the sleeve may hang towards the front.

Wrinkles and creases around the upper arm.Release the underarm seam allowance and add the ease.
Sleeve pulls at the back armhole.             Unpin the sleeve and release the seam allowance on both the armholes of sleeve and bodice.                                                                                
Trousers are loose at waist hip or leg Creases on leg and  trousers stands away at waist.Leave the darts and decrease their width and length also  release some ease on the outer seams and re-pin.
Trousers tight below the waist, crease around abdomen.             Release darts and reduce their width and length, also release  some ease on the outer seams and re-pin.

Industry Visit

The purpose of visiting a tailor shop/boutique is to get hands on knowledge about various processes involved in the work of a tailor. During the visit you have to interact with Tailors and owner of the shop to understand how work is done in a tailor shop/boutique. Make sure that you keep a notebook handy and note down any important points that come up during your interaction at the tailor shop/boutique. When you go to an tailor shop/boutique. you should:

Know the importance of basic elements of garment fitting and alteration.

Inspect and recognise the common fitting errors and their solutions.

Observe how a tailor carries out fitting of pant, shirt and kurta.

Ask questions to Tailors/shop owners if you have any query.