How To Thread a Sewing Machine & Their Function

1.Put the piness foot in the ascendant pun Place a reel of the on the spool holder Hoving from the spool halder,diagonally through the top of the machine took for a smallest of one thread guide insert the thread in the thread guide

2 Look for a tension apparatus Bring the thread down to the tension mechanism, slip the thread amid the metal disks of the tension mechanism, and port back upwards with the thread.

3. Look for a take up mechanism. This is the area on the antenor of the machine which will go up and down

when you turn the hand wheel Place the thread over the take up lever Some machines are set up so the

thread will slip into this others require you to place the thread through a hole.

4. At this time the thread will go downward on the left side of the take up lever.

 5 Locate and thread any thread guides, leading down to the sewing machine needle

6 Thread the sewing machine needle Grip the thread with your left hand and turn the hand wheel

7 Watch for any thread to flap about. If this chances, you have probably missed a thread guide

Common Sewing Machine Problems

A Tailor should know how to tackle a simple sewing machine problem. Below is the checklist for machine problems and the best ways to solve them.

Machine troubles             Causes                  Remedies
Skipped stitches        .  Defective machine needle.  Low pressure on the presser foot    .  Replace the needle.  Increase pressure on the  presser foot
Knotting or breaking thread            . Bad quality thread . Machine is threaded wrongly. . Bobbin and Bobbin case is    threaded incorrectly.                                                      .  Completely un-thread your sewing  machine and re-thread it.
. Thread it correctly.     
Machine runs noisily    ; Insufficient oil    . Loose screw          
. Oil the sewing machine. Tighten the screws  
Thread bunching or “Birds nesting”.  Tension setting is too low  . The thread  Is positioned  wrongly   .  The bobbin case is positioned incorrectly.  Reset the tension
.  Re-thread the top thread ensuring the threading line Indicator on the hand  wheel is positioned to the top
. Check the position of your bobbin case and reset as per instruction manual.

Fabric not feeding.  Feed has not been accidentally lowered. . Stitch regulator not set on zero. Too tight pressure on presser foot          . Raise the feed to ensure the fabric will  move forward.
. Adjust stitch regulator to desired stitch length
. Add pressure to presser foot by adjusting the                                                                                                                         pressure regulator screw.