The Sewing Process

Unit Objectives

At the end of this unit, you will be able to

1.Recognize the different types of sewing machine and understand the different parts of a sewing machine

2 Thread a sewing machine

3. Understand the different hand sewing methods

Types of Sewing Machines

In accordance with the job requirement, the tailor uses different types of sewing machines. These machines have to be chosen and handled with care to provide best results.

 Lockstitch sewing machine:Also called the domestic sewing machine, this is a regular and popular machine which is used at home and also in schools. It is run manually but also can be converted to electric power machine

Single needle lock stitch machine: It is modern high quality LCD touch panel sewing machine which reduces the disposition of the thread ends.

Embroidery Machine: This is used in making diverse kinds of embroidery and fancy stitches on fabrics. This machine is popularly used in making pillow cases, linen, and other novelty.

Button Holer Machine: As the name of the machine suggests. THIS used in making buttonholes on garments

Button Attachment Machine: This machine is used in attaching buttons to the garments

Bartacking Machine: This is used in reinforcing the opening and closing of pockets.

Double needle lock stitch Machine: It works similar to the single needle lock stitch machine, using double needles and bobbins thus resulting in two parallel rows of lockstitch. The distance between the two stitches lines depends upon the distance between the two needle bars which can be adjusted.