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Syllabus For Freeze Repairing On governments 2024


Under pinning Knowledge ( Theory) Practical Competencies
Safety Precautions, study the function and working of refrigeration tools, Instruments & Equipments.Familiarization of refrigeration tools, Instruments & Equipments.
Study the construction and working of V.C. Cycle of refrigerator. Measuring Current, voltage and resistance
Study the open circuit, short circuit and earth testing. Identify starting , running, common terminal
Study the different types of motors used in refrigerators.Check relay, OLP, thermostat, door switch, refrigerator Bulb
Study the different types of relays, OLP, thermostat, heaters, fan, timer used in refrigerators.Check the wiring circuit of the refrigerator.
Study compressor, condenser, capillary tube, drier, and evaporator.Dismantle and Assemble hermetic Compressor.
Refrigerant used in refrigerator Identify the trouble and rectification 
Study the trouble shooting in the refrigerator. Descaling refrigerator condenser.
Study the types of refrigerator.Leak Testing, Evacuation, Gas Charging In Refrigerator.
Study the specification of refrigerator Servicing the refrigerator.
Faults and remedies of the refrigerator.Check the performance of the refrigerator.
Care and maintenance of the refrigerator.Installation of Refrigerator