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Electronics Course

Verification Engineer ( 6 Month Diploma)

verification engineer

VLSI Design Engineer ( 6 Month Diploma )

VLSI Design Engineer

Business Development Executive ( 6 Month Diploma )

Business Development Executive

Cutting, Crimping and Connector Assembly Operator(6 Month Diploma)

Cutting, Crimping and Connector Assembly Operator

Silicone Painting Operator ( 6 Month Diploma )

Silicone Painting Operator

Capping Operator ( 6 Month Diploma )

Capping Operator

Manual Soldering Technician(6 Month Diploma)

Manual Soldering Technician

Vacuum Plant Operator (6 Month Diploma)

Teamwork and Multitasking

Auto-tester Capacitor(6 Month Diploma)

Auto-tester Capacitor

Winding Operator (6 Month Diploma)

Winding Operator