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Food Industry Capacity and Skill Initiative (FICSI)

Food Industry Capacity and Skill Initiative (FICSI)
Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Assistant Lab Technician – Food and Agricultural CommoditiesFIC/Q070064
Baking TechnicianFIC/Q50054
Baking Technician/Operative Level 4FIC/Q30054
Butter and Ghee Processing OperatorFIC/Q20034
Cold Storage TechnicianFIC/Q70044
Craft BakerFIC/Q 50024
Craft Baker Level 4FIC/Q30024
Dairy Processing Equipment OperatorFIC/ Q20024
Fish and Sea Food Processing TechnicianFIC/Q40014
Fruit Pulp Processing TechnicianFIC/Q01064
Fruit Ripening TechnicianFIC/Q01044
Fruits and Vegetables Canning TechnicianFIC/Q01074
Fruits and Vegetables Drying/ Dehydration TechnicianFIC/Q01054
Fruits and Vegetables Selection In-ChargeFIC/Q01083
Grain Mill OperatorFIC/Q10034
Ice Cream Processing TechnicianFIC/ Q20044
Jam Jelly and Ketchup Processing TechnicianFIC/Q01034
Mixing TechnicianFIC/ Q50044
Mixing Technician Level 4FIC/Q30044
Pickle Making TechnicianFIC/Q01024
Plant Biscuit Production SpecialistFIC/Q50034
Plant Biscuit Production Specialist Level 4FIC/Q30034
Pulse Processing TechnicianFIC/Q10044
Purchase Assistant – Food and Agricultural CommoditiesFIC/Q070054
Squash and Juice Processing TechnicianFIC/Q01014