Nude Lipstick Shades

The Different Elements of Saree Makeup
Right Shade of Lipstick
The right shade of lipstick is really the backbone of slaying a look
while wearing saree. If your lipstick does not go well with your saree
then you might end up pulling the entire look for you. No matter how
fancy your hairstyle or how HD your makeup is, if your lipstick is not
the right shade, the look you are aiming for is not going to happen!
And no, lip gloss won’t suffice so do not
even think about it. Go with trendy
colors or mix two lipstick shades
together to form something new. It will be of great importance for your entire look.
Perfect Eye Makeup Look
Earlier, a nice eyeliner would have done the job to increase the drama of the saree.
However, as the trends are changing, more and more makeup artists are pondering
over the importance of eye makeup for saree. In fact, it is not just about the saree
but eye makeup has become an important part of all sorts of makeup looks.
From smudgy to glitter eye makeup, you can find versatility with every shade.
Sometimes, heavy eye makeup and a dull over-all look can balance out in a
miraculous way.
A Great Hair Style
Leaving your hair loose is an easy solution but does not look good on all sarees. If you want to increase the glam
factor then you would have to make some efforts for it. We would strongly recommend you to go for a nice
hairstyle especially when you are wearing a saree for some function. It is so important to complete your look with
perfection and hairstyles make an important element of this perfect saree makeup look. You can also learn to
make some hairstyles on your own by watching YouTube videos.
Different Types of Saree Makeup
Minimal/Nude Saree Makeup Look
The Basic Nude Saree Makeup is quiet these days and it has become an
integral part of many women’s makeup routine. The best part of this
makeup is that your face does not look cakey as the makeup is quite subtle
and very radiant.

On top of it, using a nude shade lipstick sometimes balances out the color
of your bright outfits. You can use your skin coloured foundation for it for a
base. It can be completed by a nude shade lipstick and subtle eye makeup.
This type of makeup is perfect for bright sarees like Kanjeevaram and silk.
Quick Note – Do not use nude makeup for pastel coloured sarees as it will make you look super dull.
Bridal Saree Makeup
You just cannot define a bridal saree makeup into a few steps. The uniqueness
of this makeup is that you can experiment with it and achieve whatever look
you want. Going by the trend, more and more brides are ditching the loud
makeup and going for that subtle radiant look completed by bold lips and
dramatic eyes.
You can use golden eyeshadow for the eyes along with higher attention to the
eyebrows. It is the time to go with a nice contour and a lot of highlighters to
keep all the focus on the face. Complete the look with red lipstick. Watch the
video to glam yourself.
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Party Saree Makeup
Now, the thing about cocktail party makeup is that it is the exact opposite of that of bridal
makeup. A cocktail saree looks no less than a nice stylish gown and hence the makeup
must be chosen accordingly for it.
For the cocktail party saree makeup, you can go for really bold eyes. A combination of
smoky and glittery eyes would be the best for the occasion. Usually, the sarees are in
darker color so always go for peachy or nude lips as opposed to the darker shades. Make
sure to jazz up the things with a nice hairstyle to complement the entire look. Watch the
video to get the look.
Day to Day Saree Makeup
Sometimes we give so much importance to the party style and glamorous makeup for sarees that we totally
forget the routine to be adopted on a daily basis. Let’s clear this first that regular saree makeup and nude saree
makeup are two entirely different things so do not misunderstand one for another.
Now, talking about the day-to-day saree makeup routine, it will be best suited for office sarees or cotton sarees.
We would recommend you to swap your foundation for a nice cream for the base. It will be light on your face and
great all day long. Use one swipe of kohl on the lower lash line and complete the look with a pink shade of
lipstick. It will be great all day long without getting all messy or smudgy.

Retro Saree Makeup Look
Retro is probably the most loved party theme and hence you
must learn the typical saree makeup usually done to match
the theme of the golden era. If you think it is going to be a
light makeup look then think twice about it. The 80s era was
all about going Over The Top so it will be fun to do makeup
like that. From really big and loud eyes to a lot of blush, these
are going to be the main elements.
Use a nice layer of foundation to get ready with the base.
Now, the thing about retro makeup is that you might skip the
contour part as it wasn’t popular in the earlier times. Your
main focus is going to be the eyes. Go for a nice and big
winged eyeliner look as it is the main element of the entire
look. Add shimmery eyeshadow and blush for that OTT look.
Plum lips are recommended to finish the look.
The Smudged Look
Usually, the smudged look is preferred for western outfits but slowly, it is shifting
towards the traditional sarees too. In fact, the smudged look can give you nice
dimensions to combine your traditional silk sarees with a glamorous face.
For the smudged look, you do not need the highly smoky eyes. But instead of
drawing that crease line, you can let the eyeshadow be a little smudged outside the
eyes to make them look popping. High kohl and matte eyeshadow in brown color
are recommended. Skip the blush and instead go for the bronzer to make your face
look sculpted with nice contouring. You can complete the look with bold eyebrows
and nude lips. Heavy jewelry is advised for that amazing regal look.
Some Important Saree Makeup Must Haves
The Foundation
The foundation is the base of any makeup look and you cannot afford to
miss it at all. A nice foundation is effective enough to eradicate the need of
having a concealer too. You really need to form a base to hide all those
blemishes and pimples for applying other makeup products on it.Some of
the popular brands to go for are MAC, Lakme, Maybelline etc. For an
affordable purchase, rely on the latter ones. Also, do not forget to choose
the foundation according to the shade of your skin.

A Nice Lipstick
If you want to rock all the saree makeup looks then you really need to have at least
3-5 basic shades of the lipsticks. A makeup look is always incomplete without a
matching lipstick shade. You can also find great variety in their texture like matte,
glossy, satiny, liquid lipsticks etc.
The popular shades to go for are blood red, hot pink, nude and peach. You can
consider the brands like Faces, Maybelline, Oriflame and Lakme for quality and
affordable lipsticks. While choosing a lipstick shade, always consider your complexion
the most.
An Eyeshadow Palette
Comparing the earlier makeup trends to that of recent ones, it has become a must to keep up with a nice and
versatile eyeshadow palette by your side. The thing about an eyeshadow palette is that not only you can create
so many eye makeup looks with it, but you can also use it for other purposes too.
For example, a brown shade of eyeshadow can be used for contouring too. While
the golden shade would be great as a decent highlighter. For an affordable choice,
You might miss out on concealers but you just can’t live without highlighters these
days. The classic golden and silver highlighters are in many demands to give your
face that subtle glow everyone craves for. In fact, highlighters can be a life-saving
product if you are attending a daytime event. The major use of highlighter is done
just below the brows, on the tip of the nose and on your cheekbones to highlight
the right areas of your face very well.
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Few Tips for Saree Makeup – Dos And Don’ts
There are a few Dos and Don’ts of the saree makeup which must be kept in
mind while applying makeup on your face. However, these tips are curated
as per the recent trends and if you are not bound to follow them. If something
suits your face, you should go for that kind of makeup only.
The Eyeliner Can Make Or Break Your Look
You can do without eyeshadow but the absence of sharp eyeliner can make
you look dull and unattractive. You can apply just a little bit of eyeliner but it
gives a nice eye-popping effect to the entire look and sharpens your eyes
You can say that eyeliner is probably the backbone of a
makeup look and you must not ditch it at any cost. Also, keep on learning new eyeliner styles
by watching the latest trends and videos on YouTube.
Sometimes Nude Makeup Is Enough
There are many women who think nude makeup is overrated and does not justify the power
of makeup that well. However, when it comes to saree makeup tips, the less is more.
Nude makeup does not mean the absence of makeup and dull looks, but it is something more natural and subtle
than other loud looks. If you think that everything is going too dull with the
nude makeup then just replace the nude shade of lipstick with that of
peach or pink color.
Hairstyle Is As Important As the Makeup
In the haste of pondering too much on the makeup part, we often forget
the hairstyle. As a result, the makeup does not look as powerful as it
should have been looking. So, when you are finalizing the makeup for
your saree, you should zero down on a nice hairstyle too. In case of a last
minute decision, go for romantic curls for that soft yet glamorous look.
Blush Is So 90s Now
More and more women are ditching the use of blush even on their big day. The reason is that rosy cheeks make
you look bubblier while women are preferring sharp and bold looks these days. Bronzer has replaced the need
for blush and we aren’t even disheartened about it.

A nice contour and bronzed look is way more glamorous and trendy than that of the
blush. If you are still not satisfied then you can go for that pink highlighter effect for
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You Cannot Beat the Power of Red Lips
No matter how many saree makeup trends come and leave,
there is still no replacement for the powerful red lips.
Whether it is the bridal look or party style makeup, you
can just paint your lips red and you are good to go. In
fact, the look is great for western outfits too and hence
we would strongly recommend you to keep a nice and
long-lasting red lipstick in your purse always.
Makeup Looks for Different Types of

We have talked a lot about various saree makeup looks
but it is time to go through a quick explanation of what type of saree look will
match on different types of sarees. It will help you to check out the major
elements of these looks so that you can experiment on your own.
For Cotton Sarees
The combination of Winged Eyeliner, pinkish lips and heavy kajal would do the trick
for Cotton Sarees. Complete the look with chunky necklaces.
For Black And Dark Coloured Sarees
Go for the Combination of golden or brown eyeshadow, light kajal, no eyeliner and
peach lips. Use mascara and some blush to add colors.
For the Shades of Red And Maroon Sarees
This Saree Makeup look is usually very traditional. Go for smoky eyes, red
bindi, lots of kohl and red lips. Use bronzer to make your face look
Pastel Sarees
Subtle foundation paired with shimmery eyeshadow and winged eyeliner.
Leave the traces open and highlight your face for that subtle glow.