Airbrush bridal makeup

Airbrush bridal makeup
Airbrush bridal makeup 1

What is Airbrush bridal makeup?
Airbrush bridal makeup is a newer technique
of makeup wherein makeup is applied with
special equipment. That special equipment is an airgun!
Yeah! sounds strange right? The airbrush actually
has its chamber filled with the liquid foundation which
can just be sprayed by the bridal makeup artist
on the face. On applying it mixes well with your skin
and just renders that even flawless skin tone that looks
absolutely real and enchanting.
Products used in Airbrush bridal makeup
Some of the products used in Airbrush bridal makeup which will help to render that perfect look to your face are
given below:
● Primer
● Foundation
● Concealer
● Makeup sponge
● Mascara
● Highlighter
● Eyeliner
● Lipstick
● Airbrush highlighter, bronzer, blush and shimmer for augmenting the airbrush complexion.
● Anti-ageing primer for a youthful looking canvas for aged skin.
Products in airbrush bridal makeup basically have silicon in it which pore deep
down the filling line to a great extent. Products are basically hypo-allergic in nature
and thus are suitable for all skin types.
Equipment used in airbrush bridal makeup
Airbrush Nozzle
There are two types of Airbrush Nozzles:
Single action: This acts as a simple can of hairspray. Simply pressing the nozzle
down releases a steady stream of pigment.
Dual action: As the name suggests this is used for dual effect. The bridal
makeup artist pulls down it for air and pulls back it for makeup. If you are
looking for truly even makeup then the double nozzle is idle for you.
Airbrush Compressor
Airbrush compressor is used for maintaining the perfect pressure. Airbrush
compressor helps to maintain an even and controllable airflow.
Airbrush foundation
The airbrush makeup basically comes in three different formulas:

  1. alcohol-based- alcohol based foundations in airbrush makeups are
    used mostly while creating fake tattoos
  2. water-based- this includes fine pigments dissipated in water
  3. silicon-based- for long-lasting wear and without fading.
    Airbrush foundation should feel very light on applying. If it feels heavy then
    maybe the application is done with a heavy hand. A professional makeup
    artist should be generally preferred

    Longevity of Airbrush bridal makeup
    The main benefit of airbrush bridal makeup is basically its durability. It can really last longer than any other type of
    makeup. Most of the makeup techniques use water or alcohol-based formulas that don’t last long but airbrush
    bridal makeup uses Temptu- the only silicon-based formula which helps it to retain itself perfectly on the skin
    even after being exposed to moisture such as snow, rain, tears etc.
    Effects of Airbrush Makeup
    These are some effects of airbrush bridal makeup:
  4. Even coverage and lighter look: The bridal makeup artists of the
    airbrush bridal makeup make sure in this case that the makeup blends perfectly well
    with the skin so that the face doesn’t look fake in the pictures of the camera
    afterwards. In airbrush bridal makeup the spray is spread slowly on the entire face to
    ensure that there is an even distribution.
  5. This gives a lighter look to the face than the traditional makeup
    which on the other hand looks very heavy on the bride and is difficult to carry
    sometimes even.
  6. Takes less time: Airbrush bridal makeup in contrast to different other
    types of makeup like traditional bridal makeup takes less time.
  7. So, if you are a bride who wants to get a perfect look for your
    wedding and that too very soon so that you can utilize that time enjoying with friends and family then
    you can go for airbrush bridal makeup.
  8. Picture-perfect skin: Traditional makeup sometimes may look
    really heavy on certain brides. But airbrush bridal makeup can give
    you the perfect camera look. Sometimes people complain about the
    experience of a heavy look with airbrush bridal makeup too but in that
    case, it can be the fault of a heavy foundation used. Thus it is always
    recommended to go for a professional bridal makeup artist.
  9. Boon for the brides with oily skin: Has your oily skin
    troubled you throughout your life? Do those nasty pimples make things
    uneasy for you and now you are worried about the consequences of
    the bridal makeup on your skin? If yes, then airbrush bridal makeup is
    just best for you. It has mattifying agents within its products which will
    take care of your skin.
Airbrush bridal makeup 1
  1. More water resistant: Airbrush bridal makeup is more water resistant than any other kind of
    makeup. Thus you need not to worry about getting emotional and shedding your tears. This makeup
    understands your emotions and is ready to save you out of that situation!
  2. Can stay for a long duration: Since most of the products of the airbrush bridal makeup are
    silicon-based this makeup can stay for a longer period of time.
    What is HD makeup?
    Gone are the days when the poor camera quality used to act as a boon for you
    by hiding all the cracks and dark circles on your faces. With this HD era, High
    definition cameras employed on the wedding makes your lines and flaws even
    more exposed to the cameras. As the saying goes- Necessity is the mother of
    invention.Bridal makeup artists came about the perfect solution to battle with this
    problem so that you can look great even in your photographs by the HD camera
    and that is what we call ad HD Bridal makeup. HD bridal makeup has quartz,
    silicon, mica or crystals in it which diffuses the light and creates an illusion of an
    even skin.
    Products used in HD makeup
    Under Base
    Conceale Blush

    Silicon and Hypo-allergic levels in these products can vary but are less in
    comparison to airbrush bridal makeup. Products in HD makeup are of less
    importance than the technique of application.
    Equipment used in HD makeup
    The different equipment used in Makeup is Brushes, applicators and
    containers. The prime advantage of the HD bridal makeup is that it is
    devoid of any need of special equipment and thus it becomes easy to apply
    it on your own also without the need of any professional.
    Longevity of HD makeup
    Longevity depends much on skin types and location, still, HD bridal makeup
    doesn’t stay as long as Airbrush makeup does.
    Effects of HD bridal makeup
  3. HD bridal makeup is sheer: Yes! You can hide your flaws
    and uneven texture without leaving your natural beauty.
  4. Mattifying agents which prevent unwanted shine:
    Some products of the HD makeup contain mattifying agents which
    prevent unwanted shine for the oily skins. The makeup on such
    skins never comes off because of the oil in the skin.
  5. You don’t even need special equipment for it: Many times there is no need for any special
    equipment at all. You can do a simple touch-up yourself.
  6. Well-nourished look: Moisturizer based products used settle in the cracks and creases of the dry
    skin and render it a plump and fresh, glowing natural look.
  7. Leaves minimal residues: It leaves minimal residues on the skin and covers almost all the marks
    and face-flaws.
    How is Airbrush Makeup different from HD makeup? Application technique of both the
    Airbrush bridal makeup and HD bridal makeup differ. Airbrush
    makeup requires an applicator brush to apply a coat over a coat of
    light makeup. Whereas HD makeup is a powder technique. Airbrush
    makeup applies a free hand technique manipulating distance and
    pressure to give certain effects and coverage.If applied from a very
    close distance it can have a very deep effect which can vary from
    the natural skin tone and can make the overall look feel heavy.HD
    bridal makeup is purely a technique rather than the product. More
    than the ingredients, mastering the technique is important. Many
    brands may lure you by just adding the word ‘HD’ ahead of their
    products and boast that they would be providing ‘camera look’ but
    that is not so true.There are a plethora of products that would do even
    better without the HD label along with them. Once learning the technique
    can enable you to apply it on your own as HD makeup doesn’t require
    equipment like airguns etc. as airbrush bridal makeup do.
    Lasting ability Airbrush bridal makeup lasts longer than the HD
    bridal makeup. This is perfect for a bride who has to sit night long for
    pheras. Airbrush makeup products are also water resistant than any other
    form of makeup. Hd makeup is
    basically preferred for indoor
    weddings whereas Airbrush makeup is
    preferred for beach and outdoor
    weddings.The longevity also depends
    on skin types. For instance, heavy makeup on dry skin can make the face look
    cakey while an airbrush makeup for oily skin on a hot day can reflect light in
    the photo.
    Cost or Price :-Price plays a crucial role while deciding between the
    two types of makeup. The prices of these two different styles also depend
    much on the bride’s requirement and the bridal makeup artist’s expertise. The
    prices of both the airbrush makeup and HD makeup is the same when you get
    it done by the professionals, but if you go to a bridal makeup saloon then the

    costs may vary. Still, HD bridal makeup is seldom cheaper than Airbrush bridal makeup. Yet it is recommended to
    visit some bridal makeup salons prior to your wedding and choose the best according to your budget and prefere
    Overall look:-Airbrush makeup looks gives you that perfect natural look as it
    blends perfectly with the skin. Since the foundation is so lightly applied that it does
    not look like a cake on your face. But if you want a full coverage look on this big day
    then you should go for HD makeup because the products applied here are of higher
    consistency. While airbrush keeps it relatively moist, HD tends to have a mattifying
    effect. Skin types Airbrush bridal makeup acts as a boon for oily skin. HD bridal
    makeup though can be applied for all the skin still for oily skin specifically, Airbrush
    bridal makeup should be given preference if skin type is the basis of evaluation.
    Which one to use?
    Having known enough about both the bridal makeup styles, now the time has come
    for the final verdict. Let’s evaluate both the makeup techniques quickly and find out
    who wins the race!! 1.
    While both the HD makeup and Airbrush makeup help to reduce the flaws still HD bridal makeup is ahead with
    removing even the finest of spots and provide you with the finest look which is not possible with the airbrush
Airbrush bridal makeup
  1. HD bridal makeup blends perfectly with all skin types whereas airbrush
    makeup looks flaky on brides with dry skin.
  2. HD bridal makeup is comparatively cheaper than airbrush makeup
  3. HD bridal makeup requires less equipment than Airbrush makeup.
  4. Airbrush bridal makeup is best for oily skin and HD makeup loses a point
    over here.
  5. HD bridal makeup brings out features in your face whereas airbrush makeup
    can make your face look flat.
    7.Airbrush bridal makeup lasts longer than HD makeup and is water resistant
    8.HD bridal makeup gives you the translucent effect without letting your cracks
    and creases appear whereas airbrush, on the other hand, can do just the
    opposite if not applied perfectly. 9.So, if you are
    expecting a stellar bridal look, maybe it’s time to go HIGH DEFINITION!! Airbrush or HD makeup: which one to
    choose for your big day
    Luminous Bridal Makeup
    One makeup trend that has been taking the beauty world by storm is a matte makeup design. This makeup look
    is easy to achieve with the right matte foundation, lipstick and eyeshadow and it is a great option if you have oily
    skin or large pores. A matte finish look is great for brides because it is long-lasting as it contains no slippery
    elements such as oil. This also makes the makeup look great for pictures as it will never look greasy or shiny.
    If you are going for a full, glam look, matte makeup design is the way to go. It gives your face a full finish and
    makes the color on your skin look more intense
    Matte wedding makeup gives a toned-down appearance to brides. This makeup retains the natural texture yet
    illuminates the skin under broad halogen lights. For this, a bridal makeup artist needs to combine glossy primer
    with matte foundation smartly. Alongside, application of matte lipstick and highlighting the inner corner of the eyes
    along with brow and cheekbones enhance the look of the bride
  6. Mineral Bridal Makeup
    What Is Mineral Makeup?
    Let’s talk about the latest makeup in the market that
    can enhance your look on the big day. Mineral
    makeup, like the name suggests, is a makeup
    technique where products made out of organic
    minerals are used to add layers to a bride’s beauty.
    It’s the most natural looking makeup and is less
    harmful in comparison with other forms of bridal
    Mineral makeup products don’t contain as many
    preservatives and chemicals like other products. If
    your skin is sensitive and you’re worried about the
    breakouts heavy makeup will cause on your face, go
    for mineral makeup on for your wedding day. It’s best used to create a base for other topical makeup.

    How Is Mineral Makeup Different From Conventional Makeup?
  7. Chemicals
    All bridal makeup products, whether they are conventional makeup products or not, contain minerals. The only
    difference though is between a few specific ingredients that set mineral makeup apart. Specifically, these
    products don’t include harsh substances like dyes, parabens, talc, preservatives and oils, which often adversely
    affect your skin.Whereas, mineral makeup products protect your skin from getting damaged.
  8. Costs
    Conventional makeup has been in the market since ages and it’s available in different brands with different
    prices. Though, mineral makeup is relatively new and is more on the high end. Let’s consider a brand like L’Oreal
    or even MAC, the mineral products of these brands are higher in costs in terms of their other regular makeup
    products. Mineral makeup is expensive because it formulated from expensive raw ingredients.Getting makeup
    that is actually designed to protect your skin is bound to cost a little more than its counterparts
  9. Overall Look
    Conventional makeup products are basic. Though, these days there are specialized products with techniques like
    HD and airbrush makeup that are used by makeup artists for creating bridal looks. HD makeup involves high
    definition powder-based products and gives you a well-defined look. Airbrush products use liquid-based products
    applied through an air gun that gives you an even-toned, picture-perfect look.Mineral makeup, on the other hand,
    is used to create a dewy and natural look.
    Mineral Makeup Benefits
  10. Sensitive skin – Mineral makeup is best suited for sensitive skin. If you have acne on your face or any
    other kind of eruptions, it’s your best bet. It would ensure that you don’t have any breakouts after your big day.
  11. Long-lasting – The ingredients of mineral makeup don’t expire as soon as they do for conventional
    makeup. Since it is basically just compressed minerals and does not contain any
    additions of wax or oil.
  12. Protective shield – Mineral makeup works as a protective layer for your
    skin from the outside substance that your skin might get exposed to. Minerals are
    beneficial for the skin and mineral makeup combines health benefits with beauty
  13. No synthetics – Mineral makeup doesn’t contain any synthetics and is less
    likely to irritate your son. So you rest assured that your natural glow won’t fade
    away after regular application during the wedding celebration period.
  14. No clogged pores – Mineral makeup is placed on your pores and not
    inside them, hence it doesn’t clog your skin and let it breathe.
  15. Natural coverage – The coverage you get from mineral makeup is natural,
    and it looks healthy as well as sheer.
  16. Water resistant – Mineral makeup products are water resistant and don’t
    melt off quickly.
  17. Sun protection – Mineral makeup protects your skin from sun rays as they
    usually have an SPF. Minerals that are added to sunscreens to make those products
    protect you from the sun rays are present in mineral makeup as well. Thus you don’t
    have to worry about applying an extra layer of sunblock.
    Mineral Makeup For Brides
    With HD and airbrush techniques taking over the beauty market, it’s tough to make a
    decision if you should opt for mineral makeup or not. Well, we are here to help you
    with that confusion. You can use a mix of HD and mineral makeup or just mineral
    makeup for your bridal look. However, airbrushes and mineral makeup don’t go
    along. Here are a few reasons you can give mineral makeup a try:
  18. Less is more
    Mineral makeup products are extremely light on your skin. Doesn’t matter if you want an elaborate makeup or a
    basic makeup, if you choose mineral makeup products as your base, you can practically apply anything on top of
    it. Mineral makeup works like a cream and hence, all the products you apply on top of it won’t clog your skin
    pores. Liquid makeup and compressed makeup products contain added preservatives and binders that cause
    side-effects to your skin. Mineral makeup is dry and, literally, is just tightly pressed beneficial minerals.
  19. Healthy & seamless
    It is, by far, the healthiest makeup option for your skin. It lets you pores stay naturally open and you don’t feel
    heavy. Mineral makeup is as seamless as makeup can get. Minerals used in mineral makeup have beneficial
    effects on the skin. If you have breakouts, you can use mineral makeup and if you are worried you’ll get
    breakouts after an evening with heavy makeup, to your good luck, that won’t happen either. It’ll keep your skin
    happy and healthy. It is gentler on the skin in the opinion of most dermatologists.
  20. Looks amazing in photographs
    Mineral makeup looks as good as HD makeup, which means that your pictures will
    look stunning. If you’re tensed about your makeup melting off or looking cakey,
    mineral makeup is your best bet. It’s water resistant and doesn’t come off easily.
    Rest assured, your pictures will look great. It will give you the satisfaction of your
    regular makeup after setting spray by staying in place without the setting spray.
    Get, Set, Buy – Securing The Right Mineral Makeup
    Loved the mineral makeup experience during your bridal makeup session? Then,
    take it a step ahead and consider buying your own makeup products for your bridal
    makeup kit. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind before you say ‘I buy’ to
    these products –
  1. A water-based makeup palette
    Contrary to conventional makeup palettes, mineral makeup is not at all acrylic or
    oil-based. That extends to all of the items up for consideration – from foundations to
    browliners, eye shadows to primers and blushes.
  2. Get derma approval
    Though this set of makeup is as organic as possible, it would still be prudent to get a consultation from a
    dermatologist before you choose to stick with a mineral regime. These products often make them cut as they are
    free from mic, talc and biron, but it never hurts to be sure.
  3. Get a setting powder
    These pigmented products are powder-based in nature and need to be set firmly into place, unless you want
    things to go south and smudge or (God forbid) seem out of place. Get one that works specifically for mineral
    makeup (though try an American import that’s FDA approved to be absolutely sure).
  4. Smokey Eyes Bridal Makeup
    Your eyes are an impression of your soul and with regards to your Bridal eye
    makeup, there is positively nothing that can outperform the appeal of a
    stylish smokey eye.
    Smokey eye makeup has been a
    trend for a significant long time, yet
    ladies just appear to be going
    crazier with regards to it.
    Attributable to how overwhelmingly
    striking and beautiful they make
    one look, smokey eyes have
    turned into a go-to alternative for a lot of ladies. Be it mehndi, mixed
    drink, sangeet, or wedding, we’ve seen ladies vouching for livid smokey
    eyes in dark, gold, matte, and sparkle for practically the entirety of their
    wedding parties. Also, why not! It is one lit makeup pattern that works out positively for pretty much every sort of
    clothing. Indeed, when worn with crimson lips or cutesy pink nudes, the super stylish smokey eye makeup
    upgrades your bridal wonders by multi-times, making you a definitive star of the evening. It is, accordingly,
    significant for you to give all the consideration to this livid makeup style and consolidate it somewhere around one
    of your glitz wedding makeup looks.
    With a smokey eye makeup look, you make certain to stun like a diva. Smokey eye makeup look isn’t just
    tasteful, however with a splash of blend and test with colors, you can turn out to be each bit the pioneer lady of
    the hour you try to be. Smokey eyes add a moment portion of style however can make you look madly ravishing.
    For a lady, her makeup and outfit are prime as she needs to put her best self forward. Presently in the midst of
    COVID-19, with a cover on, eye makeup turns into the most significant as that is everything that could possibly
    be seen. Get a redone veil made that coordinates with your wedding competence outfits and take thoughts
    utilizing these eye makeup guides.
  5. Light Golden
    Assuming you need an eye makeup look that is unbiased and not shading coded then taking the brilliant
    course is the best thought. In the first place, apply silver-white eyeshadow in the internal corner of your

    eyes and top it with a brilliant shade that is light and not extremely
    shaking. Give your eyes a 3 measurement look by applying some
    dull brown and dark on the external wrinkle and corners of your
    eyes, giving it some profundity. Assuming you approve of eyelashes,
    pick something that suits you yet recollect that they can be
    exceptionally weighty and you need to suffer for a long time. Decide
    on lighter lashes or essentially go for 2-3 layers of mascara
  6. Champagne Pink
    This look requires a couple of layers to give it that completely flawless
    completion. In the first place, work on your eyebrows and afterward start with
    a warm shade of pink all around the eyelids. Then, at that point take a profound blushing champagne eyeshadow
    to conceal on your brush and apply it to the inward and external sides of the covers. Then, apply a more splendid
    pink in the center to give it that 3-D look and finish it off with some sparkle. Apply a slender or thick layer of
    eyeliner, contingent on your preferring, and statement your lashes with mascara.
    3.Dusty-Golden Eye Makeup
    Somewhat like the light brilliant makeup, this eye makeup look has a more
    unsophisticated antique brilliant touch to it that works out in a good way for
    light-tinted bridal outfits.
  7. Blue Eye Makeup
    In case you are choosing a bridal outfit that is whimsical and has conceals
    that are totally different from non-exclusive bridal outfit shades of red, pink,
    orange, peach, and brilliant then don’t keep down with the makeup all
    things considered. In the event that your lehenga or saree is blue, give your
    tops the blue tone. Add some depth to the cover with a more profound blue
    and dark shade and apply heaps of mascara or essentially settle on counterfeit
  8. Bengali Bride Eye Makeup
    Bengali ladies more often than not either choose a light brilliant eye makeup
    look or exemplary smokey eyes that look stunning with their red clothing types.
    Known for their large eyes, smokey eyes with traces of profound purple and
    fuchsia tones look staggering on Bengali ladies. So this is one look you can
    settle on if your bridal outfit is vermillion shaded.
    6.Profound Rosey Smokey Eyes
    This makeup look is my top pick as it is smokey enough to look hot yet has a
    fuchsia purple, a rosy tone that separates it. Wear a wine-toned bridal outfit
    and request that your makeup craftsman gives this
    eye makeup a shot to you.
  9. Green Smokey Eye Wedding Makeup
    Green is the color of prosperity and luxury itself is. So
    inspiring, opulent and beautiful, green is perhaps the
    most demanded color in the fashion and beauty
    industry, which we can never have enough of. And
    when it appears in makeup, emerald green makes
    any bride look dramatic, sensual and romantic,
    enhancing her feelings of harmony and balance with
    her natural beauty. When accompanied by gold or brown, emerald green eyeshadow
    is unbeatable. Use a classic earthy green or a dark green and mix it with a hint of dark brown to make every
    glance you give, hypnotic.
  10. Cut Crease Smokey Eye Wedding Makeup
    Use two shades at the crease. Just go around the edges where you applied the crease line and then move
    ahead to blend back and forth to make the lines less harsh. Use a concealer to create a cut crease effect on the
    upper eyelids. This look is sure to add drama to your wedding makeup. Attach lashes for the perfect finishing
    9.Daunting and Bright Neon Hues
    You can’t go wrong with the maximalist touch of distinct neon shades. The colorful lovely yellow, red hues and
    sea green blue will leave you amazed
  1. Natural Bridal Makeup
    There are times when we feel like going for absolute subtle makeup. A simple and minimalist eye glitter with bold
    red lips feels like a dream. Expert makeup artistry can provide you with the best of their makeup ideas and
    concepts. They will help in accentuating your natural features and provide you with extra glam and beauty. A
    highlighter is a beauty lover’s weakness. You do not want to step outside your place
    without a dab of your favorite highlighter. She knows how to listen to your needs and
    give you your desired results effortlessly, be it your favorite lip color or your most
    favorite highlighter.
  2. Nude Bridal Makeup
    Nude makeup is the new trend which is making waves and is definitely here to stay.
    Nude makeup basically means simplifying your makeup color palette, using neutral
    colors that match your skin perfectly and covering imperfections without going
    Nude makeup will make sure that your bridal attire
    and jewelry gets the attention it deserves, all the
    while making sure you look radiant and glamorous. Miheeka Bajaj, Neha
    Dhupia and Anushka Sharma looked absolutely gorgeous on their respective
    wedding days and each of these beautiful ladies had opted for the nude
    makeup look.
    Nude makeup is totally perfect, if you are looking for a minimal bridal look and
    we bet you will be looking ravishing as ever. Well, simple bridal makeup trends
    are even more eye-catchy.
    Take Cues From These Real Brides Rocked The Nude Makeup Look And
    Made A Statement:
  3. Brides Slaying Their Nude Minimal Looks And How
    We cannot seem to take our eyes off this bride’s gorgeous bridal makeup for
    her D-day.
    Yes, she does look mesmerizing as ever and her bridal look absolutely bowled us over. Don’t you think so too?
  4. Nude And Classy Eye Makeup You Must Steal From These Real
    We are surely head over heels in love with her eye makeup to her very simple and
    awe-inspiring look..
    Another one that just caught our attention and we are so loving how she had a soft dewy
    makeup with smokey eyes and that kajal surely was the real show-stealer.
    Did you notice her eye makeup? Simple and stunning!
    The subtle and dusty gold eye makeup of this bride complemented her nude look! We are just gushing over her.
    It’s true that some brides just take our heart away and she is surely one of them. We are all eyes for this super
    adorable bridal eye makeup.
  5. Nude Lip Shades For Your One In A Million Bridal Look
    That appealing and the very gorgeous nude lip shade made her one charming bride. And yes her bridal earrings
    surely have all our attention.
    Slay your bridal look with this extremely gorgeous bridal lip shade.
  6. Brides Who Opted For A Nude Base On Their Big Day And Looked Ravishing
    Isn’t she looking straight out of a fairy tale? From her bridal dress to her exclusive makeup, everything is just on
    Well, have you ever seen perfection? This bride symbolizes it and this bridal makeup surely looks absolutely
    We are drooling over the touch of soft glam with striking bridal jewelry and the mesmerizing look of this bride.
    Well, her soft and dewy pink makeup has our heart.
    Ace your minimal wedding makeup just like she did and we bet you will be the cynosure of all eyes.
    Don’t these minimal and subtle bridal makeup look all gorgeous and stunning? Well, opt for one which best suits
    your personality and that will make heads with your beautiful look. These brides are a major source of inspiration
    for all brides-to-be and we have already saved our favorite looks from the lot