Black Dress Make Up Look

Does This Movement Need Improvement?
As you all might know, the fashion at the 2018 Golden Globes was a bit different than other years. Hollywood is in
the early stages of shifting as a result of the powerful #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. Unfortunately, this
swing is in wake of unimaginable events made public by brave, strong victims. From the cast of Stranger Things
to some of the entertainment industry’s bigger names, a lot of attendees wore black in recognition of the
mentioned movements. I applaud every single attendee who wore black in support of #TimesUp. However, I can’t
say everyone pulled off the look as well as they could’ve. Beauty Bebes, all black is a look that works for
everyone—just know how to rock it for your natural attributes.
Hacks for Wearing Black
Black is a timeless, versatile color that can reflect any style from classy to punk—and everything in between.
Whether you’re sporting a comfy black hoodie or a cute cocktail dress, wearing makeup that complements your
black outfit is essential.

  1. Eyes. Smokey, gray, or
    steel—any of these will go
    beautifully with your black
    outfit. With black being an
    elegant color, perfect for
    upscale parties, understated
    and elusive eyes will go
    better than loud, colorful
    eyes. That isn’t to say your eyes can’t pop. A black liner and bold
    lashes will go beautifully with your black outfit; if you really want to
    stand out, well-done cat eyes would complete your outfit. If you’re
    dying to add a little color to your eyes, something tasteful like rose
    gold would be perfect.
  1. Lips. Mandy Moore looked absolutely stunning on the red carpet. Surprising? No, but her simple yet bold lips,
    belt, and earrings—all a matching red—really made her get-up one worth mentioning. Usually, I would suggest
    subtle, flesh-colored lips, but this is the one exception: If you’re going for bright lips when wearing black, make
    sure to have a few accent accessories that’ll make your ensemble pop and come together. For the exclamation
    point, match your nails to your lips and accessories. Side note: Can we just
    appreciate that Mandy Moore’s dress had pockets?
  2. Highlighters. This cannot be stressed enough: Match your skin tone.
    Always make your makeup disappear to make it look as if it’s your natural
    skin tone. It’s meant to accentuate, not transform. Whether blush or
    highlighter, complement your skin. If you have a darker complexion, avoid
    lighter colors as they can make your skin appear chalky. Apply highlighter
    around your cheekbones for a beautiful shimmer effect. Again, make sure all
    you apply is appropriate for your skin tone