Free Micro Finance Executive Course (4Months)

Micro Finance Executive:

Job Description
To deliver accredited training service, mapping to the curriculum

]detailed above, in accordance with the Qualification Pack

Personal Attributes
Aptitude for conducting training, and pre/ post work to ensure competent,

employable candidates at the end of the training. Strong communication skills,

interpersonal skills, ability to work as part of a team; a passion for quality and for

developing others; well-organised and focused, eager to learn and keep onesel

f updated with the latest in the mentioned field.Free Micro Finance Executive Course (4Months)

After completing this programme, participants will be able to:

 Provide financial service to financially underserved segments of the population.
 Spread awareness related to company’s products, assisting the company in business

generation activities and is permitted to carry out regular transactions for customers on

behalf of the company in Micro Finance Executive
 Identify potential areas to develop the business, building awareness through financial literacy

, sourcing potential or prospective customers.Free Micro Finance Executive Course (4Months)
 Effectively guide them through the various processes like application, sanction disbursement,

collection etc. that enable the customers to enjoy the benefits of micro-financial services that include

, micro loans, micro-savings, micro-insurance, micro-pensions etc.

Financial Inclusion

 Describe Financial Inclusion/ Exclusion in Micro Finance Executive
 Describe Role of Women in Economic up liftmen of families; Reasons for FI,

Latest Schemes of Government like PMJDY, Atal Pension Yojana

Microfinance Solutions - ITS

RBI Guidelines

 Knowledge of latest RBI Guidelines- NBFC-MFI (RBI) Directives 2015 in Micro Finance Executive

Deposit and Credit Products

Explain deposit products offered by MFIs, types of customers

who can avail of these products, features, application process.
 Explain retail loans, MSME loans, Agri Loans, micro loans, features of each type of loan.

KYC and Application

 Open client Accounts in banks
 Apply KYC norms in account opening process
 Learn nuances of PMLA, 2002
 Perform the KYC process and verify requirements

Reading, Writing & Analytical Skills – Form Filling

 Filling the Application Forms, legible, error free and accurate information.

Skills to read, understand and write required information field by field in Application Forms.

Back Office Process for Sanctioning – As per Company Norms

 Knowledge of the process involved in Organization to appraise the proposal submitted.
 Knowledge on reasons for Rejection in Micro Finance Executive.

Loan Documentation and Disbursement

 Required Documents for loan sanction, terms and conditions.
 Branch Confirmatory Meetings, Documents checking, obtaining signatures in relevant

documents and disbursement of loan – process involved.


Accounting and Settlement

Settlement process, updating of MIS records, accounting for loans, review and follow up

Basics of Selling

Need Creation

 Importance of benefits on the customer and the sale
 Various methods of probing
 Distinguish the difference between doubts and objections
 Various methods to handle doubts & objections

Guidelines for Assessment
The assessment for the theory part will be based on knowledge bank of questions created by the SSC
Individual assessment agencies will create unique question papers for theory part

for each candidate at each examination/training centre.
Individual assessment agencies will create unique evaluations for skill practical for every

student at each examination/training centre based on these criteria
To pass the Qualification Pack, every trainee should score the minimum percentage assign to

that job role, aggregate of theory and practical.
In each paper there will be 60 questions each though it’s online or offline.
The assessor will be required to translate the questions from English to local language.

And the VIVA also be conducted in English or local language as per their comfort.
VIVA will be conducted with Online as well as Offline exams.
Pass percentage for the course will be 50.

The Role of a Credit Manager in a Bank

Sample Question of Micro Finance Executive Course:

1 Which of the following is not a general term for loans to Joint Liability Group?
a. Rural women eligible
b. Semi urban women eligible
c. Available for any age group
d. Age group of 18 to 59 years

2 Which of the following is not correct feature of Self Help Group?
a. Mandatory to form by law
b. Save amount what they can conveniently save
c. Mutual agreement to contribute to group
d. Does internal lending

3 Which of the document will not be suitable as proof of identity under KYC regulations?
a. Aadhaar Card
b. Pan card
c. Passport
d. Electricity Bill

4 Which of the document will not be suitable as proof of address under KYC regulations?
a. Aadhaar Card
b. Pan card
c. Passport
d. Electricity Bill

5 If you do not provide the required documents for KYC, the bank may not be able to open
your account.
a. True

b. False

Free Micro Finance Executive Course

6 KYC needs to be performed____________
a. Only once at the time of account opening
b. At the time of account opening and further at regular intervals
c. Only at the time of account closing
d. At the time of making any transaction from the account

7 What is OVD under the Know Your Customer (KYC) Guidelines?
a. Outstation Vendor Details
b. Open Verified Docket
c. Officially Valid Documents
d. Other Verifiable Document

8 Which of the following is not considered as Officially Valid Documents for KYC
a. Passport
b. Driving Licence
c. PAN Card
d. Railway pass identity card

9 For proof of address Utility Bill of any date can be submitted as valid document for KYC
a. True
b. False

10 Application form filled for Micro Finance Loan should
a. Be Legible
b. Be Error Free
c. Contain accurate information
d. All of the above

11 Which of the field in application form is not required to be filled by the applicant?

Free Micro Finance Executive Course

a. Personal Details
b. Loan Approval Details
c. Amount of Loan required
d. List of document submitted

12 It is important to carefully read, understand and write required information field by field
while filling the application forms
a. True
b. False

13 Which of the following cannot be a reason for loan form rejection?
a. Prior unpaid dues
b. Address in the negative zone
c. Age criteria for loan ineligible
d. Gender of the borrower

14 Common reasons for rejection of the application form includes_______________
a. Incomplete information
b. Signature mismatch
c. Non verification of temporary address
d. All of the above

Free Micro Finance Executive Course

15 Which of the following is not a reason for rejection of loan required for personal purposes?
a. Unstable employment
b. Insufficient Income
c. Submission of all required documents
d. Out of age limit Free Micro Finance Executive Course (4Months)