Evening Makeup Look

Evening makeup looks call for high drama: a bit of shimmer, bright eyes that pop, and bold lips! Dark colors can
sometimes be harsh for the day but work well for the evening time. Though evening makeup looks can seem
difficult to achieve at first, there’s nothing to worry about. Here’s a stepwise guide for a glamorous yet simple
evening makeup look that will turn heads wherever you go.
Step 1: Begin with primer
Skin prep makes a huge difference in how your face makeup will sit on your face. Start with cleansing and
moisturizing your face and then apply a primer to blur large, open pores, help your makeup glide on smoothly,
and to make it long-lasting. The Maybelline Fit Me Primer will create a smooth canvas for the rest of your makeup
and give you a radiant evening party makeup look.
Step 2: Create a flawless base
The next step of your evening makeup is creating an even complexion. Dot your foundation all over your face and
neck for a seamless base. To ensure a smooth and non-streaky application, dab the foundation with a makeup
sponge or brush instead of sweeping it across. It is important to choose the right shade of foundation that
matches your skin tone and undertone and you can find your perfect shade match by using the Maybelline
Foundation Finder tool.

Step 3: Apply concealer
Using a concealer, brighten the high points of your face such as the
bridge of your nose, top of your cheekbones, and the center of your
forehead, and cover dark circles, acne scars, and blemishes. For a
natural, yet snatched look, apply the concealer using the facelifting
technique. Make sure you blend the concealer well, using a brush,
makeup sponge, or your fingertips, as the last thing you want to do is
attract attention to the spots you are trying to conceal.
Step 4: Sculpt your face
Add some definition to your evening makeup look by contouring your cheekbones and jawline. It is important to
blend the contour well so that your face makeup doesn’t look muddy. To take your simple evening makeup up a
notch, contour your nose with the Maybelline V-Face Duo Contour Stick and add sharpness to your final look.

Step 5: Color your cheeks
Give your skin a natural-looking rosiness with a pink or wine blush. Apply it on the apples of your cheeks to make
your skin look fresh and flushed. For a natural evening makeup, you can opt for shades such as peach or rose
from the Maybelline Fit Me Mono Blush collection.
Step 6: Put on some glow
Use a highlighter for your evening party makeup look and turn up the glam quotient. Begin by applying it on your
cheekbones in an upward motion, and then, apply it to the bridge and tip of your nose and on your cupid’s bow.
This will add a dazzling shine and glow to your skin.
Step 7: Let your eyes do the talking

Define your brows by brushing them out with a spoolie and then use an angled eyebrow pencil to fill them in. Try
the Maybelline New York’s Define & Blend Brow Pencil for some fine, natural-looking strokes. Next, use the
brightest shades from the Maybelline New City Mini Eyeshadow palette for vibrant eyes. Avoid using the exact
same shade of eyeshadow as your outfit as it will throw off the balance of your makeup look. Next, use eyeliner
or kajal or both to intensify the evening eye makeup. Finish it off with a few coats of waterproof mascara to your
lashes for a long-lasting effect.
Step 8: Fill in your lips
The final step to complete your evening makeup look is to add color to your lips. Start by using a lip balm to keep
your lips soft and hydrated all through the evening. If your lipstick always feathers or bleeds outside your natural
lip line, it’s time to add a lip liner to your daily makeup routine. Lip liners define the shape of your lips and give
your lips a crisp, clean outline that keeps your lipstick in place. Complete your lip makeup with a bold lipstick
shade to add a splash of color to your lips. If you’re not sure about the lip shade to use with the rest of your glam
evening makeup look, use the Maybelline Virtual Try-On tool to try different lipstick colors and textures virtually.
From soft creamy bullet lipsticks to bold, matte liquid lipsticks, you can play around with all the Maybelline lip
makeup products from the comfort of your own home and find a shade that flatters your complexion and ties the
makeup look together