Best Whitening Cream for Dry Skin

5. Fem de-tan Crème Bleach

When your face is extremely tanned, one natural product that is going to help you is orange peel. Well, that is
exactly what is added to the fem de-tan bleach. With the added nutrients of an orange peel, along with the smell,
this bleach becomes highly effective in helping you de-tan your face and lighten it in the process. It also reduces
the oil in your skin, thus maintaining a balance.

6. Nature’s Essence Fruit Fun Fairness bleach

This is a natural bleach cream which contains fruit nutrients of
strawberries and kiwi. It gives you a refreshed feel and replenishes your
skin in the process, giving it a lighter, more livelier tone.

7. Avon Naturals Herbal Bleach

With herbal nutrients infused within,
Avon Naturals herbal bleach is very
gentle on your face. It lightens your
facial hair and the skin tone of your face.

1. Is bleaching good for the face?

Yes, bleaching is good for the face since it
hides unwanted dark facial hair, and gives
your face and instant glow.

2. Is skin bleaching safe?

Like everything else, bleaching too is safe when done in moderation.
Bleaching your face frequently is a strict no-no since it would irritate your
skin, and cause redness, patchiness, and acne breakouts. Keep a gap of at least 15 days between your
bleaching sessions. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, use organic and natural face masks to fight the tanning,
dryness, and pigmentation.

3. How often should one bleach?It is advisable to bleach once in a month because using bleach very

often can thin down the skin. Frequent bleaching can also cause redness and acne breakouts. Follow a regular
face care regime to get healthy and flawless skin.

4. What are the things to look after while bleaching?

Some of the things to keep in mind are:
● Test the product on your arm before applying it on your face.
● Ensure that the ratio of face bleach and applicator is correct.
● Do not scrub the skin rigorously after bleaching.
● Do not apply bleach around eyes, lips and private parts of the body.
● Do not step out in the sunlight after applying bleach.
● Do not apply bleach during pregnancy.

5. Is skin bleaching permanent?

No, bleaching is not a permanent treatment. It is temporary and its effect wears off in 25-30 days from the date of
application. It is usually repeated every 30 days to ensure that one’s face is radiant, clean and free of tanning and

6. How can I make bleach at home?

To make natural bleach for face, you can try the following recipes:
a) Potato bleach

  • Peel and grate a potato.
  • Make a paste using rose water. (add honey if you have dry skin)
  • Apply and wash off when dry
    b) Cucumber bleach
  • Peel and grate a cucumber
  • Squeeze out the juice and mix aloe vera juice to it
  • Apply and wash off after some time.

7. What are the side effects of bleaching your skin?

It can lead to redness and patchy appearance. It can cause irritation and cause acne. Also. if you bleach your
skin very frequently, it can damage your skin from within and make it very thin and prone to tearing.
How To Choose The Best Bleach For The Face..
Choose a face bleach depending on your skin type and skin issues. Ideally, a facial bleach is recommended for

the following skin issues:
● Visible facial hair
● Suntan
● Pigmentation and dark spots
● Open pores
● High sebum production
Based on your skin problems, choose the right bleach that matches your skin type.
● Dry Skin: Go for an oil-based or soap-based bleach that does not dry out your skin.
● Sensitive Skin: Choose a milk-based bleach that does not irritate your skin. Also, look for
products with fewer chemicals.
● Mature Skin: Choose a facial bleach infused with anti-aging ingredients that help fade fine lines
and wrinkles.
● Normal Skin: Powder-based bleaches are perfect for normal skin.
Bleaches work wonders on your skin by fading dark spots and reducing suntan. They bring back the natural glow
of your face while addressing additional skin concerns. Now that you are aware of the best bleaches for the face
available in India, include any one of them in your skin care routine and say hello to glowing skin today!
How many times can we bleach our face?
It is recommended to bleach your face only once a month.
How to remove bleach from the face?
Wash your face with regular water that is at room temperature. If you are using a cleanser, use one with a mild