Dark Circle Treatment

  1. Orange juice, vitamin E oil, eating salmon, curbing salt and alcohol consumption, hydrating
    yourself, getting 8 hours of sleep, sleeping on your back, exercising, meditating, allergy medicines if

    required and moisturizing, moisturizing and moisturizing, are the many many ways you can treat
    your dark circles and reduce pigmentation around your eyes.
    All About Under-eye Creams To Remove Dark Circles- What To Look For
    Don’t want to get into the hassle of researching and trying on millions of possible fits? Instead, look for these
    ingredients in your eye-creams because using the right cream can make all the difference.
  2. Moisturize: Ingredients like glycerine and panthenol are good for soothing skin and locking moisture.
    You can also pump and lift the area around your eyes with the help of creams that have ceramides and
    hyaluronic acid.
  3. Brighten: You can brighten the area under your eyes and depuff the skin with the help of yeast
    extracts. Golden root, sugar beet and yeast combination can also soothe and depuffs the skin.
    Other ingredients like Vitamin C and kojic acid can also brighten the skin and help in under-eye
    pigmentation. For all you coffee and tea lovers, this is nothing related to you because you need to
    stop consuming it so much and instead start using products infused with green tea and caffeine,
    this may have temporary effects on your dark circles.
  1. Prevent thinning: Retinol increases cell turnover and collagen plumps and lifts the skin which helps
    in making it appear much healthier and nourishes the under-eye area.
    Remove Dark Circles With One Healthy Habit At a Time
    Smaller changes in your lifestyle can help you in the longer run. Follow these habits
    that every skin expert swears by:
    1.Sleep better with at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep to avoid exaggerating the
    appearance of dark circles. Sleep on your back with your head moderately elevated
    to minimize puffiness. Make use of the night mode in your phone all the time
    because it reduces UV rays that are known to cause disruptions in your natural
    sleep cycle.
  2. Put your health under a microscope. Smoking, passive smoke
    inhaling, being overweight, having triglyceride or high cholesterol only worsens
    things. Exercise, meditate and make some dietary changes to help this.
  3. Wearing sunscreen can help you avoid hyperpigmentation. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that
    does both UVB and UVA protection to the lashline and wear
    sunglasses. If you are also looking to cover those bad boys,
    invest in concealers that contain an SPF with a broad spectrum.
  4. Ice balls and cryo balls when kept in the freezer overnight and
    run over the skin can help with the puffiness, oxygenating and
    lightening it. It is also quite rejuvenating and a great way to relax.
  5. Use the right ingredient combination for skincare that suits your
    skin. Research and use the above-mentioned ingredients as a
    guide to starting with.
  1. Fake it till you make it. Use color-correction. If you see dark
    grey/blue undertones use a counteractive peachy concealer. If
    you see more red/ pink undertones, use a yellow base to neutralize.
  2. If that’s not working for you, go for subtle but light-reflective products that will do the trick by helping
    the light to bounce out from under and even on the inner corner of the eyes. But use a lightweight
    powder above it to not draw too much attention to the under-eye area.
    Invest In These Treatments To Remove Dark Circles
    A good skincare routine and a healthy lifestyle are all good but can still go for these treatments that improve the
    health of your under-eye area.
  3. Chemical peels not only treat dark circles but other pigmentation
    problems like age spots and melasma. This is especially good if you suffer from
    hyperpigmentation. Light peels can be used and they can help over a period of
    time. Some common peels that are used are mandelic lactic and glycolic acid.
    There can be some shedding of skin post-treatment, so it’s nothing to worry about
    if it happens with you. 2.Laser Treatments such as QS-Alexandrite, QS-Ruby,
    1550nm Fraxel, and 1064 Nd: YAG can be used near the eye since it’s quite
    vulnerable to injury. It may require a few courses to make it better.
  4. Microneedling prompts the skin cells to get into repair mode which in turn prompts lightening of the
    dark pigments. If combined with chemical peels, this can increase the penetration and activity of the
    peel. Redness and swelling are common after the procedure.
  5. Tear trough filler can be used to better the appearance of lower eyelid dark circles. Hyaluronic acid
    filler injections (like Restylane or Juvederm) will help by re-plumping the area and pushing the skin
    up and away from the blood vessels.

FAQs on dark circles
Q. Are dark circles under the eyes hereditary?
A. The appearance of dark circles could be due to a variety of reasons – nutritional deficiencies, fatigue, or
allergies. But the most common cause is that they are hereditary. Often, the genes passed down from parents
are the leading cause for many.
Q. Is aloe vera gel good for eye bags and wrinkles?
A. If there’s one product that works effectively for both eye bags and wrinkles, it’s aloe vera gel. A storehouse of
essential vitamins, namely vitamin E, C, B12 and A, aloe vera gel is also known for its anti-inflammatory, and
anti-ageing properties, which helps you combat pesky under-eye bags and wrinkles.
Q. Are there any medications or treatments for this?
A. Vitamin C supplements are effective in dealing with wrinkles and eye bags. The vitamin aids in the making of
collagen, which improves skin elasticity, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Treatment for this condition
should be based on the factor causing it. If it is due to an allergic reaction to something, anti-allergy medicines
should be consumed. If the factor causing it is linked to genes, then treatments like under-eye fillers can be
considered, which add volume to the under-eye bag, helping it transition better to the cheek. A doctor should be
consulted before any medication or treatment is considered.
Q. How long does it take to remove dark circles?
A. The nature of the dark circles determines how long it will take to reduce them. If they are caused due to fatigue
or lack of sleep, adequate sleep will help solve the problem in a couple of weeks. For more stubborn dark circles,
continuous treatment and changes in diet and lifestyle should show a change.
Q. What is a good eye care routine?
A. A good, hydrating moisturizer goes a long way in keeping the skin around your eyes well-nourished and
healthy, and should always be part of your eye care routine. Despite moisturizers advocating the inclusion of SPF
in their formula, it is better to opt for a separate sunscreen, especially because the skin around your eyes is
doubly sensitive compared to the rest of your face. There’s no denying the beauty of eye makeup, but if not
removed properly, it causes more harm than good. Most makeup removers are too harsh for this part of your face
and can lead to irritation and dryness. Instead of chemicals, opt for baby oil, or olive oil, as a gentler (and more
nourishing) alternative to removing your eye makeup. Lastly, but most importantly, good sleep (in terms of quality
of sleep, and not just number of hours clocked in) staying hydrated, and regulation of salt in your diet is also key
in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and eye bags.