Water Proof Makeup for Monsoon

Looking For A Humid Monsoon Makeup Tips? Get Sweat-Proof Makeup Tips Here
Monsoons are the most joyous months of the year but humidity and moisture weather takes all the happiness
away. Humidity often wreaks havoc on our makeup and makes it look so sticky and cakey. As we tend to sweat
during the day hours, the makeup looks to be slipping off our skin which gives a very demeaning look to our
overall personality. That is why you must shift yourself from conventional makeup to waterproof makeup so that
your makeup doesn’t look patchy and smudged.
Keep The Base Of The Face Clean During Monsoon
Before applying makeup to your skin, make sure you are wiping your face with wet wipes or else washing your
face gently with a good quality face wash. This would help the makeup to last longer as it will be on a clean base.
Whereas, if you apply makeup on a moisturized, oily and sticky base, the chances are that your makeup would
look patchy.
Must do: “Do splash water sprinkles on your face after your makeup is complete. Why? Because it helps to
maintain freshness and blot away the excess sebum or moisture from your skin.”
Make A Habit Of Using A Primer

Before applying makeup, you need to prepare your skin with a matte-based primer. This not just smoothens the
texture of your skin but also helps the foundation to get settled on your skin.
Why Should A Primer Be Used Before Makeup?
It is because it helps to fill the empty pores of the skin and keeps the makeup in place.
Don’t Forget To Sprinkle A Setting Spray
Setting sprays are useful after makeup as it provides your skin with the right amount of hydration it needs.
Applying makeup clogs the pores of the skin, so to provide your skin with some breathing space, some sort of
hydration is required, which comes in the form of a setting spray.
“The Trick Of Applying A Setting Spray: An Ideal Way To Apply A Setting Spray Is To Place The Spray At Your
Arm’s Length And Spray It Slowly To Your Face. Do Not Overuse It. Let It Dry For 2-3 Minutes.”
How Do You Take Care Of Your Hair During The Monsoon?
● Use The Oil Twice A Week
Choose the appropriate Ayurvedic hair oil for your Prakriti
and massage your scalp and hair with heated oil at least
twice a week. This improves blood flow to your hair follicles,
which helps to nourish your hair from within. Oiling also
prevents your hair from becoming unruly and frizzy during
the monsoon season by naturally deep-conditioning it. Hair
oils containing Ayurvedic components such as neem, tea
tree, aloe vera, and others have natural anti-inflammatory
and anti-microbial characteristics that help you battle
different scalp illnesses while strengthening your hair roots
throughout the rainy season.

Ayurvedic hair oils with herbs
like amla, Brahmi, and bhringraj also nourish your scalp.
They have a calming impact on the roots of your hair and
promote healthy hair regeneration. These natural herbs are
critical in restoring dosha equilibrium to your imbalanced system.
● It Is Mandatory To Wash Your Hair After It Has Rained
When you get soaked in the rain, the acidity of the rainwater trapped in your hair might induce a pH imbalance in
your scalp, worsening Kapha dosha. This causes your sebaceous glands to create an excessive amount of
sebum, making your scalp oily and greasy and enticing germs to feast on it. As a result, make it obligatory to
completely wash your hair with an Ayurvedic shampoo once it comes into touch with rainfall.
● Maintain A Dry Hairstyle
● During the monsoons, it’s critical to keep your scalp and hair dry. Remember that your hair is at
its weakest when it is damp. If you’re going during the rainy season, bring the necessary
accouterments with you, such as umbrellas, caps, and scarves. If your hair is wet, don’t tie it
up; instead, let it air dry naturally as quickly as possible. After that, take a long shower with
Ayurvedic hair cleaners to remove the collected rain residues.
● Consume A Healthy Diet

● The cold temperature during the monsoons may make you crave spicy, oily, and crispy cuisine.
However, these meals will exacerbate your hair and scalp issues. It is critical to avoid junk food
during the monsoon season to keep your doshas balanced. Consider a diet rich in vitamins A,
B, C, D, E, K, proteins, and minerals such as iron, zinc, and others, while choosing foods
depending on your Ayurveda Prakriti. Salads, flax seeds, leafy greens, sprouts, and seasonal
vegetables and fruits should all be included in your diet regularly. Also, drink plenty of water
throughout the day to stay hydrated.
Final Takeaway
This blog covered everything, beginning right from why
waterproof makeup is beneficial to discussing brief points
about the tips and techniques for sweat-proof makeup tips.
We hope that till now; you must have understood that
applying everything in large amounts won’t work in the humid
season but applying the right thing would do. Go easy on
makeup and use sweat-proof makeup the next time you go
out in a humid environment