Understanding  Fractions

Understanding  Fractions

To dived the measuring tapes into inches, various  fractions are used on the measuring tape (1/16, ⅛, ¼, ½  etc)  the figure indicates the various fractions of an inch of measurement

Conversion of Inches to centimetres

The below image and conversion table will help us understand how to convert inches into centimetres and centimetres into inches

1inch =2..54 cms

2 inch =2..54 cms x 2

3 inch= 2..54 cms x 3

Industry Visit

The purpose of visiting a tailor shop/boutique is to get hands on knowledge about various processes involved in the work of a tailor During the visit you have to interact with Tailors and owner of the shop to understand how work is done in a tailor shop/boutique Make sure that you keep a notebook handy and note down any important points that come up during your interaction at the tailor shop/boutique When you go to an tailor shop/boutique you should

Understand the different size chart comparison tables

Know the different terms used in size charts

Understand the difference between US UK European and Australian size charts.

Analyse how a tailor take measurements of man, woman and a child.

Ask questions to Tailors/shop owners if you have any query