Makeup for Green Dresses

Best Makeup Tips for Green dresses
You have decided to wear a green dress for your prom or a big fat wedding? or even for a friend’s wedding or a
party or may be for an event. Now, the dress is chosen, yet you’re still confused about the makeup look, you will
be going with that gorgeous green dress of yours. Worry not dearies! In today’s post, we’ll share some of the best
makeup ideas which you can pair with your green attire. Green is a cool color with the ability to brighten your skin
complexion. Imagine, when you are fair, dusky or medium skinned women, a gorgeous green complements the
skin color and won’t make you look darker or extremely light. It’s a color of prosperity and unlike blue, women of
all colors can wear it.
How to do makeup with Green Dress for a party
Having said that, green color is available to us in a variety of different
shades like lime green, medium green, grass green, olive green, sea
green, dark green or even an emerald green. Based on that, let’s check
out which are the different makeup looks that women should go for with
green colored dresses.

  1. Face Makeup
    For the face, it is always good that you have a good flawless skin. For a
    green dress, the idea is to make the skin look polished and smoother. A
    bit of blemishes etc are still fine but a heavy cakey looking makeup with
    green dress for the day time is a strict NO NO. Reason for this is that
    when you go heavy with unnecessary makeup it looks a tad bad with greens. On the other hand for black dress
    the heavy base can still look good and for the red dress as well.
    ● Try using a sheer light foundation and cover the under eye circles. This will give a better skin than
    ● You can apply the foundation in dots and blend that using your finger or a foundation brush. We like
    to use foundation brushes as that gives a good finish.
    ● So, once the foundation and concealer is done, set that up with loose powder.
  1. ● Now let’s move to the eye makeup idea. 2. Eye makeup
    You may not use blue eyeshadow with a blue dress freely without thinking
    much, but green eye makeup with a green party dress can never look bad.
    In fact, it is a very beautiful pair.
    You may have noticed at our article, where we discussed about the makeup
    with blue dresses, we said that it is good to try a navy blue, brown or black
    eye shadow make up with your blue dress, however, with green dresses,
    you can go for green eyeshadows with some browns and blacks showing
    up on the crease. Moreover, green eye makeup looks so complimenting
    with your green clothing.
    How to do green eye makeup:
    ● Apply a base or primer to prime and even tone the eyelids.
    ● Take some green eye shadow on the applicator brush, and apply it on the eyelids.
    ● Take a blending brush and take 2-3 shades lighter green eye shade and apply on the crease area.
    ● Mix a little black if you do not have a darker green color.
    ● Apply eyeliner as per your choice but do not use a green eyeliner over green shadow .
    ● Apply mascara and you’re done.their eye shadow makeup that are considered wonderful to pair with
    your green dresses are the ever green smokey black eyes, soft brown, kohl rimmed eye makeup. Or
    even a gold and bronze makeup for eyes looks great for the evening.
  1. Lip Makeup
    Lip colors should be chosen carefully while wearing green dresses. Having said that,
    the color of the dress and the color of the lipstick shade should compliment others that
    can look out of place. Clearly, the best lipstick shades that look beautiful with your
    green dress will be corals, pinks, peachy colors, deep red or even strawberry red.
    These lipstick colors should be chosen as per your skin tone or complexion. Honestly, we would also agree that
    when it comes to makeup, there are no hard and fast rules. Makeup is an art and there’s so much scope as per
    your choice. The suggestions are just the basics of what looks good when paired together. That’s it !! 🙂
    When you’re wearing dark lipsticks with a dark green dress, you should always line the lips. It brings more
    definition to your lips and also makes your lipsticks stay all day!
    Secondly, you can also try a glossy soft pink, corally or even a glossy orange toned gloss with a medium green or
    lime green dress. You can also try it for sea green dresses.
  2. Cheeks or Blush
    For evening makeup, you may try a bronzer with the green clothing or for the day time try a soft light peachy
    color. This will just adds a natural flush but will not be visible much,
    A light pink can also be tried. Apply a highlighting color as well for your party look. For evening makeup a
    highlighter over the cheeks and brow bone works like a charm.
    Celebrity Inspired Green Dress Makeup Looks
    Now, it’s time to share some celebrity makeup looks for the green red carpet
  1. Bold Lips
    A deep red with a soft blush and low on eyes
    makes this look very stunning. The medium
    green dress makes the red lips pop and both
    stand out. You too can try soft makeup with
    bold lips like this.
  2. Aishwarya Rai
    She has paired her deep red oxblood lip color with a sea greenish dress. Did
    you notice how she incorporated green in her eye makeup? This is what we
    were talking about. The green eyes with green dress is a lovely combination.
    But as her lips are dark she chose to keep the green on the eyes to just a pop
    over the lower lashline. Well, its sea green actually, but you got the point,
    Right? 7. Medium Green Dress
    This bright green dress is beautiful and so does her eye shadow. The green-blue eye shadow without the eyeliner
    looks perfect with her dress. The missing eyeliner and a light gloss on the lips actually help to make the eye
    shadow and the dress get all the attention. You should surely try this out
  3. Mila Kunis:- Mila Kunis opted for a soft brown eye look with a peachy gloss with her emerald green
    dress! We are totally bowled over with her look here. She looks fresh and stunning here, well, she indeed is!
  4. Smokey Black Eye Makeup
    Here, you’ll notice that the smokey black eye makeup is paired with the
    neutral lip color. Smoky eyes look great with a green dress. Actually it’s a
    very evening perfect look which a lot of women can try depending on their
    dress color.
    These were the beautiful makeup ideas with green dress that you must try!
    Also, these makeup for green dress can be done for a party or your first
    date. Where and how you’ll try these is totally up to you girls, and we are
    sure with the right makeup, dress and skills, you’ll shine like a star