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Dahi Ke Kabab Recipe | Hung Curd Dahi Paneer Cutlet – Tea Time Snack

dahi ke kabab recipe | dahi ke cutlet | dahi ke kebab | hung curd kabab with detailed photo and video recipe. an extremely simple and creamy cutlet patties recipe prepared with yoghurt and crumbled paneer. it is an excellent party starter or appetiser snack recipe which has a crisp and flaky texture on the outside and is moist and creamy on the inside. it is typically served with a spicy green or mint chutney but can also be served as it is without any particular sides to it.

dahi ke kabab recipe | dahi ke cutlet | dahi ke kebab | hung curd kabab with step by step photo and video recipe. kabab or cutlet recipes are one of the popular or sought after snack recipes across India. it is typically prepared with potatoes or a combination of vegetables which would provide an ideal texture and taste to these cutlets. however, it can also be made with wet ingredients and hung curd kabab or dahi cutlet is one such popular snack known for its creamy texture.

well, to be honest, I am a big fan of cutlet recipes, especially the mixed veg cutlet served with spicy coconut chutney. however, I am a die-hard fan of this dahi ke cutlet. especially the combination of paneer and moisture-free yoghurt makes an amazing combination. it just melts in your mouth, yet it has that crunchiness from the breadcrumbs. I typically prepare these patties and store them in the freezer and deep fry these in hot oil whenever I need this. freezing in the refrigerator helps, to set the cutlet with all the moisture absorbed. you may follow the same way, or perhaps prepare it and freeze them for 30 minutes just before deep frying. you may either serve it with a choice of spicy condiments as shown in this video post, or any spicy ketchup should be just fine.

furthermore, some more additional tips, suggestions and variants to the dahi ke kabab recipe. firstly, the yoghurt or curd used in this recipe has to be moisture-free of hung curd. you may perhaps buy full cream thick greek yoghurt or you use homemade one. either way, you need to hang it for 2-3 hours in a cloth so that all moisture is drained. secondly, I have added paneer crumble with hung curd and this should help to absorb the moisture. however, you may also add boiled potatoes for the same purpose and also for texture. lastly, you may need to be careful while deep frying these fritters as they may ooze out or explode. deep fry these in small batches and deep fry them in hot oil and remove immediately once it changes their colour.

spring rolls recipe | veg spring roll recipe | veg roll with spring roll sheet

spring rolls recipe | veg spring roll recipe | veg roll with spring roll sheet with detailed photo and video recipe. an easy, tasty and a crispy snack recipe made with mixed vegetable stuffing wrapped in thin translucent roll sheets. it is a non-native vegetarian snack recipe inherited from the asian cuisine but has been widely accepted. these are generally served as a starter or appetiser before any indo chinese meal, but can also be served next to samosa or pakora for any party and occasions.

spring rolls recipe | veg spring roll recipe | veg roll with spring roll sheet with step by step photo and video recipe. asian or indo chinese snacks are very popular among indian audience for its spicy and flavorful taste. these are generally made with a combination of sauces like soy, chilli tomato and vinegar. but there are some other types of deep-fried snacks and veg spring roll recipe is one such crispy and tasty snacks known for its lip-smacking taste and flavour.

previously i had posted this recipe of veg spring roll with a store-bought spring roll sheet. things are very easy with store-bought sheets as you have to just focus on the stuffing part. also, the end product comes out in no time with a restaurant-style look. however, i was getting a lot of requests for a homemade spring roll sheet recipe too with spring rolls recipe. hence i thought to recreate it with a sheet too. so basically i have chosen the thin batter way for the spring roll sheet.

there are other ways too, like kneading and rolling it to thin sheets. but i personally felt poring a thin batter to hot tawa is much easier than using a rolling pin to roll it. also for the sheets, i have used the combination of plain flour and cornflour, to make it more silky and flexible. some even prepare it with just plain flour, but for me, it did not work.

furthermore, i would also like to add some more additional tips, suggestions and variants to spring rolls recipe. firstly, the stuffing is ideally made with a combination of finely chopped vegetables as per your preference. but ensure to make them dice thinly and finely. otherwise, it may damage the sheets while folding. secondly, the stuffing may not necessarily have to be vegetables and you can use the combination of meat and vegetables too. however, the meat has to be minced and tenderised so that it can be easily wrapped and stuffed. lastly, while deep frying some may break and the stuffing may come out. do not panic as it may be due to the folding or the maida paste as the glue is not applied properly.

paneer tikka recipe | recipe of paneer tikka on tawa | dry paneer tikka

paneer tikka recipe | recipe of paneer tikka on tawa | dry paneer tikka with detailed photo and video recipe. a popular paneer recipe prepared from marinating paneer chunks with spices and yogurt and grilled in a tandoor or tawa. it is an adapted recipe from the popular chicken tikka recipe for non meat eaters or paneer lovers.

paneer tikka recipe | recipe of paneer tikka on tawa | dry paneer tikka with step by step by step photo and video recipe. a popular veg starers or appetizer recipe which is heavily popular in india and also other south east asian countries. basically this in dry version of paneer tikka which is served as party starters. however the gravy version of paneer masala tikka is also hugely popular and is served with roti and chapathi’s.

certainly it cannot match the moist result of paneer tikka cooked in a clay oven or tandoor. but this recipe is for those who want to fulfil the crave for tikka’s in most economical way in their own kitchen. being a huge fan of paneer recipes and tikka recipes, i prepare this way quite frequently. i even tried preparing the dry paneer tikka in normal baking oven. however i always fall back to my tawa because of smoky flavour it has to offer.

furthermore, some important tips and recommendations for a perfect dry paneer tikka recipe. firstly, i have used homemade paneer chunks for this recipe and i made sure to prepare it on harder side. this because the paneer may loose it shape during the marination and grilling. alternatively you can also use store bought paneer and ask for slightly harder paneer from your grocer. in addition, i have added besan to the curd and spice mix so that gravy becomes thicker and sticky and easily sticks to veggies and paneer cubes. lastly, do not overload the veggies and paneer to skewers and keep it 2-3 paneer chunks in each skewer.

tandoori gobi recipe | tandoori gobhi | tandoori cauliflower tikka

andoori gobi recipe | tandoori gobhi | tandoori cauliflower tikka with detailed photo and video recipe. an easy and flavoured snack recipe made with gobi florets and marinated spices. the recipe is an extension to the popular paneer tikka or even chicken tikka recipe as it is made very similar to those. it can be served as a snack by itself or it can be mixed with a curry to make tandoori gobi sabji recipe.

tandoori gobi recipe | tandoori gobhi | tandoori cauliflower tikka with step by step photo and video recipe. tandoori recipes have become a national food across india. these are generally made with meat or paneer and served as either starters or appetizers before any lunch or dinner. but it can also be made with other vegetables and mimic the same recipe and tandoori gobi recipe is one such popular spicy and flavoured alternative.

as i previously mentioned, this recipe is just a mimic of the popular meat-based tikka recipe. i even do not consider paneer tikka an authentic recipe and all the vegetables and paneer based tikka are meat or particularly chicken tikka alternative. having said that, the vegetarian alternative has garnered a lot of attention in the vegetarian community. these days it is been made in almost all vegetables. basically, you make the tikka marination and all almost any vegetables to it. tandoori gobi is also derived in the same way. and the marinated gobi florets is dipped in the yoghurt and spice mixture and barbecued in tawa/tandoor or even in a grill. i make these and use it in a curry or even in my chapathi roll but it is an open ended snack.

furthermore, i would like to highlight some of the tips, suggestions and even variations to tandoori gobi recipe. firstly, i always recommended to use a fresh and firm gobi or cauliflower. in addition, while chopping the gobi, you need to have medium to large size gobi florets. secondly, you need to marinate the florets as much as possible before you start cooking with it. to hasten the process you can marinate the previous day and cook when required. lastly, in this recipe, i have used tawa to grill the marinated gobi. you can use other popular options like oven or grill or whatever is comfortable for you.

veg pizza recipe | veggie pizza recipe | vegetable pizza recipe

veg pizza recipe | veggie pizza recipe | vegetable pizza recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. pizza is a flat bread which is prepared with all purpose flour and fermented with yeast. it is typically topped with mozzarella cheese, pizza tomato sauce and other vegetarian pizza toppings. pizza can be consumed as snack, but not limited for lunch and dinner too.

veg pizza recipe | veggie pizza recipe | vegetable pizza recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. traditionally a italian cuisine recipe but very well popular all over the world. there are several variations and varieties of pizza recipe. however this recipe is simple veg pizza recipe with yeast and baked in oven. the toppings can be changed as per the preference and even meat can be added for meat eaters.

i have already shared the pizza recipe on tawa for all readers who does not have oven in home. also, the pizza dough was prepared with baking soda and powder as compared to this recipe which i have prepared with yeast.  also, i have added mushroom in this recipe as compared to the previous one. mushroom haters can easily skip it if you do not wish too. also slices of pineapple, basil leaves and even broccoli and roasted garlic can also be added.

this recipe was long due from me as one of my reader had requested it long back. well, to be honest this is my third attempt of veg pizza recipe with yeast as previously i was not satisfied with the result. i prefer to have thin crust pizza, and in my previous 2 attempts i was not able to achieve it. hence i would say this is a tried and tested recipe and less likely to go wrong. also, the other most important take away from my previous attempt was to with cheese toppings. because i have topped my pizza with 5 different vegetables, i would recommend to add cheese after vegetables topping. this would ensure the vegetables to be cooked properly. if you are topping with just 1-2 vegetables, cheese can be added well ahead in advance.

mushroom tikka recipe | how to make mushroom tikka on tawa

mushroom tikka recipe | how to make mushroom tikka on tawa with detailed photo and video recipe. an easy and economical recipe for preparing the restaurant style tandoori mushroom tikka recipe. traditionally the tikka recipes are prepared in tandoor and hence it is mentioned as tandoori tikka recipes. however in this recipe, the tikka is prepared on tawa / grill which should have the same result, flavour and taste.

mushroom tikka recipe | how to make mushroom tikka on tawa with step by step photo and video recipe. tikka recipes are always ideal party starters or entree appetisers recipes for any occasions. mushrrom tikka is one such recipe, prepared with marinated button mushrooms with other diced vegetables like capsicum and onions. it is best served with dahi mint chutney or green chutney but can also be eaten without any dips.

i have always been a huge fan of paneer recipes and i personally love paneer tikka recipe. but my husband has a different taste preference and he like tandoori mushroom tikka recipe for his starters. so whenever we plan our outdoor dinners, tikka recipes are always on the order menu. so basically if we order mushroom tikka recipe as starter then, we end up having paneer tikka masala recipe for mains. similarly the other way if we are in mood to have paneer in starters and mushroom in mains. we have been following this practice for a quite a long time now and to be honest i have started liking mushroom tikka as well. especially the combination of tender spiced mushrooms with mint chutney is just heaven.

some important tips, variations and recommendations for a perfect moist and tender mushroom tikka recipe. firstly, the marination process is very critical and i would heavily recommend to marinate minimum of 30 mins to 60 mins for best result. also you can mix and match with both mushroom and paneer to prepare a combination of starters. secondly, use small button mushrooms as compared to large shaped mushrooms. small one should be easy while frying / grilling on tawa / grill. lastly, you can also bake the mushroom skewers on a traditional baking oven to have the similar taste and flavour from tandoori oven. you should be good to bake it for 45-50 minutes in a preheated oven. make sure to turn the skewers on a regular interval so that it bakes evenly.

vegetable chop recipe | veg chop recipe | bengali veg cutlet recipe

vegetable chop recipe | veg chop recipe | bengali veg cutlet recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. a traditional and a unique kolkatta snack recipe made with mix vegetables with beetroot particularly. it has a strong resemblance to the vegetable cutlet recipe but is unique with its set of the ingredients list. it is an ideal evening snack which can also be extended as a party starter or appetizer.

vegetable chop recipe | veg chop recipe | bengali veg cutlet recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. cutlet recipes are very common across india and are generally prepared with either combination of veggies or meat. the bengali cuisine has its own variation and it is referred as vegetable chop recipe. it is prepared with a combination of veggies, but beetroot has significant importance.

as i mentioned earlier, it has striking similarities with the indian veg cutlet recipe. but vegetable chop recipe has a lot of difference with the ingredients list and the way the cutlet is prepared and shaped. the first and visible difference is the usage of boiled beetroot, which not only gives a dark red colour but also flavour and sweetness to this snack. in addition, the crushed peanuts or ground nuts are mixed with the vegetable mixture before shaping and deep frying. adding peanuts gives it a crunchy texture and taste to it, and eventually improving the eating experience. further, the coating is always done with bread crumbs as compared to cutlet recipe which can also be done via crushed corn flakes or even semolina.

furthermore, some easy and important tips and suggestions for a perfect vegetable chop recipe. firstly, and i strongly recommend to mash the veggies like beetroot, carrot and potatoes once they are boiled completely. do not add any water to veggies while pressure cooking/steaming, else they tend to absorb water and turn vegetable mix mushy. secondly, once the vegetable mixture is shaped, it is generally washed with cornflour + plain flour coating with an egg wash. as i do not have egg in my recipes, and hence i have not used in this recipe. but if you are ok with egg wash, then please go ahead with it. lastly, the cutlet can also be shallow fried and pan fried as an alternative to deep frying. in addition, it can also be baked at 180 degree celcius for 15 minutes or until it turns crisp.

noodle momos recipe | veg noodles momos recipe | veg momos recipe

noodle momos recipe | veg noodles momos recipe | veg momos recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. basically a steamed bun or dumpling recipe with veg noodles stuffing / maggi stuffing. it can be served as a snack with masala chai or as starters before main course.

noodle momos recipe | veg noodles momos recipe | veg momos recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. a fusion of traditional tibetan / nepalese recipe with maggi noodles with its taste maker. momos are one of the popular fast food recipe of north eastern part of india and also nepal and tibet. it is ideally served with hot chili sauce or momos chutney recipes.

typically, the outer cover of momos are prepared by all purpose flour which is then stuffed with veggies or meat stuffing. these days even wheat momos are popular but traditionally it was always prepared with maida flour. maida has more gluten compared to wheat and it makes easy to give the desired shape and structure to momos. in short the maida dough is rolled to small circular thin sheets and the maggi noodles stuffing is placed in center. later, the circular thin sheets are pleated to round pocket which is then cooked by steaming.

besides maggi noodles stuffing, it can also be prepared with several other stuffing. the most famous momos vegetarian recipe is veggie momos recipe prepared with only vegetables. but the momos can also be prepared with boiled mashed potatoes to make aloo momos. the other most famous momos recipe in vegetarian section is paneer momos which is a combination of finely chopped vegetables and grated paneer. lastly, sweet momos can also be prepared with milk solids or koya.

                Chicken Satay

Satay, considered to be a national dish of Indonesia, is a popular Southeast Asian street food that usually involves a marinated meat being skewered and grilled, then served with a simple saucy dip. Depending on the region, there are countless variations of satay, with different kinds of meats, marinades, spices, and even skewer material. 

We’re using flavorful chicken thigh meat here, but you can substitute anything from breast meat, to pork or beef, or even tofu and vegetables, though cooking times will vary. And that peanut sauce? Absolutely essential to the eating experience. It’s the ultimate wingman to satay, containing all the fragrant notes of lemongrass, coconut, fish sauce, and fresh lime zest.

Just a word of advice: use tongs to toss together the chicken and turmeric, unless having yellow-stained hands has always been a secret dream of yours.

If you’ve made this recipe, drop us a line down below in the comments and let us know how it went! Now that you’ve got that grill fired up, check out our other grilling ideas.

Editor’s Note: This introduction to this recipe was updated on November 4, 2020 to include more information about the dish.


This restaurant-style Chicken 65 is a spicy, deep-fried starter snack, appetizer, or a full meal served with naan! It’s marinated in yogurt, spices, and curry leaves for 24 hours so it’s deeply flavorful and aromatic.

Chicken 65 is a spicy, deep-fried Indian chicken dish which is served as an appetizer or entrée. The flavor mainly comes from red chilis and curry leaves. It can be eaten as a snack, shared amongst friends. It can also be enjoyed as a whole meal with roti or naan.

The way it’s prepared varies greatly by region, with the most notable versions being Andhra-style and Hyderabadi-style. In these variants, the Chicken 65 gravy is made by using yogurt after frying the chicken with chilis, instead of in the marinade. Many variants also have flares of Indo-Chinese flavors, with added soy sauce, egg, and ketchup. This chicken starter reminds me so much of Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken!

One of my favorite desi chicken dishes is Chicken 65 for it’s robust flavor and deep red color. This seems to be a running pattern with popular Indian chicken dishes, i.e. butter chicken, chicken tikka masala, and tandoori chicken are all vibrantly red! I especially love the quirky origin story surrounding this dish.

There are several ways to make Chicken 65, the most popular styles being Hyderbadi, Andhra, and Indo-Chinese. This is the style I’ve seen at most restaurants. The chicken is deep fried after it’s marinated in yogurt, ginger, garlic, curry leaves, and spices. It’s then tossed in a dry spicy tadka for additional color and extra crisp. Let’s not forget my favorite part – the delicious, crunchy curry leaves in the tadka.

It’s great for sharing with friends over beers for a game day snack. Or, my favorite, with fresh fluffy naan, red onions, and a yogurt-based sauce to counteract the heat.