Glitter Eyeshadow

Use Of Glitter
Glitter is used in cosmetics to make the face and nails shiny or sparkly. Additionally, it is commonly used in arts
and crafts to color, accessorize and texture items. The small, brightly colored particles often stick to clothing, skin,
and furniture, and can be difficult to remove. It is also used on optically variable inks.
12 Best Glitter Eyeshadows For A Glamorous Eye Makeup

  1. UCANBE Twilight Dust+Aromas Palette
    The UCANBE Twilight Dust palette has 18 shades, with 7 shimmer eyeshadows, 1 pure metallic glitter
    eyeshadow, and 10 smooth, highly-pigmented matte shades in vibrant purples, ochres, and soft sandy
    nude-tones. The shimmer shades are soft and can be easily layered and built up. The Aromas palette contains
    10 highly-pigmented mattes, 4 reflective shades, 2 glitter eyeshadows,1 pressed pearl glimmer, and 1 concealer
    base shade. The formula is buttery soft, blendable, and buildable. These eyeshadows are waterproof and
    long-lasting. They do not fall out and have a stunning, reflective shine. You can use the whole palette to create a
    monochromatic glitter glam or use the other matte shades to create a smokey eye with a hint of glitter for a more
    day-time or wearable look.
    ● 2 palettes
    ● Smooth and buttery
    ● Highly pigmented
    ● Blendable
    ● Buildable
    ● No fallouts
    ● Waterproof and long-lasting
    ● Affordable
  2. Docolor Glitter Eyeshadow Palette
    The Docolor Glitter Eyeshadow Palette contains 15 shades of various warm-toned colors. These are richly
    pigmented and contain cosmetic-grade glitter. They are smooth and velvety soft to the touch. The sparkles stay
    all day long and are comfortable to be worn on the eyes. These can be blended easily and layered on top of
    other glitter, shimmer, or matte eyeshadows. The formula is made of safe ingredients. You do not need a primer
    or glitter glue. These colors are waterproof and long-lasting. The eyeshadow palette also comes with a mirror for
    convenience and easy application on the go Pros
    ● Richly pigmented
    ● Cosmetic-grade glitter
    ● Smooth and velvety soft
    ● Stay all day long
    ● Comfortable
    ● Blend easily
    ● Made of safe ingredients
    ● No primer or glitter glue needed
    ● Waterproof
    ● Long-lasting
    ● Comes with a mirror
    ● Affordable
  3. Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow
    The Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow is a luxurious and brilliantly long-wearing liquid
    sparkle eye shadow. This liquid glitter eyeshadow is the perfect mix of pearl and glitter that decorates your eyes
    with superb luster and shimmer. It does not require any glitter glue, and has a smooth and soft texture. The
    doe-foot applicator is perfect for taking out enough product and placing it on top of the eyelid. You can use your
    fingertips or a clean brush to blend out the glitter. It is uniquely lightweight and glides effortlessly. It dries down
    smoothly, locking in maximum sparkle and minimum fallout. It is available in 12 elegant shades and is suitable for
    mature eyelids as well. Pros
    ● Long-wearing
    ● Perfect mix of pearl and glitter
    ● No glitter glue needed
    ● Smooth, soft texture
    ● Doe-foot applicator
    ● Blendable
    ● Pigmented
    ● No fallouts
    ● Lightweight
    ● Glides effortlessly
    ● Dries down smoothly
    ● Seals maximum sparkle
    ● Suitable for mature eyelids
  1. Cleof The Original Mermaid Glitter Eyeshadow Palette
    The Original Mermaid Glitter Eyeshadow Palette by Cleof contains 32 shades with 21 glitter eye shadows, 6
    shimmers, and 5 mattes. The beautiful combination of pressed glitter, mattes, and shimmers help create
    versatile, pretty, and bold looks. All the colors are blendable. They are soft and long-lasting. This palette is great
    for parties. The Cleof non-toxic glitter makeup is cosmetic-grade and does not scratch or irritate the skin. It is
    suitable for all skin types. The eyeshadow is not tested on animals. Pros
    ● Blendable
    ● Soft
    ● Long-lasting
    ● Great for parties
    ● Non-toxic
    ● Waterproof
    ● Cosmetic-grade glitter
    ● No skin irritation
    ● Suitable for all skin types
    ● Not tested on animals
  2. DE’LANCI Pressed Glitter Eyeshadow Palette
    The DE’LANCI Pressed Glitter Eyeshadow Palette is a gorgeous-looking
    24-color glitter and shimmer palette. These pressed powder glitter
    eyeshadows are richly pigmented and blendable. These do not move from
    the place when applied over an eyeshadow primer. They are long-lasting,
    do not fall out, and are waterproof. The glitter is cosmetic-grade and does
    not irritate the skin. You can also apply this glitter makeup to your lips and
    cheeks. The eyeshadow is vegan.
    ● Richly pigmented
    ● Blendable
    ● Does not budge
    ● Long-lasting
    ● No fallouts
    ● Waterproof
    ● Cosmetic-grade
    ● No skin irritation
    ● Can be applied on lips and cheeks
    ● Vegan
    ● Affordable
  3. UCANBE Pro Glitter Eyeshadow Palette
    The UCANBE Pro Glitter Eyeshadow Palette contains 16 professional fine-pressed and chunky glitter
    eyeshadows. These pressed fine glitter eyeshadows are soft and velvety. They can be used alone or mixed with
    a matte eyeshadow for a more pigmented hue and a 3D effect. The chunky glitter is available in fuschia, ocean
    blue, green, and pearl shades. These glitters have a hint of other shades for a duo-chrome and holographic
    effect. All the shades can be applied on the lid without a primer or glue. The formula is cruelty-free and is suitable
    for sensitive skin. These eyeshadows are highly pigmented, waterproof, and long-lasting. The chunky glitter can
    be removed easily with a makeup remover. These can also be applied to the lips and cheeks. Pros
    ● Soft and velvety
    ● Duo-chrome and holographic effects
    ● Cruelty-free
    ● Suitable for sensitive skin
    ● Highly pigmented
    ● Waterproof
    ● Long-lasting
    ● Can be removed with a makeup remover
    ● Can be applied on lips and cheeks
    ● Has a mirror
    ● Affordable
  1. Bernese Glitter Eyeshadow Palette
    The Berney Glitter Eyeshadow Palette is a collection of gold, copper, rose
    gold, champagne, dark brown, metal gray, and pearl diamond pressed glitter
    eyeshadow shades. These elegant glitter shades help create the most
    charming eye looks. These colors are silky smooth, ultra long-lasting, and
    waterproof. These versatile colors are good for wearing in the day and the
    night. These are easy to layer and blend, do not require an eyeshadow primer
    or glue, and can be applied with your fingertips or a brush. There are no
    fallouts. This glitter eyeshadow palette is made of safe and non-toxic,
    high-quality mineral ingredients that suit sensitive skin. They cause no
    irritation, redness, or rashes. It can be used with other matte shades for a
    perfect smokey eye effect as well. Pros
    ● Silky smooth
    ● Ultra long-lasting
    ● Waterproof
    ● Can be worn day and night
    ● Easy to layer and blend
    ● No primer or glue needed
    ● No fallouts
    ● Safe and non-toxic mineral ingredients
    ● Suitable for sensitive skin
    ● No irritation
    ● No redness
    ● No rashes
    ● Has a mirror
    ● Compact packaging
    ● Affordable
  2. DiTO Venus Makeup Palette
    The DiTO Venus Makeup Palette is a 12-shade glitter eyeshadow palette inspired by the planet system. The
    highly pigmented shades adhere gently to the skin, delivering a satin-soft finish. The palette offers a wide range
    of shades ranging from shining gold to warm neutral tones. These shades can be easily removed with makeup
    remover or wipes. It is suitable for oily, combination, dry, normal skin types.
    ● Highly pigmented
    ● Satin-soft finish
    ● Blends easily
    ● Suitable for oily, combination, dry, normal skin types
    ● Easy to remove
    ● Can be layered on top of a matte or shimmer eyeshadow
  1. Aol Ailiya Pressed Glitter Eyeshadow Palette
    The Aolailiya Pressed Glitter Eyeshadow Palette is a 24-color diamond glitter powder palette. Each glitter
    eyeshadow is very sparkly, reflective, and looks gorgeous on the eyelids. These ultra-pigmented glitter
    eyeshadows are waterproof and long-lasting. These are blendable and buildable. They also layer on top of other
    glitter, shimmer, or matte eyeshadows effortlessly. Each of these shades is soft and glides smoothly on the
    eyelids. When applied with a primer or glitter glue, these do not fall out and stay on the eyelid for a longer
    duration. This versatile palette can be used daily or on special occasions.Pros
    ● Ultra-pigmented glitter eyeshadows
    ● Waterproof
    ● Long-lasting
    ● Blendable and buildable
    ● Soft and glide smoothly on eyelids
    ● No fallouts
    ● Stay on eyelids for long
    ● Affordable
  2. Covergirl Exhibitionist Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow
    Covergirl Exhibitionist Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow is super-saturated with multidimensional shimmer and glitter. It is
    a lightweight and non-sticky drugstore liquid glitter eyeshadow that applies smoothly on the eyelids and does not
    crease. It can be applied without a primer or glue. A little goes a long way. The colors are blendable, buildable,
    and can be layered on top of other eyeshadows. They dry quickly and prevent fallouts. You can wear these
    eyeshadows comfortably. These come in 6 elegant shades and are suitable to be worn during the day and night.
    They are cruelty-free and affordable. Pros
    ● Super-saturated
    ● Multidimensional shimmer and glitter
    ● Lightweight
    ● Non-sticky
    ● Do not crease
    ● No primer or glue needed
    ● A little goes a long way
    ● Blendable
    ● Buildable
    ● Can be layered on top of other eyeshadows
    ● Quick-dry prevents fallouts
    ● Comfortable
    ● Suitable for wearing day and night
    ● Cruelty-free
    ● Affordable
  3. Norate Glitter Eyeshadow Palette
    The Norate Glitter Eyeshadow Palette consists of 9 sparkly glitter eyeshadows. Each of these powder glitter
    eyeshadows is ultra-smooth, long-lasting, comfortable to wear, lightweight, blendable, and buildable. The
    eyeshadows have no fallouts. All the colors are universal and suit all skin tones. The lustrous pearls provide an
    intense, exquisite, and smooth application and can be washed off easily. The formula is hypoallergenic. A little
    goes a long way, especially when worn during the day. The palette comes with a full palette-length mirror. It can
    be used with other matte eyeshadows for a smokey eye look.
    ● Ultra-smooth
    ● Long Lasting
    ● Comfortable to wear
    ● Lightweight
    ● Blendable
    ● Buildable
    ● No fallouts
    ● Colors suit all skin tones
    ● Can be washed off easily
    ● Hypoallergenic
    ● A little goes a long way
    ● Has a full palette-length mirror
    ● Smokey eye look with other matte eyeshadows
    ● Compact palette packaging & Affordable
  4. Mallofusa Single Shade Baked Eye Shadow Powder
    The Mallofusa Single Shade Baked Eye Shadow Powder is a baked shimmery glitter eyeshadow. The silky
    metallic texture and shimmering, lustrous pearls provide an exquisite eyeshadow look. It is lightweight, wears
    comfortably on the eyelids, and is buildable. This glittery eyeshadow blends like a dream, is highly pigmented,
    lasts for 8 hours, and does not crease. It can be applied without a primer or glitter glue. It is available in 15
    beautiful shades, is travel-friendly, and has a good color payoff.
    ● Lightweight
    ● Wears comfortably on eyelids
    ● Buildable
    ● Blendable
    ● Highly pigmented
    ● Lasts for 8 hours
    ● Does not crease
    ● No primer or glitter glue needed
    ● Travel-friendly
    ● Good color payoff
    Shimmer vs Glitter Eyeshadow
    What is the difference between shimmer and metallic eyeshadow?
    A shimmer eyeshadow is one that contains very small glitter pieces. They are simply made up of small particles
    that reflect light. A metallic material does not appear metallic at first glance, and it might have more of a shiny
    look than shimmer, but up close, you can see the shimmer that is created due to our skin’s lack of smoothness.
    Metallic eyeshadows, unlike normal shimmery eyeshadows, have a much more coloured, high-shine, metal-like
    texture. Metallic is a finer finish that can provide a less grainy, nearly metal-like sheen. To offer a more foiled
    impact, they appear to have an embedded gold or silver shimmer. However, some brands simply refer to it as the
    color metallic because the main shade resembles metal.
    Is shimmer the same as glitter?
    In terms of the environment, shimmer and glitter are interchangeable. They’re all microplastics, with the only
    distinction being the fineness with which they’re ground.
    Plastic is often used to make cosmetic glitter. The texture of glitter particles is typically thicker. As the particle size
    is reduced, glitter becomes a shimmer. Both are being used in cosmetics to give skin a healthy glow and a
    glistening sheen. The bigger the glitter particle size, the more makeup flaws would be highlighted.
    Similarly, a shimmer eyeshadow contains finely milled glitter crystals. Glitter is similar to shimmer, but shimmer is
    more translucent and spread out, while glitter is opaque and more noticeable.
    This article explained the differences and the usages of shimmer and glitter eyeshadow cosmetics. Moreover,
    frequently asked questions, “what is the difference between shimmer and metallic eyeshadow?” and “is shimmer
    the same as glitter?” were mentioned