Fibres of The Future

Effects of Insects

FibreBehaviour and effect
CottonNot damaged
LinenNot damaged
WoolVulnerable to moths and carpet beetles
SilkMay be attacked by larvae of cloth moths or carpet beetles
RayonNot attracted
AcetateNot attracted
Tri-acetateNot attracted

Types Of Clothes: A Guide To Clothing Types

Clothing Types

With fashion being a trillion dollar industry, you can be sure that there are many types of clothes within it.

Clothing is worn at home, to work, when out socially or participating in sporting and leisure activities. We also wear clothing for important occasions like weddings and graduations.

If there’s an event or activity that we would not attend naked, then clothing is considered essential.

So, what are these different types of clothes?

Types Of Clothing

Clothing – also referred to as clothes, apparel or garments – are typically items made from fabric and other materials that are worn on the human body.

There are clothing ‘types’ based on setting:

  • Business attire – worn for work purposes
  • Casual wear – worn as standard clothing
  • Formal wear – worn for events such as weddings
  • Lingerie – under garments worn for support and / or decoration
  • Sports wear – worn for athletic activites like running

And ‘types’ based on gender and age:

  • Baby clothes – worn by babies and toddlers
  • Childrens wear – worn by children aged from 2 upwards
  • Menswear – typically worn by those who identify as men
  • Womenswear – typically worn by those who identify as women

But clothing can also be broken down into different types of clothes based on garment:

  1. Bloomers
  2. Blouse
  3. Bodysuit
  4. Bra
  5. Bustier
  6. Caftan
  7. Cardigan
  8. Cloak
  9. Coat
  10. Corset
  11. Dress
  12. Dungarees
  13. Jacket
  14. Jeans
  15. Jumper
  16. Jumpsuit
  17. Kilt
  18. Kimono
  19. Knickerbockers
  20. Leggings
  21. Legwarmers
  22. Leotard
  23. Panties
  24. Pants / Trousers
  25. Petticoat
  26. Playsuit
  27. Poncho
  28. Pyjamas
  29. Sarong
  30. Shawl
  31. Shirt
  32. Shorts
  33. Skirt
  34. Skort
  35. Sock
  36. Sweater
  37. Swimsuit
  38. Teddy
  39. Tie
  40. Tights
  41. Tops
  42. Tracksuit
  43. T-Shirt
  44. Waistcoat

And then there are the different cultural clothing types too:

  • Traditional Japanese clothing
  • Traditional Indian clothing
  • Traditional Scandinavian clothing – check out this round up of the best Scandinavian sewing patterns if you love the minimal Scandinavian aesthetic!

To name just three! As you can see, the types of clothes really is vast!