1. It is always preferable to use a gown so that the client’s clothes do not get spoiled. It should be clean and fit loosely without any string or constrictions. The gown should be made in such a way that it leaves the shoulders and neck and upper chest free for massage.

2. The head band should be such that it covers head completely. All baby hair should be pinned in properly. Hair should not come in the way while giving massage to the face and neck.

3. A towel should be placed under the head and shoulder to cover the couch, so that the bare body doesn’t come in direct contact with the treatment couch. 

4. Feet usually get cold when the client is lying down and relaxed . Washable boots or a cover should be used to keep the feet and legs warm. 

5. The client should be covered as per the weather. Sheet or blanket can be used as needed.

*Client handling Skills*

1. On seeing the client one should always greet them, exchange pleasantries and escort them to changing room ( if required) and finally to treatment cubical.

2. There should be least waiting time for the client.

3. Provide a soothing atmosphere work quietly and efficiently.

4. Encourage the client to relax.

5. Monitor the client’s satisfaction during the treatment.

6. If your hands are cold,warm them before touching client’s face.

7. Maintain the client’s modesty and privacy at all the time.

8. Therapist should be physically present in the session room to ensure client doesn’t feel any kind of discomfort on application of face packs etc.

9. After the session,help the client to get down from the bed and offer cool or warm drink.

10. Ensure that the treatment is cost effective and completed in the stipulated time .

11. Maintain neat , clean , sanitary conditions in the facial work area and an orderly arrangement of supplies.

12. Staff should thank the customer for visiting.

*Setting of a facial room*

Beauty salons differ in floor space available to each beauty service. There may be one or several facial treatment cubicals . In the case of a salon having only one such cubical, it’s important that the range of facial services offered can be delivered safely and hygienically.

The couch or chair should be covered with easy-to-clean upholstery. It must withstand daily cleaning with warm water and detergent. It must have an adjustable back rest, for the comfort of both the client and the therapist. If possible, purchase a couch that also have an adjustable leg rest , as this allows treatments such as pedicure to be carried out.

The equipment Trolley should be large enough to accommodate all the necessary equipment and products. Trollies are usually of two or three shelf design. Like the chair or couch the trolley should be made of a material that will withstand regular cleaning. 

3. Therapist’s chair:

A covered waste bin should be placed properly within easy reach . It should be lined with a bin-liner. You should also have a box for the disposal of contaminated equipment.

4. Covered Waste Bin:

Stools should be covered with fabric similar to the treatment table.. It may or may not have a back rest . In some designs the back rest is removable. For the comfort of the therapist, it should be adjustable in height to allow mobility, it should be mounted on castors.

The following guidelines describe the basic preparation of the facial treatment trolley:

• Cleanser, Toner, moisturizer, sunscreen, eye makeup remover and dry & moist cotton.

• Swabs , impregnated with antiseptic lotion

• Facial tissues – soft and white

• Massage cream, scrub, pack

• Stainless steel comedone extractor and q tips (cotton buds)

• Towel drapes- There should be a medium towel to drape across the client’s chest and shoulders and a small hand towel to wipe hands as necessary.

• Headbands – A clean headband should be provided for each client.

• Products – The trolley should carry a display of facial products to suit all skin types.

• Bowls – Two big bowls filled with clean water required while giving a massage and two small bowls required for mixing packs and scrub

• Spatula – Several clean Spatulas should be provided for each client

• Face pack brushes – To mix packs and scrub

• Antiseptic lotion

• Hand sanitizer

*Facial Steps*


Skin cleansing is essential in promoting and maintaining a healthy complexion.

Various cleansing preparations are available to beauty therapist, with formulations designed to suit the different skin types . 

They include

• cleansing creams

• cleansing lotions

• facial foaming cleansers

• cleansing bars

• makeup removers

• it should cleanse skin effectively without causing irritation

•All traces of makeup and oil must be removed

• it should feel pleasant to use 

• it should be easy to remove from skin 

• it should be pH-balanced 

The natural process of losing dead skin cells from the stratum corneum layer of epidermis is called desquamation. Exfoliation is a salon technique used to accelerate this process. It is normally carried out after skin has been cleansed and toned and toned and before further facial treatments.

Various exfoliants are available which may be of chemical or vegetable origin. Alternatively mechanical exfoliation may be used. Pore grains are the most popular exfoliants for exfoliation: a base of cream or liquid containing tiny spheres of polished plastic or crushed nuts is gently massaged over skin’s surface.

Then hydration gel must be applied. 

After a few minutes massage cream should be applied all over the face and neck by doing general application.

All the massage steps should be done till the massage creams gets penetrated into the skin. 

After that the mask should be evenly applied and the therapist must wait till the mask gets semi-dry or totally Dry. Then the mask should be removed using a wet towel or tissue.

Facials will be completed by using serum and sunscreen.

(All the steps have to be done more than 3 times).

[General Application]

Uplifting of neck

Sidewind Stroke

Fanning stroke

General Application

Scissors Stroke

Criss Cross

General Application

Cupping and ironing Out 




General Application.

Criss Cross around the lips (with Index fingers)

Half Moon around the lips.

Half Moon with Small Circle around the lips 

‘s’ and ‘8’ at the Corners of the lips.

General Application.

ZicZag using Index finger.

Uplifting with four fingers.

General Application.

Nose uplifting with  index fingers.

Fingers rotation on the nose bag (clockwise Anti Clockwise)

Scissor stroke ‘S’ and ‘8’ nose bag

Small circles on nose bag with Index finger.

Criss Cross with Index fingers 

General Application

Big Circle around the Eyes with ring fingers.

‘S’ and ‘8’ around the Eyes with ring fingerr.

Eyeball rotation (clockwise-and-anticlockwise)

Cupping and Vibration 

 General Application.

Uplifting with Index finger

Pressing and Ironing ont

General Application

Uplifting with index finger

Criss Cross with Index finger

Scissors Stroke

Cupping and Ironing out 


General Application

Uplifting with Palm

Big circle with palm

‘S’ and ‘8’

General Application

[Feather touch]


•Massage is the oldest therapy of the world. Massage is derived from the word ‘Massa’ which means to touch. It is also known as a touch therapy. It is a scientific method of manipulation of the body by rubbing, Pinching, kneading. tapping and stroking with hands, fingers or an instrument to relieve pain, relax, stimulate and tone the body.

Cream act as a massage medium and helps in smooth movement of massage steps as it provides lubrication. Before starting any massage, face should be clean, toned, exfoliated and frree from any comedones or millia.


Effleurage, a French word meaning “light sweep” or “touch,” is a series of massage strokes aimed at warming up the muscles before a deep tissue workout using petrissage.

This is a soothing, stroking movement used at -the beginning and end of facial or body massage . It also used as a linking move between differrent strokes and movements.

• Effleurage is basically a form of massage involving a circular strocking movement made with the palm of hand. Ffleurage allows you to expose the skin to light without abrading the skin, and is performed using the pads of your fingertips and palms.

• When performing off , hold your whole hand loosely, keep your wrist and fingers flexible. Curve your finger slightly to conform to the shape of the area being massaged, with just the cushions of the fingertips touching skin. Do not use the end.of the fingertips for movements.

*Since the tip of fingers are pointers than the cushions and effleurage will be less smooth, and the free edges of your fingernails are likely to scratch the client’s skin.


•This of massage is used to improve blood circulation.

• It also has a very soothing effect.

• It helps to relax muscles.

Petrissage is a massage movement that uses pressure to compress deep muscles. Petrissage movements include kneading, squeezing, rolling the skin, picking it up, and pressing it.  They are all performed with the Padded Palmer surface of hand, the surface of finger and also the thumbs .

When kneading the hands should be molded to the area and movements should be slow and rhythmical. Knuckling is another form of kneading using knuckles to knead and lift in circulation and upwards motions. Shearing is another Petrisage operation that is performed only on flat surfaces and with very little pressure. Only the index and middle fingers of both hands are used for this movement. They are placed opposite each other and then are slowly worked towards each other lifting and relesing as they go.


•This helps to stimulate blood circulation.

•• It helps to release toxin from the body

• It reaches the deepers layers of muscles.

FRICTION: (Criss cross ) (Circular motion)

Friction is a deep rubbing movement which requires pressure on the skin with your fingers or palm while moving it over an underlying structure . Light circulation friction movements are usually used on face and neck. Friction has been known to have a significant benifit on the circulation and glandular activity of the skin.


• Helps to break dowen either rheumatic nodules or fatty nodules.

Tapotement is a rhythmic percussion, most frequently administered with the edge of hand, a cupped hand or the tips of fingers. Using the edge of hand is also called Hacking. Finger methods include wiggling and lightly tapping on the body. Name of the stroke is taken from the French word “Tapoter”, meaning to tap on to drum.


•Improves the interchange of fluid by bringing the blood nearer to the surface of the body.

•• It tones muscles and gives a healthy glow.

Vibration is a rapid shaking movement of the body part while the balls of the fingenties are pressured firmly on the point of application. The movement is accomplished by rapid contraction of muscles of your arms. It is a highly stimulating movement and should be limited to only a few seconds duration on any one spot. Muscular contractions also can be produced by the use of mechanical vibratore.

Stimulates nerves and relieves pain.

Benefits of massage: 

Skin is rendered soft and pliable.

Circulation of blood is increased.

Activity of skin glands is stimulated.

Muscle fiber is stimulated and strengthened thus improves muscle tone.

Nerves are soothed and rested.

Sometimes pain is relieved.

Improves and maintains skin elasticity.

Corrects natural oil and moisture balance of skin.

Helps to relax body and mind.


√Contagious or infectious diseases, including any cold or flu no matter how mild it may seem

√Under the influence of drugs or alcohol-including prescription pain medication

√Recent operations or acute injuries

√Massage should not be done over any areas affected by :

•Varicose veins

•Undiagnosed lumps


•Bruises, Cuts, Abrasions and Sunburn

•Undiagnosed pain

•Inflammation, including arthritis

∆ Points to remember while massaging:

•A good relationship should be developed with clients, because the effect of massage is both physiological and aelatum psychological.

•Atmosphere should be calm and conducive to relaxation

•No bad breath or sweaty smell

•Wash/Sanitize your hands before and after touching the client

•No conversation

•Wash basin should be nearby

•Facial trolley should be ready with all the products and gadgets

•Always keep short and clean nails with no jewelry

•Soothing ambience and soft music

•Do not use chemical products like soap or cosmetic for 24 hours.

••Use sunscreen before going to sun exposure or must avoid heat and sun exposure.

•Avoid using scrub for a week after facial.

••There should be a gap of 30 days between two facial sessions. It’s important to maintain the skin quantity.

•Keep the face maintained all the time by following CTMP twice a week.

Benefits of Facial:

•Removes dead cells and tan.

••Helps to keep the blood flow healthy.

•Lightens the skin.

••Removes the blackheads and white heads.