Beautician Class Notes 2

Products You Need

Here we will provide an overview of different types of eyebrow makeup products (Eyebrow Makeup Kit) and their benefits.

  • Eyebrow Pencils: Eyebrow pencils are one of the most popular types of eyebrow makeup products. They are easy to use and come in a variety of shades. They can be used to fill in sparse areas or create a more defined arch.
  • Eyebrow Gels: Eyebrow gels are used to keep the eyebrows in place. They come in clear or tinted formulas and can be used alone or over other eyebrow makeup products.
  • Eyebrow Powders: Eyebrow powders are used to fill in sparse areas and create a more natural-looking brow. They come in a variety of shades and can be used alone or over other eyebrow makeup products.
  • Eyebrow Pomades: Eyebrow pomades are similar to eyebrow powders but have a creamier texture. They are used to create a more defined brow and can be used alone or over other eyebrow makeup products.

·        Any beauty expert knows that your brows can do more for your face than almost any makeup product. With the correct brow shape and fill, you can change the perceived size of your eyes, contour your face and show off your best features. However, before any of that we need to get back to the basics – the Anatomy of An Eyebrow. Check out the chart below to get an A+ in Perfect Eyebrows!



    Now that we’ve learned the fundamentals, we can move onto the five basic brow shapes!

·        While everyone’s face/ brow(s) shape is different, there are 5 basic brow shapes that we can identify, which can then have a bunch of variations to them. Each of the five shapes has the power to change the appearance of your other facial features, so it’s important to pick the right shape for the results you want. Keep reading to find out which shape provides the results you need!

·        Flat Brows:

·        These brows are perfect for anyone with a long face shape because the horizontal line creates the illusion of a shorter face that is also more oval-looking.

·         Round Brows:

·        The round shape is a must if you’re trying to create a softness to your face. It literally adds roundness to the face and helps to minimize sharp features, like a pointed chin or nose.

·         Curved Brows:

·        Believe it or not, curved brows are completely different from round ones! They’re the perfect shape for anyone who doesn’t want too much softness to their features and the shape works extremely well on square faces.


·        Angled Brows:

·        The high arch of an angled brow has the ability to create a more youthful appearance to the face and can make a round or diamond face shape appear slimmer (if that’s what you’re looking for).


·        Soft Angled Brows:

·        This is much like the above except it has a shorter arch and softer peak. The soft angle is key for a more feminine look and is a must-do for an oval face, in place of the regular angled brow which could make the face look perpetually surprised or angry.


·        There you have it – the anatomy of an eyebrow and the five basic brow shapes. Knowing this information can change your brow game completely and help you achieve perfect eyebrows in no time. We hope you enjoyed learning more about your eyebrows and can’t wait to teach you more!

Grooming Your Eyebrows or How To set Eye brow



Wash your face regularly. In order to style your eyebrows, you must clean them as part of a normal face-cleansing routine. Before you attempt to pluck or “do” your eyebrows as part of your make-up routine, wash your face. Wet a small towel in warm water and rub it gently on your eyebrows. Don’t rub too hard or you will pull out some hair follicles


Find your ideal brow. The inner corner of your brows should be in line with the sides of your nose. You can use a long pencil, your make-up brush, or some other object to measure this.[2]

  • Line up the straight edge against the outside of your nostril and inside of your eye. Where the straight edge is, your eyebrow should begin. Mark this location with the brow pencil. Do this on both brows.
  • Look straight ahead and line up the straight edge with the outside of your nose and your pupil to determine where your arch should be. Mark this location.
  • Line up the straight edge with the outside of your nose and the outer edge of your eye to determine where your brow should end, and mark this spot.


Pick a brow shape based on your face. Some people prefer to pick a shape based on their general face shape, rather than attempting to measure for a mathematical ideal. Depending on the size and shape of your face, you may try any of the following designs:[3]

  • Oval: Soft angled eyebrow shape
  • Heart: Rounded eyebrow shape
  • Long: Flat eyebrow shape
  • Round: High arched eyebrow shape
  • Square: Angled or curved eyebrow shape
  • Diamond: Curved or rounded eyebrow shape


Use tweezers to pluck unwanted hairs. Pluck any hairs that you find outside of your ideal brow line. Find the root of the hair with the prongs of the tweezers and pull quickly in the opposite direction of the hair growth to remove the hairs completely.[4]

  • Always pluck from the bottom of your brow because if you pluck on top then that will set you up for a lifetime of stray forehead hair.
  • Be very careful to avoid over-plucking. You can always pluck a few extra, but if you take it too far you’ll look severe and bare up top.


Define your arches. Pluck a few of the hairs on the top and/or bottom as you prefer, to reach your desired shape. Brush your entire brows up and pluck any hairs that lie below your brow line. You can pluck your brows to the width you desire, but alternate working on them so they are more even and make sure to step back to see how it looks in the mirror


Maintain your brows by plucking regularly. It’s a lot easier to care for your brows if you do this regularly, instead of all at once. Pluck the stray hairs that may grow back and trim your brows regularly to keep them tamed, then brush your hairs along their natural “grain” so they fall comfortably. Regularly brushing brows upwards and outwards can help them grow in that direction


Try waxing your eyebrows periodically. Apply some gentle facial wax below your eyebrow, just coating the stray hairs you are not happy with. Leave the wax for 30 seconds to make it go a bit tacky so it won’t run or smudge into other eyebrow hairs you want to keep.[7]

  • Carefully apply the wax strip over your eye and leave it for at least 30 seconds to let it set. Pull outwards firmly to remove the hairs and repeat on the other eye.
  • Apply warm water to remove any left over wax, then apply cold water and moisturiser to soothe the skin.


Try threading. To thread, you will need a thin piece of sewing type thread. Take a long piece and tie the ends together. Wrap it around the index and middle finger, revolve your hands three times so you now have two circles. Manipulate the string using these two fingers and your thumb.[8]

  • Hold the string up to your eyebrow, as you make one circle larger and the other smaller, that middle part that is wound will grab hairs that is passes and remove them. Be very careful and practice slowly to get the hang of it.
  • It’s easy to slide the thread quickly and tear out a lot of hair, and do so in the wrong direction. Use the thread to keep “brushing” the brow while you work, just swiping in an up-and-out direction. Use a moisturizing face wash afterwards to care for your skin.