Rita Charitable Trust


Job RolePack CodeNVQF Level
Accessory Fitter Level 4ASC/Q11024
Auto Body Technician Level 3ASC/Q14103
Auto Body Technician Level 4ASC/Q14054
Auto Component Assembly FitterASC/Q37014
Automotive Service Technician Level 3ASC/Q14013
Automotive Service Technician Level 4ASC/Q14024
Automotive Body Painting Technician Level 3ASC/Q33033
Automotive Electrician Level 4ASC/Q14084
Automotive Painting Technician Level 4ASC/Q33044
Automotive Paint shop AssistantASC/Q33022
Automotive Service Technician (Two and Three Wheelers) Level 4ASC/Q14114
Casting Technician Level 3ASC/Q32023
Casting Technician- Sand MouldingASC/Q32054
CNC Operator / Machining Technician L3ASC/Q35013
CNC Operator / Machining Technician L3ASC/Q35013
CNC Operator / Machining Technician L4ASC/Q35034
Commercial Vehicle Driver Level 4ASC/Q97034
Customer Relation Executive Level 4ASC/Q11064
Customer Relationship ManagerASC/Q11047
Driving Assistant Level 2ASC/Q97012
Executive Proto ManufacturingASC/Q65014
Forging OperatorASC/Q45014
Foundry Assistant/ Casting AssistantASC/Q32012
Fuel Service Dispensing Attendant Level 2ASC/Q96042
Home Installer/Home delivery ManagerASC/Q10066
Lathe OperatorASC/Q19014
Light Commercial Vehicle driver Level 3ASC/Q97043
LMV Driver Level 3ASC/Q97023
Loading and Unloading Executive Level 1ASC/Q61011
Loading and Unloading Operator/Loader Level 2ASC/Q61012
Machining Assistant Level 2ASC/Q35022
Maintenance Technician- Service WorkshopASC/Q16014
Packing Executive/Packing Assistant/PackerASC/Q61022
Parts Picker Level 3ASC/Q61033
Plastic Moulding Operator/TechnicianASC4
Plastic Moulding SupervisorASC/Q44034
Plastic Moulding Technician Level 4ASC/Q44014
Press Shop helperASC/Q34012
Press Shop Operator Level 4ASC/Q34024
PUC AttendantASC/Q96012
QC Inspector Level 3ASC/Q63013
Repair – WelderASC/Q19024
Repair Painter- Auto body L 3ASC/Q14073
Repair Painter Auto body L4ASC/Q14064
Sales Consultant (Automotive finance)ASC/Q20014
Sales consultant (Institutional Sales)ASC/Q10056
Sales Consultant Level 4ASC/Q10014
Sales Executive (Accessories Value added services)ASC/Q10044
Sales Executive (Accessories Value added services) Level 4ASC/Q10044
Sales Officer (Auto Components)ASC/Q17014
Service AdvisorASC/Q16026
Service Technician 2 Wheeler Level 4ASC/Q14114
Showroom Hostess Level 3ASC/Q11033
Spare Parts Operations Executive Level 3ASC/Q15013
Taxi Driver Level 4ASC/Q97054
Tele callerASC/Q11054
Tyre Inflation AttendantASC/Q96032
Vehicle Assembly Fitter/ TechnicianASC/Q36014
Vehicle test DriverASC/Q84025
Warranty Processor Level 4ASC/Q16034
Washer Level 2ASC/Q11012
Welding AssistantASC/Q31012
Welding SupervisorASC/Q31045
Welding Technician Level 3ASC/Q31023
Welding Technician Level 4ASC/Q31034