Stitching a Kurta/Kameez

STEP 1: Take 2 Pieces of Kameez (Front and Back) 2 Pieces of Sleeve (Right and Left) and 2 rectangular pieces for Neck facing.

STEP 2: Place the neck facing rectangular pieces for the front and back Kameet pieces  respectively. Make sure that the right sides are together .Pin and sew along the neckline  with ¼”  seam allowance Cut the excess of facing pieces and make notches on seam Then turn right sides  out and press. Give a topstitch at neckline.

STEP 3: Place Kameez front and back pieces by facing right sides together and sew along the shoulder line to joint the two Kameez pieces together.

STEP 4:  Fold the hemline of sleeve by ¼”’ inside and fold again ¾”  inside and sew along the hemline at the edge of first folding.

   STEP 5:  Place the Sleeves right side on the top of the Kameez armhole area respectively. Pin it and sew along with ¼” armhole seam allowance.

STEP 6: Turn Kameez wrong side out and sew along with 1” side seam allowance as right sides together ( (Start from Sleeves hemline and stop at the Hip line of Kameez).

STEP 7: Fold at the slit opening ¼  ” inside and fold ¼” again. Then sew along the slit opening of both sides. Press with iron.

STEP 8:  Fold the hemline ½  ” inside and fold 1″ again. Then sew  along the edge of first fold on hemline.