Hotel Management Class Notes 11

09) Concierge

  • Develops a strong knowledge of the hotels facilities and services and of the surrounding community. ·Provides guest with direction to attraction or facilities in or outside the
  • attraction or facilities in or outside the property Makes guest reservation for air other forms of transportation when requested

.·  Provides guest with information about attraction facilities, services and

  • activities in or outside the property
  • Makes guest reservation for the theatre and other forms of entertainments
  • when requested. Organise special function as directed by management.
  • Arrange secretarial and other office services
  • Handles guest complains and solve problem to the degree possible.

10) Business Centre Associate

  • Operation of all office equipment for guest.
  • Providing secretarial services such as typing, photocopying
  • Maintenance and upkeep of all office equipment.
  • Set up of meeting rooms for meeting
  • Co-ordinating with banquets for providing snacks, tea and coffee.
  • Maintaining the regular record of the usage of fax, email,/internet facilities

11) Senior Bell Captain

  • The senior bell captain is a supervisory job and is responsible to lobby manager.
  • Allocate the duties of his staff and quite often relives the bell captain.
  • He ensures the bell captains and other staff members are working properly.
  • Gets instruction from the management and gets them implemented in his
  • department He also works as a link man between the management and the bell desk
  • staff. Listen to the problems of his staff and try to solve them.

12) Bell Captain

  • He takes briefing of his staff and passes on special instructions to them. Checks their uniform and personal hygiene.
  • He controls the movements of his staff and nobody is allowed to go away from
  • the place of his assignment without the permission of the bell captain. Assign errands to bell boys

.·  All fresh arrivals with scanty baggage are informed to him by bell boys. He,

  • after making the entry in his log book and arrival register, informs the lobby manager and the reception about scanty baggage. Postage stock is checked and maintained at the bell desk and is sold to the
  • guest on behalf of the hotel on no profits no loss basis. Maintains the stock of paging boards and use them as and when guest are
  • paged. Observe for any doubtful mover in the hotel and informs about the same to
  • lobby manager. Luggage left room is controlled by him and a proper luggage register is maintained.

13) Bell Boy/Page Boy/ Luggage Boy

  • Report to bell captain
  • Handle the guest arrival
  • Take the baggage from the car in the porch/gate to the room at the time ofarrival

. ·  Escorts the guest to the room on arrival.

  • Place the baggage in the room, on the luggage rack.
  • Explain the operation and control of lights, switches, air conditioning etc. to the guest and switch them on.
  • Handle departure of the guest (through the use of departure errand
  • Under instruction from bell captain bring the baggage down from the room on departure.
  • Check the room to ensure that the guest has left no article in the room by mistake.
  • Ensure collection of keys from guest at the time of check out and obtain clearance from information section.
  • Check for mail, message for departure guest and if available, collect and give mail or message to departing guest.
  • Handle Babbage of the guest when they are shifting to another room.
  • Distribute newspaper to guest room and selected offices.
  • Keep lobby area clean and clear to ensure smooth traffic flow.

14) Airport Representative

  • Facilitation f guest at the airport.
  • Assisting in the check in, coordinating with airlines staff in case of lost /mishandled baggage. ·Confirmation of flight timings, recheck in of guest.
  • Act as sale representative for the hotel at the airport
  • Update airline schedules.

15) Guest Relation Executive

  • Blocking rooms and suites: After checking the reservation and reference of room ones she has checked the availability.
  • Placing amenities: After GRE has checked the VIP status; she selects the type of amenity and then sends the amenity voucher to the concerned departments.
  • Checking the room: Ones the room has been cleared by housekeeping and room service has placed the amenities the GRE checks the room to ensure that it is perfect in all aspects.
  • Welcoming the guest by addressing the name.·
  • Escorting the guest to the reception and assist them in taking as much information from the guest as possible on arrival.
  • Escorts the guest to the room and explain the features of the room
  • After few minutes of rooming the guest, the GRE gives the guest a welcome call to get a brief feedback about accommodation.

16) Telephone Operator

  • Answer incoming calls.
  • Directs calls to guest room , staff or departments through the switchboard or
  • PBX system Place outgoing calls.
  • Receives t6elephone charges from the telephone company and forward charges to the front desk for posting.
  • Takes and distribute message for guest.
  • Answer question about hotel events and activities.
  • Provide information about guest services to guest.
  • Understand PBX switchboards operation.
  • Logs all wakeup call request and performs wakeup call services.
  • Provide paging services for hotel guest and employees.
  • Knows what action to take when an emergency call is required or received.