Free Computer Training Courses (Diploma 1 Year)

free computer training courses

OCCUPATION: After Sales Support

free computer training courses total free of coast. No Charge will taken form candidate .

There is few Terms & Conditions or advantage to take a admission total free of cost mention bellow :-

1) Any One can take admission in this course , but you should have to remain your age must be 18-50 yrs .

2)Total Duration of this Course 7 Months (360 Hours ) This Time every Students have To Complete minimum 80% Bio metric attendance of total duration of course .We will Count Attendance Bio metric or Finger Print only .If you unable to complete your attendance 80% by any reason then your admit card will be not issue to attend your exam and you will counted as a irregular student.

3)Classes are divided in three time schedule

a) First Batch (Morning Batch) 8:00 am to 12:00 pm,

b) 2nd Batch (Day Batch) 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

c) 3rd Batch (Evening Batch)  4:00 pm to 8:00 pm .

You have to choose any one schedule time .

4) Every Day class will run for 4 Hours . Within 4  Hours  2 hours will Theory class and 2 Hours will Practical class. Between both time you will got 30 minute Break time & after Break your class will continue.

5)Within The Class You Will Get Rs 50/Day By Government for your pocket money to maintain your traveling cost.

6) And The Certificate will provided By Central Government And as well as your state government too. Your Certificate is valid not only India Its Also Valid 129 Countries which are already collaborate with our Indian Government. Only for that after Complete your course you have to get a opportunities to start your better carrier in International.

7)After complete the free computer training courses you will get a job on Reputed Company , Example –

… etc ..

Only 120 seats Allocated per Years By Government. Hurry Up very limited seats are available

Syllabus of free computer training courses

Field Technician: Also called ‘Service Technician’, the Field Technician
provides after sale support services to customers, typically, at their

Brief Job Description: The individual at work is responsible for attending
to customer complaints, installing newly purchased products,
troubleshooting system problems and, configuring peripherals such as
printers, scanners and network devices.

Personal Attributes: The job requires the individual to have: ability to
build interpersonal relationships and critical thinking. The individual must
be willing to travel to client premises in order to attend to calls at
different locations.


1. Introducon to Computer and its Peripherals (ELE/N4602,
Unit 1.0 – Objecve of the Module
Unit 1.1 – Basics of Computer
Unit 1.2 – Computer Peripherals
Unit 1.3 – Operating Hardware System and Peripherals

2. Basics of Electronics (ELE/N4601, ELE/N4602)
Unit 2.0 – Objecve of the Module
Unit 2.1 – Fundamentals of Electronics
Unit 2.2 – Other Electronic Concepts
Unit 2.3 – Inside a Computer

3. Installing Hardware and Soware (ELE/N4602)
Unit 3.1 – Installing Hardware
Unit 3.2 – Configuring and Seng up Peripherals
Unit 3.3 – Compleng the Installaon Process

4. Repairing and Replacing Faulty Modules (ELE/N4603)
Unit 4.0 – Introducon to the Module
Unit 4.1 – Understand Customer Complaints
Unit 4.2 – Idenfy System Level Problem on Field
Unit 4.3 – Replacing Faulty Modules
Unit 4.4 – Compleng Repairs
Unit 4.5 – Reporng to Superior

5. Interacng with Customer (ELE/N4601)
Unit 5.1 – Understand Customer Requirements
Unit 5.2 – Interacon with Customers
Unit 5.3 – Suggest Resoluon to Problems
Unit 5.4 – Maintain Records for Complaints and Resoluons
Unit 5.5 – Achieving Producvity and Quality

Facilitator Guide
6. Understanding Organizaonal Policies and Standards Modules
Unit 6.1 – Explain Customer’s Policy
Unit 6.2 – Idenfy Company’s Products/Quality Standards
Unit 6.3 – Describe Company’s Safety Policy and Standards
Unit 6.4 – Interact with Supervisor
Unit 6.5 – Interact with Colleagues

7. Professional Skills (ELE/N4601)
Unit 7.1 – Wring Skills
Unit 7.2 – Interacng with People
Unit 7.3 – Decision Making
Unit 7.4 – Team Work and Multasking
Unit 7.5 – Relave and Crical Thinking
Unit 7.6 – Personal Grooming

8. Employability and Entrepreneurship Skills
Unit 8.1 – Personal Strengths and Value System
Unit 8.2 – Digital Literacy: A Recap
Unit 8.3 – Money Maers
Unit 8.4 – Preparing for Employment and Self-Employment
Unit 8.5 – Understanding Entrepreneurship
Unit 8.6 – Preparing to be an Entrepreneur.

Job Opportunities of free computer training courses

Access IS
Adder Technology
Advanced Gravis Computer Technology
Arctic (company)
ATEN International

Behavior Tech Computer

Cherry (keyboards)
Cirque Corporation
Cooler Master
Corsair Components
Creative Technology
CTI Electronics Corporation
Cyber Snipa

List of computer peripheral companies
Digi International


General Computer Corporation
Gigabyte Technology


IBall (company)

Key Tronic

Mad Catz
Mustek Systems

Novint Technologies

Perle Systems
Princeton (electronics company)

Qumu Corporation

Raritan Inc.
Razer Inc.

Samsung Electronics
SendStation Systems
Silicon Power

Transcend Information
Trust (electronics company)
Turning Technologies

UMAX Technologies

Virident Systems