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1. Basic List of Material and Tools Required for Stitching

There are various processes a tailor follows while stitching a garment. There are various tools which aid each of these processes. Types of tools are as:

1.Measuring tools

2.Cutting tools

3.Marking or drafting tools

4.Hand tools


Scissor are utilized for cutting the fabric and has a handle which is aligned with the blade which helps you do the cutting steadily by keeping the scissors

Rotary cutter:

The rotary cutter is something which has a blade to cut easily and smoothly through fabric. It’s very efficient to be used to all different kinds of projects, however it is especially good for quilting. All you require is a rubber cutting mat and a rotary ruler so that when you are using a rotary-cutter the surface of the Fig can be prevented from getting cut. Also, keeping a mat helps in cutting a fabric in straight.


Various sort of threads are available, they are available in rainbow colors, including clear ones. For most of the sewing machines all you need is a need a spool of thread. The cone shaped threads are also used however they are for different kind of machine called a server.

Measuring tape:

Measuring tape used for sewing to make it softer than that used for construction projects so that it can be used to fit clothing to the body.


A sewing machine requires diverse needles than which are used for hand-sewing. Machine needles have a bigger, blunter tip where they fit into the machine. Various types of needles are used on various kinds of projects.

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