Tailoring Class Notes 4

Steps of Carrying out Running Stitch

his stitch can be worked in straight or curved lines, or for assembly when finishing an embroidery project. The stitch is worked by passing the needle in and out of the fabric. Running stitches may be of varying length, but typically more thread is visible on the top of the sewing than on the underside.

Step 1-Work from right to left of the fabric and insert your needle through the back side of the fabric at your starting point

Step 2 Bring thread up at 1 then down at 2, up at 3 and down at 4 and continue

Step 3 The spaces between the stitches can be the same length as the stitches or shorter for a different look

Steps of Carrying out Back Stitch

The back stitch is a basic embroidery and sewing stitch used to produce a thin line of stitching, to outline shapes that will be filled with satin stitch, or to stitch fabric pieces together.

Step 1. Bring the thread through A and take it in

Step 2 Bring the thread through C and take it in through B. This way, we are creating a stitch by taking the thread backward

Step 3 Bring the thread through D and take it in through C. Continue this pattern to finish the design

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