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                            Fashion Designing Syllabus

Introduction to Fashion Design

Basics of Fashion Design
Introduction to the Fashion Design Industry
Types of Fashion Design
Terminology & Fashion Cycle

History of Fashion Design

19th century Fashion & Influences
20th century Fashion & Influences
Latest Trends in Fashion Design
21st century Fashion Vogue

Principles of Fashion Design

Basic Elements of Fashion Design
Understanding different styles of Fashion Design
Fashion Market Research
Module facts and Activities 3) Colour Mixing

5)Design Development & Sketching

Mood Boards and Design Development
Creating Mood Board
The Design Process
Fashion Design Illustrations Motifs

6)Textile Fibres

Understanding Textile Fibres, Yarns & Fabrics
Fibre Groups & their Properties
Basic technique and Process of Fabric Construction

7)Pattern Completion & Garment Construction

Basics of Garment Construction
Different Draping Techniques
Fitting the Toile, Altering, Cutting and Layering the Pattern
Draping Mannequin

Fabric Sourcing, Pattern Making, Sizing & Measurement

Different Styles of Pattern Making
Sourcing Material and Contractors
Fabric and Trim Storyboards
Sizing, Grading and Measurements

Garment Structure & Pre Production

Garment Support & Structure
Creating a Garment Tech Park
Preparing to Produce your Line

Creating a Clothing Brand

Developing a Business Plan
Financing a Clothing Brand
Marketing Plan

 Advanced Fashion Designing

  1.  Design Methods
  2. Design Illustration
  3. Fashion Communication
  4. Construction of Women’s Wear
  5. Computer Designing
  6.  Indian Fashion Scenario
  7. Global Fashion Scenario
  8. Principles of Fashion Marketing and Merchandising
  9. Computer Aided Design
  10. Fashion Illustration
  11. Fashion Model Drawing
  12. Introduction to Fashion Illustration
  13. Introduction Garment Manufacturing Technology
  14. Garment Manufacturing, History of Indian Fashion
  15. Fashion Accessory
  16. Element of Colour & Design
  17. Analytical Drawing
  18. Knitwear
  19.  Free Hand Drawing
  20. Pattern Making, Grading and Construction
  21. Advanced Pattern Making
  22. Construction of Women’s Wear
  23. Construction of Men’s Wear
  24. Surface Design Techniques
  25.  History of Indian Costumes and Textiles
  26. Textile Science 
  27. Fashion Ornamentation
  28. Sewing Technology
  29. Vintage Costumes
  30. Fabric Testing and Quality Control
  31. Introduction to Draping
  32. Creative Embroidery
  33. Creative Yarn Craft

34)Fashion Ornamentation

35)Styling Kit

36)Fashion Hair and Makeup

37)Styling to Suit Various Fashion Genres

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Fashion Illustration is the art of communicating fashion ideas in a visual form that originates with illustration, drawing and painting and also known as Fashion sketching. It is mainly used by fashion designers to brainstorm their ideas on paper or digitally..

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