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Computer Course Syllabus

According To Government 2023 new syllabus has Updated For computer course


  1. Basic Knowledge Of Computers Parts 
  1. Basic Knowledge Of Computer Device
  1. Basic Knowledge Of Computer Ports
  1. Concept of Hardware and Software
  1. Keyboard Short Keys with Important 
  1. Operating Computer Operating System
  1. Basic Knowledge Computer Hardware
  1. Printer Installation and Maintenance 
  1. Microsoft Office (Word,Excel, PowerPoint, Access , ) 
  1. Advance Excel
  1. Google Kit (Mail,Form, Docs,Sheet,Slides)
  1. Photo Editing/Poster Making (Adobe Photoshop)
  1. Professional Video Editing (Adobe Premiere pro) 
  1. Web Designing (Server, Domain, Hosting)
  1. WordPress
  1. HTML
  1. Basic Knowledge of App Making (Android Studio)
  1. Chat GTP With AI contant 
  1. Earn Money From Google By Blogging(Video / Script Writing) 
  1. Digital marketing  ( Google/facebook/youtube )
  1. Interview Preparation